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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 175, chapter 175

Our heroine stomped into Jarl's place, Finn practically on her hip. The short, dark haired male stood up from his kitchen table, the chair scraping the floor as he did pointing at her. "Just because you're momentarily alpha does not mean you've got permission to barge into my home!"

Nosferatu shoved him hard knocking him back a step. "You let hunters here? Hunters Jarl!"

"What the hell are you so pissed about a few poachers for?" he snarled at her looking the new alpha up and down. "It's one of the ways we hide what we really are, and make a bit of a living." he raised his hand to her turning a half step. "Selling furs..."

"I'm not talking about the kind with bear traps who make fur coats. I'm talking about slayerfest straight up Sam and Dean Winchester." Our heroine growled forcing Jarl to look her in the eyes.

The male shook his head at her not wanting to believe her. Taking another half step back he spun around his eyes having shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Do you really think I would let something like that happen around here?" the male was in her face, saliva collecting on his now extended bottom fangs. "A hunter! Huh?" his hands were on her shoulders before she knew it, all the air knocked out of her as the female felt the hard edge of the wall slam against her."I'll gather the others and if you're right cupcake, we'll flush them."

"We need to take care of this now." she practically hissed the sentence her own fangs having broken through her gums as she turned leaving his house. "Not that I'm opposed to a hot Jensen Ackles type roaming around." the female mumbled to herself. Finn grinned wide as he draped his arm over her shoulder letting out a deep breath.

"Somehow, I totally knew you were a Dean girl." he mumbled planting a kiss on her ear.

"More ways then one." She hadn't heard the male perched up on the roof of Jarl's house, laying in wait. Mason had jumped down just as the pair took the final step off the porch as Finn found himself almost a hundred feet away, his sunglasses fallen off and broken in the dirt.

"Full moon is safely past. And I don't know how your other pack did things, but there is no way I'm letting a female tell me what to do!" he had her pinned up against the wall of the next building, his one hand squeezed tight around her throat. Raking her clawed nails across his neck then his wrist, our heroine headbutted the dazed werewolf. Mason stumbled back a full two inches, just enough for the banshee to drive her elbow into his throat. The male advanced towards her snarling, only to have our heroine slash his neck again before sinking her fangs deep. Ripping a chunk from his neck, the female spat it back in his face, the blood a hot golden gush of sweetness. Her eyelids flickered as she drank greedily throwing her full weight on him, knocking Mason backward into the middle of the street.

"That's enough!" Finn's voice somehow managed to break through the blood-haze, making the banshee aware of where she was. She chose to ignore it her palms smeared in the thick liquid as she continued to feed. "You can't afford to kill him!" The familiar screamed, his strong arms around her chest cutting off her air. "You've humiliated him enough!"
She felt the cold blast of air separate herself from her victim as the familiar dragged her off of him. Finn then turned pointing at Jarl as he helped Mason up. "Save your little turf war for another time. Just grab the others and we'll deal with the hunter." he turned back to glare at our heroine. "You, go take a shower! God! I hate dealing with furballs. You're like a bitch in heat or something." he tilted his head. "Actually, that would be easy to fix. This; this is a pointless cycle."


The floors creaked as he noisily walked across it. One foot over the other as if dancing. The scent of vanilla grabbing his attention, causing him to weave closer to the girl on the boardwalk. Jumping the two stairs, the male reached out giving the double doors of the Inn a hard shove. He smiled to himself spotting the other man across the room, making his way over to him. Leaning on the bar he clumsily reached for the bottle of bourbon pouring himself a glass.

"Did you get it done?" the voice whispered into a glass of his own.

"Took care of it myself. By this point the whole lot of them should be panicked." Bryon replied tossing his head back gulping down the whole drink in one swallow. He poured himself another drinking it just as quick before turning to look at Victor.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Didn't see that coming did ya!)

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