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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 20, chapter 20

"He's just finally comfortable having you around. Which is pointless cause we're taking you to the graveyard shortly." Rolf said gesturing towards Dagan. "Too comfortable."

"Comfortable. Too comfortable. Too...comfortable." our heroine started to mumble to herself as she moved across the porch and back into the cabin. Finding her binder, she started to flip through the pages. "Damn it! I'm missing half my notes. They must have fallen out of the binder." she said turning around looking at the bookshelf Ash had. "Do you have anything about myths, or folklore?" Ash shook his head as he continued to work on a fishing lure at the kitchen table.

"Calm down." Rolf said from the doorway.

"The Seer..." our heroine said closing her eyes her hands everywhere. "...he didn't flinch when I touched him. Like he was way too comfortable with the idea..."

"You were way too comfortable touching him." Dagan mumbled stretching out on the sofa.

"... Guys tend to pull away from me." our heroine continued.

Reuben had joined them now too, as he stood beside Rolf, his arms crossed over his chest, and ran his hand over his beard, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling with questions. "Um...okay? And this means what?"

"He's a slut?" Dagan said  "Bad taste in females?"

"Exactly. Sort of. Do you remember when we were talking about the mermaids?" our heroine asked as she began pacing around the cabin.

"Actually you were ranting in a junkie's delirium. We were just putting up with it." Dagan replied. "Okay, yeah you were wanting to know where all the males were."

"I think I figured it out. Well, what the Seer is really hiding. He's not human. Leanan Sidhe, are creatures that are half fairy. They are said to be connected to the mermaids. But unlike mermaids, they can breed with humans. They hunt by seduction."  all four werewolves just looked at her like she was speaking in another language. "He's too charming! The Seer."

"Okay, you're not making sense. When was the last time you fed? Do you feel like you're needing a jolt?" Dagan asked sitting up, his hands on his knees. Our heroine threw her hands up in the air, then walked over to him, placing both hands on the male's shoulders she tried to explain.

"The Seer, is not human. Not totally. He's half Leanan Sidhe. His power lies in his ability to seduce."

"But he didn't seduce you. Didn't even try." Reuben said as he grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and sat down.

"You smell really yummy right now." she said to Dagan moving away from the werewolf. "Your blood has a honey-ish scent." she rocked back on her heels trying to get her barrings.

"Okay you really need a fix right now." Rolf added, his hand out to her.

"I'm fine. Honest." she took a deep breath but backed up another step into the corner of the room.

"Just how did the Seer seduce you without seducing you?" Rolf asked.

"With magic." our heroine answered. She took another deep breath shaking her head, as all she could hear was the sound of blood coursing through their veins.

"Well you just said that. If you're right and he's half fairy then yeah, magic." Rolf continued.

"The book." Reuben interrupted standing up from the table. He moved towards her, pointing at her. "When you found the spell book, you didn't find it by accident. He planted it for you to find." Reuben spun around on his heels a grin on his face. "He figured out what your weakness was and used that. Damn."

"I'm still a little confused." Rolf said flicking his hair out of his face. "What does this have to do with him being too comfortable with you? I mean..." he turned his shoulders pointing towards the porch. "You said he didn't flinch. I'm just not following here."

"Not too mention he got jealous when I said you guys were hot." she was sweating now, bent over her hands on her knees. "Okay I need air." bolting from the cabin, our heroine ran around to the back of it, pacing around the vegetable garden.

Reuben was beside her in a blink, having jumped out the window. "You need to feed. The docks aren't that far from here, maybe if we get some human blood in you..." he gestured towards the path as if that was explanation enough. Our heroine looked at him but just did not understand what he was meaning, she could hear nothing but the rushing of blood, could smell nothing but the way his sweat stuck to his flesh, mixed with lemons and lavender soap. Her teeth were aching, her mouth dry as she nodded, agreeing to anything.

The next few minutes were like slow motion, as Reuben continued to talk, his lips moving, his eyes animated, but the words were nothing but garbled echoes. Somehow, they had begun walking on the path to wherever it was he wanted to take her. She didn't even remember moving her feet, couldn't feel the ground under her anymore. All she knew was that his blood was pumping centimeters away below his skin.

Then she bit him. She didn't even remember doing it. Didn't remember making the choice to grab his shoulder, pulling him towards her, one hand around his chest, the other digging into the soft underside of his elbow, her fangs deep in the curve of his shoulder. The werewolf tossed her off of him, throwing her to the ground hard. He stood over her, a mild fury contorting his features. Our heroine watched as his face softened again, rubbing both hands over it. Letting out a deep sigh, Reuben helped her back up and gestured for them to continue on the path.

"I remember what that is like. Blood-lust is the same for werewolves too in the beginning. Just, next time don't wait so long. We all offered back in the cabin." 

"So you were bitten not born?" our heroine asked, licking her lips. Her mind was starting to clear.

Reuben said nothing for a long moment, making a duck-bill with his lips, his cheeks puffed out eyes wide.  "Yeah, I was born a werewolf. You could say. But, it doesn't kick in till you're in your teens. Like puberty, only a million times worse." They reached the stream, Reuben continued walking completely forgetting that our heroine couldn't cross it. He was gone for a full five minutes before he realized and turned back to get her. When they finally got across, he continued talking. "Same with Rolf. He's a born shapeshifter but Dagan...he was bitten."

"You said you were born one so to speak. What do you mean?" our heroine asked getting caught up in the mystery of it all.

"If someone is born dead but not..." he was searching for the words to explain, but our heroine interrupted him.

"Folklore. If a baby is stillborn, but brought back to life with like cpr, it's cursed to be a werewolf. Yeah I've heard that a few times before." she smiled, proud of herself for having remembered something from her research. "Just like folklore that states male vampires can father children with human females, but female vampires can't get pregnant at all..." she stopped talking causing Reuben to give her a sideways glance. "Let me guess, male werewolves can only reproduce with female werewolves?"  Reuben said nothing, just nodded. "And that explains Ash's reaction when we first met. He's looking to have a litter of puppies."

"So explain to me what you were trying to say back in the cabin?"

"We need to get proof, but I'm pretty sure the Seer is a sidhe. Or at lest half, a male version of a siren if you will." the air started to shift, became filled with the scent of the sea and our heroine knew they were nearly at the docks where he wanted to take her.

"Got to give me more on this." Reuben was smiling again, which lit up his whole face.
"It was almost like he was expecting me to be touching him." she blushed as she said it, the male beside her laughing madly. "Exactly my point. That's just not normal, not for me. He didn't move away, he didn't protest but he didn't flirt either. Just not normal behavour for a male. Not with me. I mean, he was afraid of me when I vamped out, but not when I was close to him. He was too calm, no embarrassment, no smugness, no ego. Just..." she shrugged trying to find the right words.

"And that makes you think he's a type of siren? Because he didn't pull away from you ? He is a Seer, maybe he had a vision of it or something and therefore wasn't at all shocked when you touched him?"

"Still doesn't explain why he had no reaction, none. Good or bad, just neutral." our heroine replied shaking her head."If he saw it in a vision, wouldn't he have either flirted or told me to back off?"

Reuben had to agree with her on this point. The sound of wooden beams creaking underfoot ended the conversation, as they found themselves now at the edge of the docks. A lighthouse not that far in the distance, and at lest a dozen large ships loading and unloading cargo with a few scattered fishing boats were all our heroine could see. The sound of seagulls battled it out with the waves for her attention.
The male beside her, tapped her shoulder gesturing towards a large ship as he flicked his hair out of his face. "Hope you like seafood."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes another straight up story piece. Admit it, you're totally addicted)

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