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Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 15, chapter 15

Our heroine stood slowly, her right knee feeling a bit wobbly, as Jance turned telling the Seer to get Reuben.  The Seer waved his hand in a circle while mumbling something under his breath just before Reuben's chains sprang open. Jance herded Reuben into the caged ring then. Our heroine thought it was strange he never tried to fight, he just let himself be shoved into the cage.

The guy he was up against was a large man with an iron mask. Our heroine suddenly felt a crazy deja vu, as she watched Reuben use his speed to duck out of the way. The masked man picked him up, slamming him into the cage twice before dropping him in the middle of the ring. But Reuben, was able to roll out of the way before the masked guy could slam an elbow into his throat.
Reuben jumped up on the top turnbuckle using the cage to keep balance as he sent a mule kick into the chest of the big masked man. The guy stumbled a few steps, giving Reuben the advantage. With a cross body press, he flung himself at the guy and got him to the mat.
An animalistic sound, something between a roar and a scream came from Reuben as he torn then into the guy's throat.
Our heroine let out a small scream just as Reuben was raising his hand in the air. He turned to face the crowd that had gathered. Blood dripped from his mouth, staining his beard, his clothes, his breath coming in hard gasps.
Our heroine closed her eyes. No wonder they hadn't really bothered to fight their way out earlier, for the werewolves this was more then a test of skill or even strength. This was more then just a death match for them. It was a free dinner.

Stepping out of the cage, Reuben smiled at her sticking his tongue out clearly enjoying himself. Another guard grabbed him by the shoulders directing him towards the far end of the gates, chaining him to a wooden stake.

Dagan was next. Jance shoved him a step, but Dagan turned back around snarling at him snapping his teeth. He then turned sharply towards our heroine and just pointed towards the gate. "Go. Don't want you here. You've been enough trouble as it is for us." he towered over her, as he snarled again.

"Can't." our heroine said trying to keep the tremble out of her voice.

Dagan nodded more to himself then anything. "Okay really?" his eyebrows were raised as the smirk on his face reveled nothing. "What are you trapped?" he shrugged. "Can't move?" he leaned over the Queen's table grabbing a handful of something from a serving bowl. "Now you're trapped stupid..." he tossed a handful of sunflower seeds on the ground between them. "That should keep you busy for awhile."

Our heroine bent down and started to count the seeds. " Five, six, seven,You rat bastard!"  

Dagan climbed into the cage then shouted back at her. "You should have left when you had the chance."

"Twenty-four, twenty-five..." she continued to count, her attention completely on the task, compelled by it. "Seventy-two..." she stopped cold. A scream forced it's way from her. Covering her mouth with both hands she looked up to see that Dagan was sitting in the middle of the mat, covered in blood breathing heavy, his opponent dead.

The Queen stood up crossing to where our heroine was standing. "My my my, you can hide it for only so long. But, the cry of a Banshee is always heard when someone dies. It's like the call of death." he turned to look at the crowd before gesturing to Jance to bring Rolf up to the cage. As the Queen was about to sit back down, he changed his mind. He called for Rolf's brothers to be brought out of the cell as well. "It's getting late, I've seen almost enough. So what I'm going to do is let one of you go, the other will be Rolf's opponent." he clapped his hands together with a mad fit of laughter. Rolf shook his head pacing back and forth in the caged ring, anger building up in him.
Biffy appeared out of nowhere, grabbing one of the guys shoving him towards the gate Reuben and Dagan were, while Jance herded the other into the caged ring. "Gives new meaning to brother vs brother."

"No! You can't!" our heroine flung herself towards Jance.

The Seer was beside her then, whispering frantically. "What are you doing? Rules are rules. You trying to get yourself killed?"  Our heroine turned then towards the Queen.

"What are the rules?"

"What?" there was a look of annoyance on the Queen's face.

"Is this like a typical wrestling match? If one of them can't compete, can a substitute be put in their place?" our heroine took a half step forward then back again, rocking on her heels.

The Queen thought about it for a second then nodded. "No one in their right mind would want to take the place of someone in a match to the death."

"Who said she was in her right mind?" Reuben huffed shaking his head.

The Queen pointed at her. "You would be willing to take his place?" Our heroine nodded biting her lip. "Knowing you're going to die?"

"Dead anyway right?"

The Queen smiled sitting back down. "So be it."  Our heroine started to climb into the caged ring, the Seer leaning over her shoulder once more.

"Why are you doing this? You're sacrificing yourself for them, and they are not even your friends!"

"Neither are you." she remarked smiling at him. Turning to Rolf's brother she let out a deep breath. "Whatever happens, do not let them bury me in pieces. Try to keep me whole when you kill me." He shook his head running both hands over his face, then took a step back.

Everything went black as our heroine felt an arm first at her throat from the brutal clothesline, then heard more then felt, her skull crack as she hit the ring post.

Our heroine spat out the water, nearly choked. A scream ripped from her now sore throat. Bringing her hands to her neck, and skull she found the broken bones completely healed. "Where am I? What happened? What the hell is attached to my wrist?" (time for the links for the flashbacks)

"I dragged you out of the lake. I think you must have slipped and got towed under. Any longer and you would have been totally saltwater Sunburnt any idea What you were doing out there? Looks like a small dream catcher." the guy said as he leaned over our heroine. She backed away from him confused. "By the way, the name's Ash."

"I know you. You're the dude from the photo."

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