Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 226

movie: Eat Pray Love
starring: Julia Roberts, James Franco
genre: Bio-pic, Drama,Romance
year: 2010
format: DVD

plot: A travel writer decides to take a year to travel to three places she's never seen in order to regroup after her divorce. Along the way she learns to let go of her fears and just enjoy the moment

Based on the autobiography of the same name

This is one of those stories that I say it finds you, you do not find it. 
This is a film (and the book as well) that really hits you in the gut. You either connect with it or you don't, it's a love or hate effect.
Ironically, the parts of the film I connected with the most, were the parts of the book I connected with the lest. 

I know for many, it was geared as the ultimate chick flick but it's a hell of a lot more then that.  It's truly about finding your balance and your other self.  No matter if that other self is your soulmate in physical form or your ideal self (career, house, the perfect purse)

what do i think i learned from this film?
This is about baggage.  Physical and emotional and what we choose to drag around with us and what we choose to let go. It's about not hiding from anyone, especially not from yourself.

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