Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Random movie Dec 16th

The Woods

plot: A young girl is sent away to boarding school after having gotten into trouble for starting a fire. She begins to have nightmares about a former student whom she didn't even meet, which then jump starts her own abilities. Being bullied by one of the other girls, she witnesses her friends beginning to disappear. Before long, the students start turning up dead, and the staff revile themselves to be a coven of druids.

2006 supernatural horror starring Patricia Clarkson and Bruce Campbell.

This is one of those quiet films that gets you interested, looses you, gets you back and then has you half scratching your head half looking for a sequel. Or at lest that's how it was for me.
Slower paced, which is good, reminded me of an old Hitchcock style. The word Druid is never actually mentioned, but the fact that everything that happens to the victims happens to revolve around trees/vines, the logical leap is there.
A lot of the film happens in a creepy-fog induced dream, that leaves the viewers wondering if it really happened or if the lead character is crazy.  There were a few plot holes but, nothing that distracts too much. 

Did I like it? Yeah, I think I liked it enough. Would I watch a sequel if there is one? Sure why not...

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