Monday, July 15, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the story 14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 14, chapter 14

"You do realize those guys, they are not your friends, right?" the Seer said as our heroine continued to drag him out of the room. "I mean for starters they are werewolves! They hunt humans, like me. Ripping flesh from bones, devouring like..." he gestured wildly "like an all you can eat wings night at a sports bar."

"I know." she replied pushing him into the courtyard. The Seer stumbled as he looked at her over his shoulder. He smoothed down his grey tie at the same time that he did a double take.

"You know? Then why are we... going over there?" he asked pointing towards where the caged ring was set up.

"Because I want to."

"Why do you keep referring to them as your friends?"

"Because the hot werewolves in human form that are sort of my hired tour guides but not who sometimes seem like they would rather be anywhere but sharing air space with me but have to because they made a deal with the Magic Ninjas and are therefore my strange spirit guides; just doesn't roll of the tongue."  she said slapping the Seer on the back of the skull.

"Did you even stop for air on that?" he turned around then looking at the cage "Wait, you think they are hot?"

"You don't?" she replied moving closer to the area. There was a cell on one side of the caged ring. The three wolves and the two new guys were chained to the bars of it. Clearly waiting to be shoved into the fight. Our heroine was surveying it trying to figure out how to unlock them, but didn't see any actual locks.

"Don't touch the bars." Rolf said shaking his head, his long dark hair falling everywhere. "It's silver." our heroine stopped short of grabbing the bars just as he said that. "What are you doing back here? Thought you made a run for it?"

"Looking for something. You boys need to win. We all die if you don't." she said. The Seer coughed looking away as he ran his hand through his short hair. Reuben made a face shaking his head.

"Look, you need to leave. Now." Reuben said to her, his eyes that of the wolf.

"That isn't as scary now Roo. You've done that move too much." she answered. "I'll leave when everyone is out...hey no locks, how did they secure your chains with no locks?"

"Magic." both Rolf and one of the new guys said at the same time. Dagan looked bored as he stood there, his hair in his face, his mouth slightly open, eyes half closed.

"Has any of you lot tried to shift?" she asked walking around the cell. "No I guess the silver bars would keep you from doing anything." She grabbed the Seer by the tie, telling him to do something.

"I would like to live thank you." he said his hands out from his sides, tilting his head.

"That a no then?" she said her hand finding it's way to his elbow. Our heroine heard a growl but wasn't fast enough to see who it was. "Do any of you actually want to be free or what?" But our heroine was grabbed and tossed backward into the cage. It was Jance standing there looking like he was about to pop a vein. "Okay, that is going to leave a mark." our heroine crumpled to the ground.

"It's time for the first match." Jance said an evil looking smile on his face.

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, another straight up piece of the story.)

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