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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 23, chapter 23

Ash left the room to clean up, and our heroine crossed the room as quickly and quietly as she could, grabbing her binder and lunchbox then bolted out the door. Rolf, Reuben and Dagan were nowhere to be seen, leaving our heroine to believe they had all gone hunting. Harker was the only one still hanging around the front of the cabin. He sat on a tree stump that  was in front of the fire pit, waiting for someone or something.
Our heroine did not stop to chat with him, in fact, she tried not to even look at him; as she continued on down the path. She needed to get away from the mess she'd gotten herself into before she did something really stupid.

"Hello again." she stopped in her tracks dropping her lunchbox as she let out a small gasp. Bending to pick it up, the pale female realized she was lost. The Seer stood  just in front of her, dressed in what looked like a pair of grey pajamas and a t-shirt. Our heroine shook her head blinking as she stood up. "You are actually a very difficult female to find." his eyes were sparkling as he smiled at her advancing another step. "And I really mean that." he brought his right hand up to his chest palm flat. "I've seen about ten different visions about you just in the last few hours. All contradicting each other. The only thing that was similar was here." he gestured then to the road. Looking around, our heroine realized she was standing at the edge of a path that seemed to twine over a hill.
The Seer then scratched at the back of his skull before blowing a handful of dust into her eyes. Everything went black as she fell to the ground.

It was dark when she came to. The sound of the waves somewhere to her right, candles lighting the small room. She tried to move, but found herself chained to the bedpost.

"Finally, you're awake. Thought I'd have to wait all night." the Seer said from the table he was sitting at, a stack of books open covering it. "I guess I over estimated how much fairy dust to use. I wasn't sure with your weight and all...but never mind." He stood crossing to where she was, sitting down beside her. "Thirsty?" he handed her a bottled water. "No?" he shrugged then putting the bottle on a side table. "And no, I'm not going to kill you. Not yet anyways." the smirk on his lips only made them seem more inviting. Made him seem more seductive. He got back up, and picked up one of the books from the table, crossing back to where she was, sitting down beside her again.

Tilting the book so she could see it, the Seer cleared his throat. "You're going to open a portal for me. Not today. We've got plenty of time. But, that voice of yours..." he leaned over tapping her nose as if she were a child. "Imagine my thrill when I had that first vision of you. I wasn't totally sure what kind of creature you were at first, I just knew that you were the key to the ritual. I thought maybe I needed your soul, or your blood or something but when I heard you scream the other day after those death matches, and realized I had a Banshee..." He tossed the book down onto the floor, sliding over beside her on the bed. "It's your screams. Something to do with the vibration."
Resting his face on his hand, he leaned on his elbow, tracing symbols on her arm with his other hand. "I'll be gentle. I said I wouldn't kill you till it's absolutely necessary, and I keep my word. I did try to do this the easy way. Use my powers of suggestion, to seduce you but...you just would not bend." his voice rose a notch as he bent his face to her shoulder, leaning on her. He let out a deep sigh, closing his eyes. "You know, I've seduced so many. Humans, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, even a troll once. Do you know how difficult it is to seduce a troll and keep a straight face about it? Huh? Nearly impossible." he smiled at her again. "Nearly impossible. So you, you should have been no problem for me. I mean, you're not pretty but you're not a troll either." The Seer let his fingertips rest on the inside of her elbow. "What I hadn't taken into account, were those werewolves you got yourself hooked up with." he smiled again sending a wave of relaxation through her. "Or that they would actually want you around. I realized when I watched the three of you in my chambers, just how much they liked you. I mean really! They liked you." he moved his hand over her stomach, causing a trail of yellow light. "Watch this, this is cool." he continued to move his hand up over her body, a different coloured light appearing as his palm crossed over each Chakra. "I had to seduce an 80 year old witch in order to learn this trick." The Seer then grabbed her face tight, leaving scratches on her jaw and left cheek as he planted a kiss on the side of her temple. Getting up from the bed he returned to the other side of the room where he had a table set up with a small cauldron."Like I said, I was trying to do this the easy way. Even warned Reuben, that if he didn't slaughter you, you'd end up in trouble. His weakness was so plain, it practically rolled off him in waves." the Seer whistled as he lit a fire under the cauldron with just the snapping of his fingers. "He actually thought that I meant you would be passed around the Fort." he laughed. "Werewolves. Their biggest weakness is their sense of honor."


The three werewolves returned to find the cabin empty. Ash had gone to the market square, and Harker had fallen asleep under the tree. Reuben walked into the cabin to find that our heroine wasn't there.  He sniffed the air but he couldn't pick up her scent. "She's not here." he said to Rolf as he walked back out to the lawn, where the larger man was preparing the Moose they had caught while hunting. "Hey, Harker." Reuben screamed waking the man up. "Any idea where she went?" he gestured to the cabin.

Harker shook his head, yawning. "She went that way right after you all left. She was carrying something, looked like a notebook and a tin box."

"I guess dinner will have to wait." Rolf grunted as Reuben ran off in the direction that Harker had pointed to. He spotted her binder and lunchbox about a mile up the path, crouching down he sniffed the binder. Getting her scent, he swore as he picked up the objects flicking his hair out of his face. When he got back to the cabin, he shook his head just handing the items to Rolf.

"She's gone man. Like hours ago. The trail is cold. But these were laying in the middle of the road, covered in some sparkly dust."

Harker stood up taking the binder from the werewolf. "Let me see that." he dipped his finger into the dust tasting it. "Fairy dust. It's used as a sedative."

"Somebody took her?" Rolf asked raising an eyebrow.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (yes, another straight up story piece. We're getting there, we're getting there.)

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