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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 173, chapter 173

"You really have no idea what you've done? Do You?" Reuben said pointing at Dagan. "Huh?" This experiment works, and she safely gives birth..."

"Then she's the mother of Loki's kid. A demigod. So?" Dagan interrupted "Bravo." he clapped his hands. Reuben's eyes were wide.

"If it works, the second others find out, they will come for her. She'll be completely vulnerable. With no pack, no mate to protect her. Every shapeshifter will try to use her. Trust me, all they will care about is that she's able to have a litter. Born bloodlines are so few Dagan, so few. We're practically extinct."

Dagan just sat there rocking back and forth. "What colour do you think it's fur will be? I mean, Loki is the first of us...could be any colour I suppose." he pushed himself up the wall to lean against it biting his nails. A smirk crossed Reuben's lips as he ran his hands over his face and through his hair finger combing it over and over in frustration.

"You're a piece of work you know that? Come on man! I'm telling you her life is over. that she's a target and you..." he started to laugh he was that upset at the absurdity of the situation. "'re pouting over...I don't know. Guess we'll find out in about thirteen years." the dark haired male shuffled his feet as he nodded. Leaning back arms out at his sides palms upward he shrugged. "My gut instinct is onyx." his eyebrows knitted together as he practically shouted the word onyx. "Yeah. Given it's Rolf's soul she's got that's allowed her to become half lycanthrope to begin with." he scratched at his neck tossing his head back closing his eyes. "Why can't I get through to you? Like talking to a brick wall." Reuben leaned towards his friend then. "The Seer warned me the first day we meet them. Told me her fate was going to be worse then death that she was going to be handed off like a toy. At the time, thought he was saying it just to get under my skin, get the upper hand. I thought he meant the Fort and the guards. But this is what he really meant." Reuben snorted as he began to pace a few feet. "Oh! And it won't be quick or painless. No, cause we both know that every werewolf that finds out about her situation, will try to charm her. The manipulation, the emotional abuse...not too mention the full moon ritual." he moved another few steps across the room, stepping over the dead body. "If we're lucky. If we're lucky enough, the ritual; without a mate to protect her from the full moon ritual, it will do all the work, all the nasty dirty work for them. Have those poor werewolves kill each other to get near her wipe out half the species every month till someone finally claims her. That's on your head." he pointed at him staring at him from under his fallen hair.

"You make it sound like we're all nothing more then rapid dogs in perpetual heat." Dagan replied stretching, scratching at the middle of his back.

"Aren't we? Isn't...isn't that why Loki put all the restrictions into our DNA? So we behave like good little puppies? Claim a female mate earn our stripes and lock in alpha status. The catch being we can't cheat. Choose a human wife walk away from our pack. Still, unable to be with anyone else for the rest of our lives. Sex is a locked doorway for us. We need to be invited in Dagan. Then there's the full moon ritual. Let's us behave like the animals we are with no guilt. No remorse. I'd tell you to try it sometime, but we both know you don't have the balls for it."

"Oh what? And you do?" Dagan blinked twice pointing at him. "I'm still surprised you were able to get it up to go through with it given she doesn't have the right parts for you."

"Ritual overrides preference." he shook his head. "Dagan. The need to control, to dominate takes over. The thought of blood, of ripping things apart is all you can think of." Dagan snickered mumbling to himself. Reuben growled as he continued.  "I know you were barely affected that few seconds the first full moon she was with us, but you do remember the feeling. The blind need to conquer, that desire for total power. The night she said my name! The whole process stopped cold because she choose to claim me not you. You never got over that did you?" he made a duck bill as he flicked his long hair out of his face, rocking side to side his hands now at his belt. "I didn't have a choice the night I did claim her. When we were alone together during that full moon." he closed his eyes then, a devious smirk crossing his face as he let himself remember what he could remember of it. Reuben had told them he'd blacked out during the ritual which was only half true. He remembered her fear, the taste of her blood as he ripped bits of her flesh from her neck and shoulders, remembered how much he hated her in that moment. And how much he'd enjoyed hunting her down, like common prey.

"None of this has anything to do with me anymore. She's not my problem any longer." Dagan laughed at him, his hands up over his head like a little kid.

Reuben opened his eyes at the sound of Dagan's voice. "Yeah I still can't get over how selfish you were. Finding a way to break the claiming, I understand to a point. But to have the sire bond removed after all this time. After all you have been through. That's just reckless. And mark my words you'll live to regret it."

"Never going to happen." Dagan replied  as he misted himself a shirt. "No, what you're pissed about is that no matter what, if you want to be alpha of the pack, any pack, you either have to go it alone or claim a female as your mate. In which case you'd be miserable for all eternity. Cause like it or not you can't claim a male for your mate. We're hardwired...pardon the pun, for bloodlines. You said it yourself, full moon ritual activates the biological need to have a pack, to create the foundations for that infamous family. Overrides everything."

Reuben glared at him making a sound of disgust. "And you threw your's all away." He turned to leave the room, stepping over the body again slamming his shoulder into the Seer as he did. Both Leo and the Seer had arrived a few minutes before, hovering just outside the door.

"Once again, timing not as perfect as needed." the Seer cleared his throat. "We need your help back home. Issues with the Queen."

"We're busy saving Rolf." Dagan sniffed not looking at them.

"I'll go. You stay here, wait for Teshi and then two of you help Rolf. You Dagan are the last person I want to be around right now." Reuben pointed at him, growling. The dark haired wolf was out of the castle before anyone could blink.

"I would have called house keeping to clean that up." Dagan gestured to the dead woman still on the floor. "If I'd known you were coming for tea, but I think she was the maid."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Anyone else got that old Chilliwack song in their head, whatcha going do when she's gone whatcha gonna do....)

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