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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 265, chapter 265

Out of Time

"Did I just hear her say someone named Reuben is in the wall?" Arthur asked taking a half step towards the kitchen.

"She means that mouse again." Our heroine said quickly. "She's deathly afraid of them. Uh...boys..." she nodded towards both Rufus and Dagan who had already left the room while she was talking. Slapping her hands on the Detective's shoulders, the banshee turned him towards the door. "You were suppose to be back to work a half hour ago. You're late."  She watched as Arthur reached for the doorknob, the door not opening. The male tried again, tugging a little harder but still the door was locked. He flipped the deadbolt but nothing happened.  Gesturing towards it his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement. "You know it gets...stuck a lot." our heroine replied glaring at The Seer over her shoulder. "It's the fumes...from the incense with the humidity. Yeah, jams it right up." she reached around him flipping the deadbolt a few times while moving at werewolf speed to remove the knotted shoe laces, Arthur unaware. It opened this time. "See, it just needs're going to be late." Leaning down to kiss her goodbye, Arthur left the shop.
Our heroine closed the door behind her, actually locking the deadbolt this time, flinging her back flat against it. "Okay you. Why did you do that?"

The Seer shrugged. "It's not safe out there."

"Well you're starting to make it not safe in here. Did you feed today?" she asked moving towards him. The Seer shook his head then nodded.

"I'm full. All I had to do was stand beside Arthur."  You didn't have to be a vampiric creature to have felt the sexual tension in the room. She figured Edward wouldn't need to go to the strip club for days, all he needed was to stand between herself and this new pack that seemed to be forming without her approval. The undercurrent of a need for a pack alpha was already swirling around them like a coiled electric snake, and it was about to pounce.
Quentin disappeared into the bathroom, while Edric who had been pacing around the room, mumbled something about not signing up for this before stomping off to the basement.  This left our heroine and The Seer alone for the first time since they'd been brought to this reality.  Moving closer to her, Edward wrapped his arms around her shoulders tight, resting his chin on the edge of her temple. "It's not safe out there. There are vampires." he repeated over and over again, the hug getting tighter as he did, his hands moving in little circles over her shoulders and back.

"Are you still talking about Arthur? Babe, the only vampires are us. He's safer out there with the crooks and pimps and bad guys then he is in here with us." she sighed, returning the hug. There was a nice warmth to the male's body, his scent strangely comforting mix of wet dog and aftershave, causing her to let her guard down.

That was her first mistake.

Without thinking, she kissed him. Just a quick brush of her lips across his cheek. Smiling shyly, Edward kissed her back. Twice, before tightening his grip on her arms, holding her in place. His blue eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf, as he kissed her again. This time with a more violent undertone. Struggling our heroine felt as if something was surrounding her, causing all her energy to leave her body for the briefest second. She saw this black fog rising from Edward's shoulders to encase them both, hot tendrils hovering near her.

"NO!" the voice seemed to come from all directions at once, followed by a supersonic crash and blinding white light. Our heroine felt herself being ripped from her spot, from Edward by something that felt all too familiar. It was like the anti-vampire barriers she'd come to hate.
She was across the room choking, Edric kneeling beside her halfway blocking her from seeing Dagan pinning Edward to the floor. She had no idea what had happened, nor when Loki and Bacchus had arrived. She felt more than heard or even saw, Edric being shoved out of the way, as a clawed hand reached over grabbing her by the neck, lifting her off the floor.  "What part of you can't ever be with The Seer are you not understanding?! Huh?"

"Yo...aid tha..." she still couldn't breathe. "only Pan..." she swallowed hard, the salty copperness of her own blood as she felt her lip heal itself. "...wanting my baby. And I'm not pregnant so there's nothing for him to take."

Bacchus giggled wildly, a smile spreading across his face, his blue eyes shinning from across the room. "You sure about that one?"

"No. Noooo...oonnoo." she began to almost whine as she looked at Loki, still holding her by the throat. "Ah you didn't! Please tell me that day when..." the dark haired god dropped her back down letting her crash hard to the floor. "Bastard!" she slammed her fist into the center of his foot once, then as high up on his thigh as she could reach from her position. Loki just shook his head at her a suggestive grin cracking his lips.

"I know I'm irresistible, but Dagan, we're in a public place." Edward's voice seemed to break through the noise and confusion, causing everyone to turn to look in their direction. Our heroine using it as a chance to get to her knees, shoving both fists into Loki's thighs again. The god still didn't move.

"You okay?" Dagan asked still kneeling on The Seer's stomach.

"Yeah. Be better if you would get your boney knees out of my ribs."

The auburn haired male moved helping the other werewolf up. "No, I mean are you okay?" he wiggled his fingers near his ear. "Any voices telling you to eat paste?"

The Seer moved his one hand through his hair smoothing it down, before reaching over touching Dagan's neck. Dagan flinched his eyes questioning slits. He began to relax as if slightly drunk finding himself leaning towards the other male's palm. "I'm fine." The Seer replied tilting his head to the side, flexing and unflexing his hand feeling the surge of energy between his fingers."Pan's gone." he turned to look at our heroine. "and I wasn't meaning us when I said there are vampires out there, I meant there are vampires out there. Well one vampire. And your Detective Holmwood is about to become his lunch. Someone not saying any names here..." The Seer pointed to Bacchus. "brought another one of your exes into this reality. You know the famous one, Vlad. It's what tipped the scales enough for Pan to grab you."  Our heroine shimmered out of the shop leaving everyone in shock.

"Did she just..." Dagan asked in amazement, his eyes wide gesturing first to the door then to Bacchus. "that's like a god thing isn't it? How can she?"

"Might have something to do with the fact Pan just possessed the unborn demi-god she's carrying. Or the fact Loki here has been letting her feed off his blood." Bacchus replied moving his hands like weighing scales. "Take your pick."

"Yeah fine, blame it all on me." Loki answered bringing his left hand up to his forehead, his eyes closed.

"We are." Dagan, Bacchus and Edward all said at the same time.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Oh Loki shacked it up this time.)

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