Monday, July 15, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 13, chapter 13

Our heroine found herself being led across the courtyard to where the table was, which was now beside a large caged ring. Guards were everywhere, some standing around doing nothing, a few getting what looked like a hangman's deck prepared, and a few chopping wood to feed a large bonfire.  There was one that was sharpening stakes near the monstrous wall of animal heads.  Biffy walked up to her, a pair of shackles in hand as he chained our heroine up to a wooden spike that was about two feet between the Queen's table and the cage.  "You better start praying that your friends win. All three of them. Cause if even one screws up, you're up for grabs. Highest bidder gets you." he made sure the shackles were tight. "Some of the guys, have new hunting knives they are just dying to try out." he winked at her before heading back towards the gates.

"You haven't begged, haven't pleaded haven't tried to buy your way out of your situation." the bearded guard said as he moved towards her. "One might think you want to die? Cause you're not that stupid to believe that your friends will all win are you?" he taunted her.

"No point in begging or pleading, no money to bother with. And what does it matter, something tells me that if my friends win or not we're all dead before we are allowed to leave this place." she replied as she noticed the guys being herded now towards the caged ring. She also happened to spot the Seer running across the courtyard, something in his hand that looked almost like a bottle of pop.

"Smarter then you look for a female." he smiled leaning over her. "My advice to you, behave while your friends are slaughtered, and just maybe I'll let the bidding start before you loose an ear. You're welcome." he walked off in the direction of the prisoners then.
Our heroine pulled on the shackles, managing to loosen the bolts. She twisted her body around yanking on them with her full weight and managed to get the bolts to snap. The shackles clanked to the ground as she made a run towards the area she'd seen the Seer disappear into.

"Don't breathe." she whispered into the Seer's ear as she grabbed him by the back of his hair, her other hand at his throat. "Where are you headed?"

"King's chambers." his voice trembled as he pointed to a small door. She shoved him forward, her nails like glass knives still at his throat. She watched as the Seer moved a now shaky hand to place a key into the lock, opening the door. He relocked it once they were inside, before she would let go of him. "What is it you want?" he scurried into the nearest corner holding the bottle to his chest. Our heroine shrugged.

"Maybe I was lonely." she gestured to the bottle. "What's that?"

"The King's dinner." he replied.

"Looks like antifreeze."

"Well, I'm sure you would think that. But, it's a very powerful combination of ..." he stopped talking as our heroine walked towards the far side of the room. There, locked in a glass coffin was the King.

"Clive?" she was standing beside the coffin, staring down at a man who looked way too similar to the desert wiseman to be anything but.(chapter 2 here people) He was dressed in the same dusty leather pants and black shirt, his eyes closed. Smoke seemed to fill the coffin around him, which she realized was the result of the spell. 

"Actually, his name is Leo." the Seer commented now standing beside her.

"Well, he told me his name was Clive." she stopped for a few long seconds staring up at the ceiling. "Lest I think he told me. I don't really remember. I was so confused when I bumped into him and there was the whole desert thing, and the weird sunglasses...but that's the guy. Huh, he's better looking then I remembered."

"Um, he can't be better looking then you remember, because you couldn't have met him as he's been in a magic coma for thirty years." the Seer said raising his one arm out to his side.

"Astral projection. Ever heard of it?" she replied her hand resting on the Seer's arm. He had a look on his face between confusion and smugness."Open it."

"I can't."

"Open the coffin." she said again.

"If I do that, it won't do you any good." the Seer still had that smile on his face.

"Fine, I'll open it." our heroine walked around the whole coffin but could not find a lid seam or lock. With her nails once again like glass claws, she scratched at the lid. Nothing. "Crap, child proof." she looked around the room for something to break it with then remembered the pop bottle the Seer was still holding. "You said it was how you feed him, how if the lid doesn't open?"  The Seer still smiling, moved to the head of the glass coffin and attached some tubes to the bottle. The tubes were a simple iv running into the coffin and connected to the King's left arm. "Smartass." She jumped up on the glass coffin. "Okay sleeping beauty, talk to me. How do I get you out?"

"Why would you want to?"

"Why wouldn't you want me to? What does keeping him a wolfsicle do for you?" she asked knelling on the coffin trying to find a weak point to the glass.

"Um, well for one it keeps me on the good side of the Queen. I get to keep my life. I also get pretty much the run of the place." he leaned now himself on the coffin in a very relaxed way.

"Why do I get the feeling things were better with wolfie in charge?" our heroine let her voice drop to a whisper.

"What is it with you and werewolves?"

She jumped down from the coffin, searching the room. "I like a man with hair on his chest." There was a painting hanging on the wall. "Who's this?" she asked pointing to the painting.

"The King before." the Seer answered now standing beside her.

"No him." she pointed to the second man in the painting. He was covered in tattoos and had a look that reminded her of the type of guy you'd see at late night showings of horror films.

"No idea. Never seen him before."  our heroine gave him a sideways glance. "I mean, never seen him outside of this painting. Cause obviously I'm the only one who comes in here so I've seen the painting before hundreds of times." he gave her that smile again. The kind of smile that was starting to make her think of every high school jock she'd ever seen trying to charm his way out of an English exam.

"Come on." she grabbed him by the waistban of his pants. "We need to save my friends."

tune in again later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes, more just straight up story for this post. Lots of characters still to introduce)

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