Saturday, January 7, 2012

What that movie inspired me to do

This is where I  talk about what it is that the movie stirred in me, what kind of projects, recipes, adventures etc that it made me think would be fun.
I expect to have a few of these every so often...

Well, there is the obvious, Julie/Julia got me doing a year long challenge.  {Day 1}

Bridget Jones's Diary  {Day 30} inspired me to change my point of view on how I see myself in regards to men.  I've always said that the weight they had her at (140 pounds)  is not big at all.

The Jane Austen Book Club   {Day 32} inspired me in the past to not only create a book club, but it got me to take part online a few years ago in an all Jane Austen challenge. All the books, movies and their spin offs for a year.

All three of these films were rare occasions where I had heard about the movie having been based on a book, and was able to read the book a few days before seeing the movies.  

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