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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 262, chapter 262

Out of Time...

Our heroine shook her head just as The Seer wrapped his arms around her ribcage, his face tight to her neck. "Can we go back home now? To the lighthouse?" he asked "Alone." his tone was directed towards Edric as he glared at the other male over our heroine's shoulder.

"The lighthouse burned down years ago babe. Remember?" her voice was soft as she spoke to him, her hands on the sides of his face as she looked him in the eyes. "Have you fed today?"  The Seer shook his head licking his lips.

"What's with him? He slow?" Edric asked his own eyes slits.

"He had an accident, not himself right now. " our heroine said moving from The Seer just a centimeter, enough to turn looking at Edric. "When he recovers, trust me you don't want to be on his bad side. He's one of the most powerful man I've ever met, and I've dealt with gods." She started to move towards the counter reaching for the phone. The Seer was with her shadowing her every move. Dialing, she felt his breath on her ear. "Arthur, hey I'm running a bit late. I'm actually at the occult shop...okay..." she smiled as Arthur said something on the other end, The Seer having turned around his back flat against hers, as he continued to eye the newcomers. Instinctively our heroine reached her hand around them both to encircle The Seer's waist.  "Okay, I'll see you then." she hung up, turning so that her own chin was near The Seer's shoulder, when her breath caught. Dagan was standing in the middle of the room, Matilda following him on the stairs.

The female familiar went straight towards Quentin, seeing the blood. "What happened?" she asked.

"Um...I think he's eardrum burst."

 "No love spells for you." The Seer said pointing at Quentin. "None." he smiled that too confident grin of his. "Cause I really don't want to have my hands cut off again." he brought his left hand up to his nose. "I have pretty hands."

"I mean, man you rip a guy's arm off once in the middle of a crowd and you never get to live it down." our heroine said joking, her eyes locked with Dagan's.  "Ripper." she barely breathed the word as she watched the corners of his mouth curl in a meek smile. The auburn haired male took a few steps closer to our heroine, his hands behind his back.  A growl to his right caused him to stop mid step, rocking slightly on his heels as he turned to look.

"New toys?" the werewolf remarked as he made a noise with his teeth. "We got a lot to catch up on."

"Guess we should." our heroine replied still draped over The Seer's arms. "Consider that dress she's wearing a ref's shirt and stay in your corners for a few minutes." the female said gesturing towards Matilda as she made her way back outside, Dagan right behind her.

They stood a few doors down, near the corner of the street. Neither willing to be the first to talk. The energy between them was like a heavy roped wire tugging them closer. She had forgotten just how tall Dagan was till he was once again towering over her, his shoulders hunched so that he could look at her.  He breathed sending a blast of cinnamon across the top of her hair. Nodding, the male broke their silence. "I had Bacchus..." he brought his hands up between them pointing to first himself then her. "...couldn't handle the...specially after the dreams were over." his voice dropped to barely a breath. "The Seer wasn't the only one who missed you."

"Dreams?" she heard her own voice sound so mousy in the night air.

"When you were in the well. I had these dreams constantly of you. Well, I didn't realize that's what they were. They were all distorted and creepy, but the witch nun, Kendra, straightened me out, sent me through a portal to the past to find you." he brought his right hand up scratching his temple before running his hand through his hair slicking it back. "But Loki...Loki got you out first."  Our heroine saw something catch the light from the street lamp, under the edge of Dagan's shirt. Reaching over, she ran her fingers delicately across the leather necklace he was wearing, lifting it up from his hoodie. There on the end of the worn leather was her ring. The six sided ring Loki had once given her. The one the witch had stolen back in the 1400's.

"Wow. Thought that was long gone." she whispered as she toyed with the hexagon shaped ruby, the gold catching the light.

"I'm sure he's given you a new one by now. Many in fact." Dagan replied casting his blue eyes down at her hand.

"What? No. It's not like that."

"So you're not shacked up with him?"

"Yes. I'm sharing an apartment with him. Penthouse actually. He owns the building in fact. But...I'm dating a human. Cop. Arthur. Arthur Holmwood. Detective Holmwood..." Dagan said nothing just pointed to the occult shop eyes wide. " Quentin..." she gestured to the wall as well. "He's Edric's friend...or something. Actually. Their whole vibe reminds me of your Uncle Victor and Bryon."

"He got a thing for zombies too?" he didn't remember having moved closer to her, but some how he had. The collars of  her hoodie colliding with the edge of his.

"Teenaged vampire novels from what I can figure."

"So let me get this straight. You're dating a human, living with Loki and you sired that guy in there. And from the way you were with The Seer, you're still..." he paused unwilling to say it. "still involved with him." he moved a half step back again.

Our heroine crossed her arms staring down at the small patch of ground between their shoes. "You make it seem so cut and dry. I'm not involved with Edward. Not the way you think. He's hurt. He needs a babysitter more than..."

"A mate?" Dagan leaned in, then quickly leaned back from the waist, his hands out at his sides palms up. "Hey I get it. You're way too busy juggling your other after hours activities." he spat between them, just missing the tips of both their shoes. He was instinctively marking his territory, and for once, our heroine was on the wrong side of it. "I don't know why I let Bacchus talk me in to coming here?" he turned around "You haven't changed." letting his hands slap against his thighs in disgust, the werewolf turned back towards her. "You were the one who broke us. Not me." he licked his lips scratching at his forehead, shaking his head slightly. "We could have been...we could have run the kingdom. Had the greatest pack but you just couldn't settle down could you?"

"I was your security blanket!" she interrupted him. He shook his head again, his eyes closed. When he opened them, they were the amber-grey of the wolf. Something so natural to see compared to the humanness of his face. It actually made him seem more vulnerable.

"You were everything. You broke my...jumping through that portal. Landing back with Vlad. You know that Reuben actually told me at first you died. Because he couldn't stand to tell me the truth, that you just didn't want to come home."  He took yet another step from her, walking in a tight circle doubling back. "And when I got up the nerve..." he dragged out the word his voice nearly a yell. "to come collect you, I find not only have you married Vlad, the bloodsucking king of all leeches, but you had an affair with The Seer's past life self, and that on top of it all, you ran off with Loki!"

"Do you even remember the last day we were actually together? Back at the vineyard eight years ago..."

"Nine. It's been almost nine." he held up his hands showing her his fingers.

"You flat out told me you didn't care about me!" she pressed her palm flat against her throat. "That you didn't want me."

"What and Loki does?" Dagan stumbled back a half step sniffing. "But Loki does." he dropped down to a crouch, his elbows on his knees, his fists clinched at his temples. "Damn it!" he screamed. He was about to say something when he stopped as he noticed our heroine's body language change. Turning he caught sight of the reason. There walking up the sidewalk was Arthur.
Sniffing, Dagan rotated his shoulder before running his tongue over the edge of his teeth. He seemed like just another human. Tall, blondish, average. But he knew better. He knew because the winds had shifted casting Arthur's scent in their direction. Only it wasn't Arthur's scent, it was Arthur's heavily mixed with our heroine's. The lycanthrope didn't need to ask, didn't need to pay attention to the way our heroine reacted at seeing him, her scent was all over him like a bad hand print.
Slowly the werewolf stood back up, snarling towards the younger male. His eyes dangerous slits as he watched the human male come closer to them, the street lamp casting shadows between them. The light dancing across Arthur's shoulders and face. Dagan's heart fell to the pit of his stomach as he spotted the streaks of grey in Arthur's hair. "What did you claim him?" he had crossed the divide between himself and our heroine, his nose screwed up, his hair sticking up from the speed of having moved, pointing towards Arthur. "What is he like your wife now or something?" he half snorted his eyes still cold slits of disbelief.

"I haven't claimed anyone. Nor have I been claimed. I don't think it works like that here, in this reality." she replied.   Dagan shook his head slowly as he began to back step from her, his hands once again out from his sides. Saying nothing, he turned as he ran down the street into the night.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. That's why they are called loose ends...)

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