Thursday, June 9, 2016

year 5 day 151

movie: Cuban Fury
starring; Nick Frost, Rory Kinnear
genre; Comedy
year: 2013/2014
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A once promising salsa dancer, tries to recapture his passion for the sport after finding out his new crush is taking classes.

This is little bit Footloose little bit Dirty Dancing.  You've got what I would love to say is a new twist on the romantic comedy, but it sadly is not. The idea of dance competitions as a way to get the guy/girl is a good one, but overdone in the last few years.

Thankfully, this is a comedy and doesn't take itself so serious as most of the dance movies in the last decade have been.   Nick Frost plays the lonely nerd to perfection.
I loved all the little 80's references that pop up in this.  "It's Goonie Time. You know what Goonie Time is?" has to be one of the coolest quotes I've heard in ages.
There is a scene between Frost and Chris O'Dowd that plays like something you would have expected from Steve Martin and Chevy Chase back in the day. A dance off that ran a bit longer than needed but reminds you that this movie is for fun and not to get too wrapped up in the "competition" of things.

The big theme here is just be yourself and do what you are passionate about, not letting anyone bully you or mock you out of it.  We see our lead being taken slight advantage of by his co-worker who is just that bit sleazy on all sides. Which of course, is because he himself is insecure.

what did I learn? Don't give up on something you truly love and don't stop believing.

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