Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Random movie Dec 24th 2014

Dr. Cabbie

plot: Having just gotten his medical license, a young man moves to Canada to work, only to be turned down by every hospital he applies to. Left with no other choice but to drive a cab, he ends up having to deliver a baby in the middle of a traffic jam. He then finds himself unable to ignore the customers when they start coming to him with problems.

This is a 2014 Canadian film starring Vinay Virmani and Kunal Nayyar.

Oh my god! I laughed, I cried, I nearly choked on my coffee because I laughed some more. It's interesting to see Nayyar playing a pimped out type of character. Stephen McHattie has maybe six minutes of screen time, but he steals the show with each of the scenes he's in, as a cancer patient who owns the cab company. 

Here you have a story that deals with some real life issues in some very funny ways. The fact that we are short on medical staff in Canada and many-many-many young doctors from elsewhere are told they can't practice here unless they have Canadian credentials. Their skills end up wasted or lost.

I'm trying to stay away from anything that would give any major spoilers, cause this is one of the better films I've seen all year and I really think people should rent it. But one thing I can say I could have done without, were the dance sequences. Watching this great movie and then suddenly it's like a Micheal Jackson video or something the way they dressed the lead actor...I could have done without the musical dream stuff. (which was my big complaint for the movie Breakaway few years ago which also had Vinay Virmani as the lead)

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