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Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 9

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 9, Chapter 9

The three men had their hands behind their necks, surrendering. Our heroine decided if they were not fighting, her best bet for survival was to surrender as well. Their captors herded them along back into the forest, heading West. They walked in silence until they came to a wooden gate. Two men dressed in what could only be described as leather body armor, opened the large doors exposing the Fort. It seemed quiet and normal at first, but once they were inside the gates, our heroine spotted a row of animal heads mounted to the inside of the gate.

"The Queen likes to show off his hunting trophies." Rolf leaned over whispering. "Half of those are shapeshifters like us. I don't know how he does it, but he manages to trap them in their animal form at the point of death."

"No talking." one of their captors said hitting Rolf in the back with what looked like a musket. He grunted as he lost a step almost falling over.  They were brought through another gate, this time it lead to a large open space that had a small table at the far end. Three figures sat at the table. "My Queen." the one captor said, bowing. "We found the woman that the Seer told you about." he gestured then towards the group.  The Queen sat in the middle seat at the table, dressed in a black  suit and a black tie. His hair was short, greying at the sides, and reminded our heroine a bit of a mouse. (Michael Cole?)  She started laughing at the idea that he was the big bad everyone was scared of.  "Silence!" the one captor screamed as he slapped her. Our heroine spat the blood from her mouth, turning her eyes up to look at the bearded man. He was going to be an issue.

The Queen got up from his seat, moving around the table to sit on the edge of it directly in front of our heroine. "Who are you?"

"Just your average horny little devil." she replied. Another slap this time from the Queen himself. She heard a growl from one of the werewolves but couldn't tell which.

"And that's enough out of you." he said pointing to the wolves. "They'll make an excellent addition to the games. My boys haven't had any entertainment in a really long time." he gestured to the guards as the three werewolves were pushed to the far side of the clearing and through yet another set of doors.

"My Queen." the voice came from the one sitting to the right of the table. A man with a really bad mustache stood moving around to the front of the table, one hand behind his back. "May I suggest we send this...thing..." he made a dismissing motion. "To the cellars until we can figure out how to kill her? If the Seer is correct, then she's not going to be easy to slaughter." he grabbed a hold of our heroine's face, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

"After she's witnessed her friends getting slaughtered in the middle of the cages." The Queen said calmly, his eyes bright with anticipation.

"Excellent idea." the third figure sitting at the table said. Looking over our heroine saw the man was dressed in what looked like silver leather, his curly blonde hair slicked back.

"I think I'm having a daymare." our heroine commented.

"You will hold your tongue or I will remove it for you." the mustached man said. "Cause you obviously have no idea who you are talking to."

"Enlighten me."

"I am the Queen of this kingdom. It's a job description, not a lifestyle. These are my two brightest advisers. Jance and Biffy." The Queen said raising his hands. He turned picking up what looked like a small cookie box, biting into a raspberry tart.

"Jance and Biffy. You are joking right?"

"I'm done talking. Take her to the Seer, have her cleaned up, made presentable. Just because her friends are about to meet their doom, doesn't mean she has to look like a common farm animal herself."

Jance, the mustached one, grabbed her by the elbow, stomping towards a set of doors, dragging her behind him. Shoving her into a darkened room he locked the door. Turning she spotted one more door. "Wonder what they need all the security for?" There was nowhere else for her to go, as it wasn't much more then the size of an elevator. Trying the handle, she opened the new door and walked in.
The room was lit entirely by candles. A man with short dark hair dressed in grey sat at a large desk, writing something then checking it against a large book. Our heroine could have sworn it was an encyclopedia. Looking up, he frowned biting on the pen.

"What are you doing in here?" he stood then, the frown becoming a puzzled look. "I've seen you somewhere...wait don't tell're her the girl that everyone's up in arms about."

"I don't know, you're the Seer you tell me." she let her arms slap against her thighs in exhaustion. He moved quickly towards her the puzzled look now a smile, causing his eyes to crinkle.

"You smell disgusting. You're all filthy. Looks like you've been rolling around in the mud with dogs or something."

"Close enough" she replied looking at the room. It was like a cross between a library and a lab. Bottles lined a row of shelves, books piled everywhere, beakers smoked on a table with strange coloured liquids, and in the far corner of the room, a large pentagram was painted on the wall.

"Well come this way." he reached for her elbow then dropped it wiping his hand. "Okay you're really cruddy. The shower is that way. I'll see if I can find you something to wear, cause my advice is to just burn that outfit. Is that blood?"

"Hey, tell you what, while you're finding me something to wear, how about you go unlock whatever locked doors you need to and get my friends out of wherever it is that they were put."

"I'm sorry, what?" he continued to smile in a nervous sort of way.

"Can't miss them three werewolves in human form dressed all in black. They are being held somewhere and I'm not leaving without them."

The Seer swallowed hard, backing up a few feet. "Uh, did you say werewolves?" As in Reuben, Rolf and Dagan?"  he rubbed his hand over his face, which was now ashen."Ripper is here?"

"Reputations, nasty things."

"Oh god, oh god, this is not good, not good...Werewolves! You've been hanging around you need a flea bath or anything? No please tell me that you're not one too? I mean, a female is one thing, but a female wolf, that would be just priceless for the wall if the Queen found out. And I really don't want to have to stare at your face frozen in the trophy line every time I cross the courtyard. You're really not that pretty. Might scare...the children...if there were any left."

Our heroine leaned over him, one arm on either side as she forced him to back up against the desk. He pinched his nose. "Now, this is what we are going to do, I'm going to take you up on that offer of a shower because let's face it, I do need one, and you are going to fill me in on the whole situation okay." she moved back a step as the Seer's expression changed to mild relief.

"Okay I'll be right here." he pointed swallowing his fear again.

"You didn't hear me." our heroine grabbed him by the neck dragging him towards the room he had said held the shower. "I said you are going to clue me in now. Don't make me blind you. I have a feeling a blind seer is a dead one." she shoved him a few steps and he turned smashing into the door.

"I'm okay. Didn't need that arm anyways." he remarked.


The three men were shoved through another set of doors, encased in darkness. "I guess this is the place." Rolf commented turning slightly to see they were indeed alone. He grabbed an old torch from the wall, closed his eyes and chanted something. A flame suddenly appeared casting the room in shadows. "Time to follow the yellow brick road."
They cautiously began walking towards the door that could only lead to one place, the area where the prisoners were kept.

"Are you sure they're even still alive? After all this?" Reuben asked putting his hair into a ponytail.

"They are alive, trust me on this." Rolf answered. "I would feel it if they weren't. I would have felt their energy if they were..."

"Mounted on the wall of shame out there." Dagan added. Rolf grunted looking at his friend. Dagan held up his hands in surrender. "Your mission just along for the ride."

"Which by the way would have been easier if you hadn't of killed Nosferatu. What were you thinking? All we had to do was escort her through the forest to the graveyard, and it wouldn't have taken long for the Seer to notice. But no, you had to go and kill her causing all sorts of new problems for us." he turned letting a small roar of anger greet his friend. Dagan smiled taking a half step back running his hand through his hair.

"Hey, the Magic Ninjas said if we helped her get through the forest, they would help us once we got here. Give you that extra boost of magic you need. Deal is a deal. You said yourself werewolves are spirit guides for supernatural creatures. They wouldn't have put us on this case if she was suppose to stay human." 

"Why can't you just admit you screwed up?" Rolf's voice had lowered to a near whisper.

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (Still haven't watched any movies this week so yeah just more straight up story in this one.)

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