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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 11

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 11, Chapter 11

"Well that's the easiest time I've ever had getting into a man's pants." our heroine commented half expecting a round of laughter. Not one giggle. "Right, so you were about to explain to me why there are no children left around here." she said pointing to the Seer.

"No I wasn't." he said with a straight face, as he stood in front of his closet one arm on the wall, the other on his hip as if he was trying to hid something. Our heroine pushed him aside and reopened the closet looking for whatever it was he was hiding. She found a large leather book that looked like it was at lest a hundred years old.

"I'm guessing this is a bit more then just your grandmother's recipes." she crossed to the desk with it, carefully opening it.

Reuben and Dagan were across the room still, unable to pass the magical circle, waiting. Reuben turned to his buddy whispering. "Where's Rolf?"

"I guess he's in the prisoner's area by now. I haven't seen him since we split in the tunnels. The one I went down, led me outside. But, I got a really good look at the area, there is an unguarded patch by the South side of the gates. Not too large, just enough space to slip through if we're in wolf form."

"But not for a human?"

Dagan shook his head. "We won't need to worry about that if we're all in wolf form." he said shrugging.

"You're forgetting, we still have a job to do." Reuben said gesturing towards our heroine."Escorting her to the graveyard."

"Actually, no we don't." Dagan replied. "That's Rolf's job and if I remember correct, we actually did that right before we got captured. We were less then two hundred feet from the edge of the forest, you could see the damned thing from where we were." he ran his hand through his hair fixing it. "Besides, I saw them setting up some sort of caged ring. I think we have bigger things to worry about then how we're going to fit her fat ass through a hole in the fence." Dagan said bringing his hands together then apart.  Reuben let a smile play at his lips as he turned from his buddy just an inch.

Our heroine was carefully looking through the large book while all this was happening across the room. "What language is that?"

"Latin." the Seer replied.

"Yeah, I can't read that. Barely have a grasp on English." she flipped a page letting out a deep breath and once again asking him why there were no children left?

"Well. I'm part of the last generation of kids." the Seer smiled, his left arm out from his body as he nodded. "Tough to believe but it's true. The Queen has banished children so that there is no one to become a heir to his title."

"So what, he's managed to have a binding spell on pregnancies or something?" our heroine asked laughing.

"There are no females really." he turned from her, a look of confusion on his face.

"I sense you have more to tell."

"The Queen, is the Queen because his father the King is still alive. He can not actually take the title till the King dies. And since the King is unable to die..."

"Hold up. What do you mean unable to die?" our heroine asked, her hand on his arm.

"Um, the King is a werewolf. He was bitten about thirty years ago, and is pretty much immortal now. Yeah, I have created a very powerful spell to keep him cryogenically frozen. And am forced to use another spell to bind any and all shapeshifters in order for the Queen to off with their heads, in hopes that one of them is the one who bit the King. Therefore killing all in that bloodline."

"I see." she handed him back his book heading for the window. "Time to find Rolf." she said as she exited through the window. Dagan crossed the room first, the magical circle causing the mist to remove his clothes for a few seconds, but by the time he reached the window, the mist had returned them. The Seer stood in near fear, the large book held tight just as Reuben told him to tell him what he saw.


Reuben let his eyes change to that of the wolf as he crossed the room, stalking the Seer, forcing him to stumble back towards the room with the shower. "When you were talking to her, you turned away not because you were embarrassed or anything, but because you saw something. What did you see?"

"You need to slaughter her. If you're still alive at the end of the cage matches, you need to put her out of her misery. I saw your friend facing something worse then death."

"She's not really my friend." Reuben smiled, his wolf eyes still glowing. "Besides what's worse then death?"  The Seer raised an eyebrow at him, gulping back the fear. Reuben's eyes changed from that of the wolf to the chocolate brown of a human male. He nodded as he took a few steps back then headed towards the window. "You said if I'm still alive at the end of the matches."

"I've seen your fate go either way."

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yes yet another part that is straight up story. I have a lot to cover on this serial.)

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