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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p17

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 171, chapter 171

"It doesn't have to be this way cupcake!" Jarl's voice carried as he laughed, backing up towards the house.

"Yes it does!" our heroine's reply caught the ears of the other werewolf just as he was coming to the edge of the woods. Rolf hurried towards where the female was, hoping he was wrong. The large male groaned as he shook his head upon seeing the banshee. She was standing about a hundred feet away from Jarl, her eyes completely white, her fangs extended.

Rolf snarled as he watched clinching his fists into his thighs, as the short male werewolf was practically doubled over from laughing out right at her. "Rip him a new one cupcake." he mouthed the words, the other shapeshifters not paying him any attention. They were all hovered around the street, watching, laughing, mocking.  All but the familiar who stood silently holding his breath, back against the nearest tree, arms crossed over his chest, and Tombstone by his feet.

"He's going to kill her." Finn mumbled, turning his eyes towards Rolf.

"She knows what she's doing. Don't count her down yet." the dark haired male whispered, flicking the mass of curls out of his face. He prayed silently to Loki that the female came out of this in one piece.

"She's out of her mind." Finn continued, not moving, his full attention back on our heroine.


"She can't win this. I mean, what is the point?" Finn asked, chewing on his thumb.

Rolf tilted his head to the side rotating his shoulders. "She knows the full moon is less then 40 hours away. She'll never be able to fight off one of them once the ritual starts, let alone a full pack. At lest she's got a chance if she can stop it ahead of time and take herself out of the equation."  Rolf turned a half step, his eyes darting from side to side as he saw Jarl charge at her. The banshee didn't move, didn't fire back, just stood there till the last second. The male stumbled forward as he brought his hand up to his face. There were large scratches already healing down the length of his face. He arched his back, more gashes appearing suddenly on his shoulders. Spinning, he grabbed her tossing the female down. Nosferatu was on the ground flat on her back all the air knocked out of her, but managed to create enough of  a cloud of dust, blinding the wolf as he grabbed at his calves. Blood droplets began to fill the air from every angle as the male seemed confused. Jarl howled, spinning in circles his voice low, angry; all the humour gone from him as he grabbed hold of the banshee's arms, keeping her in place.  The dust still floated around them, still keeping him semi blinded. Rolf heard the familiar sound of swearing as Jarl stumbled back another few feet, tripping landing hard on his butt. Our heroine sat on his chest, her hands at his neck, her fangs deep in his throat. Jarl's blood poured out of his wounds, like a broken tap, bubbling at the base of his neck. The female didn't move from him till she was sure he was weak enough for her to snap his neck. Till she felt every muscle in his chest and arms go limp.

The rest of the pack stood in silent disbelief as Rolf grinned wide, his eyes sparkling with amusement as he moved towards the female. "Next time, jab him in the base of the spine with a hard right. Send him to his knees faster, let you get a better grip to bite...ooff..." Rolf stumbled an inch trying to keep his balance as he found Nosferatu's weight a surprise. The female had thrown herself at him, hugging him, her arms wrapped up under his own. "You can't be seen crying after winning the alpha position."

"Dagan's dead." the words were soaked in a sudden rush of tears, the female sniffing repeatedly, her shoulders trembling from the emotions.

"Yeah about that..."  Rolf  made a noise as he hurried her away from the rest of her new pack, into the hotel. "I don't feel anything."  His eyebrows knitted together as our heroine continued to choke back the tears, sniffing back the snot. Her pale slim hand pointing towards her hair. Then she broke down in a complete fit of sobs, reminding the large shapeshifter of every girl he'd seen in the village after they'd had their heart broken.  Part of him wanted to hide, knowing there was nothing he could do to make the female in front of him stop snotting all over the place, and part of him wanted to toss her through the window and tell her to just get over it.  Instead, Rolf just stood there, rocking back and forth on his heels, brushing his fingers through his hair.  "When we loose our alpha, we feel it. I'm telling you, I know for a fact Dagan is not dead. He's a total dick, but he's not..." letting his shoulders slouch, the large male roared in frustration. Nosferatu jumped at the sound, her hazel eyes back to normal as she managed to get some control over the crying. "Loki told me I could find you here, like this." he gestured to her, his one hand on his hip as he bowed his head slightly. A look of disgust crossing his features. "Something did happen to Dagan, but he's not dead. Loki sent me here to find you to make sure that they didn't..." he stood up to his full height scratching at his neck. "Loki wanted me to..." he gestured first to her then to himself.

Nosferatu stopped crying. Tilting her head her eyebrows wrinkled together, as she leaned away from him. "EEWW! Incest!" she took a full step away from Rolf slamming into a small statue of a train nearly knocking it off the table. Turning away from him she shivered in an over exaggerated gesture as she headed into her hotel room.

"She took that well don't you think?" Finn asked suddenly appearing to the left of Rolf. The werewolf just stood in silent shock for another few long seconds, his eyes wide, lips pressed together in a pout. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. What, you didn't really think Rolf was going to claim her did you?)

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