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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 176, chapter 176

New Year's Eve 2011...

He sat down on the blanket, a bottle of wine being poured by someone dressed in nothing but an ivy crown and a braided beard. Smiling sideways, the Seer tried to hide the cringe. This was not fun. In no way could this possibly be considered fun. Slumping over, he watched as two of the women joined the circle dance, their long hair flowing in the breeze from their movements. Looking up towards the now twilight sky, the dark haired male let out a long breath and decided to leave. Slowly he made it to his feet, the crowd having gotten suddenly double with bodies slamming into each other, voices singing out of tune at massive volumes, wine heavy in the air.

"I love you. I love you. I love yooooouuuuu!" a soft drunken voice slurred into his ear, their hot breath making his skin feel momentarily damp, as he hiked up his shoulder to avoid their dirty fingers as they tried to embrace him. "I want you. Please don't leave."  The Seer sidestepped the female, scolding himself once again for having allowed his grandmother's coven to sucker him in. He had been feeling lonely as of late, missing the friends he'd grown up with. He made it to the end of the field, the main part of the noise behind him, the heat and smoke of the bonfire just out of range just as he fell to his knees.

The vision that overtook him, blinding him, snuffing out all other sounds as the pain burned behind his eyes, would change everything. Edward saw nothing but the large werewolf that stood over him, it's fangs dripping with blood and saliva, it's eyes glowing the deep amber with flecks of grey and the deep halo also of grey around the pupils. Felt it as much as saw it rip into his flesh, heard it's deep growls echoing in his mind. This seemed to be inter-cut with images of a pale female the colour of moonlit chalk. Saw her standing in the deepest forest holding a large book tight to her as if afraid.

There was a scream, followed by more pain thundering down his spine as the Seer realized he had fallen down the edge of the hill. His left knee smashing on a small series of rocks, his fingers now bleeding from grating his knuckles on them as well as he slipped farther down the side in the loose mud. 

New Year's Eve 2014...

"Hey!" Reuben snapped his fingers in front of the other male's face a few times. "Everything alright?"
The Seer shook his head, smiling meekly at the other werewolf, nodding. "Come on." Reuben slapped the back of his shoulder. "It's New Year's. We should be happy. We've managed to get rid of half of the Queen's guards, without any of us dying this time. Harker's safe, Ash is safe, the timber wolves are safe, the cabins are safe." he flicked his long dark hair out of his face. "The amazons are for once not trying to stab us with silver pointy sharp things. There's rum even."

The Seer licked his lips as he squinted his eyes up, turning to look away from Reuben. "I don't know what's wrong with me." he shrugged scratching the back of his skull in his usual nervous way.

"Hungry?" Reuben off handedly asked as he gulped down half a mug of rum. "There's plenty of food." he gestured to the roasted pig still on the bbq spit. "You need to feed your sidhe side..." he poured himself another drink as the Seer shook his head again.

"I was just remembering a few years ago..." he trailed off not finishing his sentence, the air around him suddenly feeling too thick to breathe. "...okay this has been horribly not fun..." he stretched making a low sound in his throat that was not totally human. "And I know it's been a strange ride for you, but..." he turned on his heel a half inch, running his left hand down his chest patting his stomach. "I'm going to go."

"You turning in for the night already? It's barely dark." Reuben spoke into his mug already half drunk.

"No. I'm going to grab my grandmother's spellbook." he pointed at Ash's cabin. "and I'm going to go." he crossed his right arm over his chest first pointing to the back of the yard, then moving to point towards the main path. "Away. From the pack for awhile."

Reuben nodded, his bottom lip curved into a pout as he poured the last of the bottle into his mug. Staring into the depths of it, he let his long lashes flutter. "Say hi to Nos. Tell her I'll see her soon." he mumbled as he finished the drink. "I'd come with you, but I'm getting the impression you don't want a travel buddy." he elbowed the other male.

The corners of the Seer's mouth turned up in a slight twitch as he cleared his throat. "It's not that I don't want you to come with's just that..."

"You don't want me to come with you. No I understand. I do." Reuben commented, pushing his hair again out of his face. "Just tell me one thing. Are you going because you had some big vision that involved her or are you going because you want to shack up with her to secure the alpha position without having to fight Dagan? Cause..." Reuben snickered making a sound as he tilted his head to the side grinning. "I don't see her falling for that line again." 

The Seer stammered as he tried to think of a reasonably good excuse without lying.

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