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Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 12, chapter 12

Our heroine, Reuben and Dagan somehow managed to make it back to the tunnels without being spotted. Halfway through the tunnels, Reuben slowed down. Dagan noticed and waited, letting our heroine have a head start into the winding darkness of the tunnels.

"You look like something is on your mind?" Dagan commented scratching at his shoulder.

"What do you think our chances are of surviving this?"

"100%. Why?" Dagan nodded.

"The Seer. He just asked me to slaughter Nosferatu. Said he'd seen her future and death would be the better of the choices." he scratched at his beard. "Seriously, I still think I have fleas."  The expression on Dagan's face was something between a pout and a smirk. He shrugged, his eyes closed.

"Your call man. The sooner we're done with her, the sooner we can go home." he slapped his buddy on the shoulder and turned heading farther into the tunnels.

"How'd I know you'd say that?" Reuben mumbled to himself following them. "I mean, that's cold man, even for us."

Dagan turned to him as they walked. "How is that cold?"

"We've gotten to know her. She's not just..." he raised his hand gesturing towards our heroine. "...dinner. Not someone we decided to hunt. Besides, what about the Magic Ninjas? We slaughter her and they might not be happy."

"Na." Dagan made a sound dismissing the idea. "Trust me, they won't care." he stopped walking again staring straight ahead into the darkness. Turning around once more, he ran his hand through his hair smoothing it down a little. "Why would the Seer care what happens to her?"

"Must have some sort of hidden agenda of his own?" Reuben shrugged.

"Are you sure he didn't just tell you all that so that you slaughter her for him?" Dagan asked.

Reuben shook his head again scratching at his beard. "He looked genuinely disturbed by the vision."

"Maybe he saw her naked? That would be enough to disturb anyone." Dagan smiled at his own cleverness. "You're not laughing. You should be laughing."

Reuben shook his head at his friend letting out a deep breath and moved past him in the tunnels. "That just might come back to haunt you." he replied as he quickened his speed catching up to our heroine. He saw that she'd made it to the fork in the tunnels, but couldn't see where she'd gone. Taking a deep sniff of the air he caught her scent and  realized she had headed straight and had not turned like she was suppose to. Reuben zipped down the tunnel with his werewolf speed. He tried not to scare her as he crept up behind her. The last thing they needed was for her to scream. She turned towards him as he pointed for her to head back the way they came.

"I was just thinking." she commented as they walked back towards the fork in the tunnels. "I should go back to the Seer."

"I'm sure you were." he smiled at her in the darkness of the tunnels, his eyes crinkled.

"I'm serious. I think we need to learn that spell. There is a hell of a lot more going on here then we've been told so far. The Seer said that he's one of the last kids to have been born, and that the King was bitten like thirty years ago. I'm pegging the Seer to be about thirty himself. So how could he have come up with the oh so powerful spell that's keeping the King frozen for all these years if he's not old enough to have created it in the first place? And why kill all these other shapeshifters? If the King has a big uber spell on him keeping him frozen, why not just off with his head and kill him? The Queen is waiting for him to die right?" she stopped, leaning against the wall of the tunnel suddenly sweating.  Reuben stopped as well, running that information over in his mind.

"I never thought about that before. Yeah, the Queen has been the queen for as long as I've been alive." he replied. "Are you okay?" Our heroine nodded but Reuben could tell she wasn't. Dagan appeared from the shadows, hitting the wall as he did.

"I just...that's what I need." she said pointing to Reuben's neck. "Feel like offering a vein?"

"Not really." he took a half step back then forward again. "I thought you said you fed off of the Seer like twenty minutes ago?"

"I did. Doesn't feel like it though. Feels like I'm starved."

"Maybe he did something to you? Spell or something?" Reuben's voice rose a notch as his eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement.  Dagan put one hand on our heroine's shoulder slamming her back against the wall, while checking first her eyes then her fangs.

"What does that look like to you?"

"Like a drug addict going through withdrawls." Reuben answered. He ran his hands over his face spinning on his heels in a full circle. "The first person you bit was Dagan."

"Congratulations. You're officially addicted to werewolf blood."  Dagan  jumped spinning in a full circle. "Damn it! Again!" he held left wrist as blood poured from the bite.

"Your arm was there, you were the closest." our heroine said licking her lips as she tried reaching for his arm.

"No!" the wolf snapped at her growling. He shook his head, the expression on his face like steel, his eyes wide. Slamming both arms into the wall on either side of her face, twice, Dagan snarled at her. "I am not your personal vending machine." he moved from her a few steps shaking his head again before turning back pointing at her. "There will be no more biting me." he jerked his thumb towards his chest. "Bite me again and I will finish the job I started earlier."   Reuben let out a deep sigh scratching at the back of his skull then stuck his arm out in front of our heroine's face. "Don't you dare offer yourself up like some greasy hamburger!"

"This is your creation." Reuben said as he leaned against the wall. "She wouldn't be in this mess if you had left her human."

"And another thing. How do you make threads out of silver? The net that those crazy amazons used to capture you guys in the woods, well that Dagan stepped into, it had pure silver threads." she pushed his arm away.

Reuben shrugged. "Mermaid hair."

"Mermaid hair. Mermaids." our heroine bent over for a second still leaning against the wall, her hands on her knees. "Tell me, you said that they were poisonous to you. Fill me in."

"Their blood has a high concentration of silver. Something to do with the water."

"Now if you had said mercury, that would make more sense. But silver? Silver?"

Reuben shrugged again. "You asked."

"And why is it, there are never any stories about boy mermaids? You never hear about pirates falling to their watery deaths because a boy mermaid seduced them or hunted them. Only about girl mermaids. What gives? There are gay pirates, we're suppose to believe that the siren song of a girl mermaid would be strong enough to seduce even a gay man?"

"You think too much." Dagan commented.

"Your blood, thick with a jolt like coffee. The amazon's blood, watery thin like when you have lettuce, no taste. The Seer's blood, like a mouthful of saltwater."

"You still think too much."  but our heroine didn't get the chance to  argue, as she looked up to see that both men were gone. They were running down the tunnel. She had no choice but to follow them. She barely made it through the doorway to a large room when she spotted the three men in the middle of a fist fight with a couple of guards. There seemed to be two other guys with them, that looked a lot like Rolf. His brothers she guessed.  They were in the middle of a large room lined with cells. Rolf had been trying to free a bunch of them, as doors to the cells were swinging wide some ripped and bent right off their hinges. But where were they? Had they managed to escape? Our heroine only saw the three werewolves and the two new guys.
Her questions would be answered soon enough, given one of the guards spotted her picking her up and dragging her out the gate.  The Queen was standing outside along with Jance and Biffy.

"I'm disappointed. I didn't lock you up because I thought I could trust you, but..." he let out a deep sigh. "that just wasn't the case. Tie her up somewhere close to the cages. Let her see what hanging out with wolves gets you. (get ready for the links for the flashbacks) See you do something really Stupid, like try to runaway, and look what you Make Me do,  I have a good Mind to let them kill you right now, but I'm not because I'm going to let you have a fighting chance. Your future depends on your friends winning their matches, and right now I'm being generous when I say I think they have a 70 percent chance of winning the cage matches."

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