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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 172, chapter 172

Rolf followed our heroine into her room, hovering at the door. "You realize those werewolves outside won't behave for long?"

She shrugged as she magic misted the slip dress and knee length sweater again, having removed the party dress. "I know. But at lest I bought myself a few hours. They won't bother to do anything till after the full moon has past. Then I'm sure, Jarl will be the first to challenge me."

Rolf took a step farther into her room, closing the door behind him as he spotted Finn and the hellhound enter the hallway. "And next full moon? What then? You think they will just sit back and let you be alpha a few days a month?"

The female shrugged. "Haven't thought that far ahead yet. All I know is I'm not letting anyone claim me again. Not for the sole purpose of securing their alpha position. I get why it's done I really do, and I don't fault Reuben. He didn't have a choice because of the full moon ritual. But Dagan..." she moved closer to the large werewolf, her hands everywhere as her agitation grew. "Twice I let him claim me and look where it's gotten me." she swiped the back of her thumb across her cheek. "I've had two mates already in under two years. It's suppose to be for life!"  The dark haired male smiled to himself as he let his hair fall over his eyes. He turned as he watched her walk the room in circles. "Next time I let anyone claim me..." she air quoted the word claim. "It won't be for status!" she tossed the last sentence at Rolf as the warning it was.

"Was never my intention. Just sort of following orders." he replied, flicking his mass of curls out of his face.

"You said Ripper's not dead?" the banshee stopped moving, letting out a deep sigh as Rolf grunted. "How'd he break our sire bond?"

Shrugging Rolf thought about how to answer her. "Loki said it was a deal with Bacchus. I don't know why." he added, tilting his eyes to look at her, praying she didn't break down crying again. Once was enough, the male didn't think he could handle watching her acting so emotional again so soon.  Our heroine grunted in response as she stood there, not looking directly at the large wolf. Fidgeting Rolf crossed his arms moving his feet in place, his hair once again hanging in his face. "You going to be alright?"

"You heading back to the darkest forest back to help Ash and Harker or tracking down Reuben and Dagan?" it was her turn to fidget as she began picking at a small chipped piece of the dresser.

"Neither. Loki dumped another bit of information on me, and I'm off to deal with it." he let his hand slap his thigh letting out a deep breath that blew his hair away from his face, the ends of a few strains hitting the female's nose. "You can come with me."

She shook her head no. "I'm going to stick around here for awhile with Finn. Snoop around the place. There's something not right with the people here."

Rolf sniffed, his shoulders suddenly rigid at the mention of the familiar. He still didn't fully trust Finn. Clearing his throat the large werewolf crossed his arms over his chest again standing to his full height. "Yeah, how did he get here?"

"He was kidnapped by a witch who trapped him in his cat form. I got a spell from the Seer and undid it. I'm going to try to help him find out why exactly..." she let her thoughts trail off turning once more towards the far end of the room. Rolf suddenly got the impression she was trying to distance herself from him, and took a large step towards her practically cornering her against the wall.

"Look, I know you don't want to hear it..." he started, his hand massaging the back of his skull from where he'd hit the tree hours before. The wound had healed, but he'd been feeling off since watching Nosferatu fight Jarl.

"Then just don't say it. Please. I know. I've got a month to sort it all out. That or leave before the next month's full moon." she flung herself hard against the wall, her eyes closed, hand resting on her stomach. Rolf had to fight the urge to burp, suddenly feeling queasy himself. Nodding, he turned again in the small room his hand on the doorknob.

"If I happen to see Dagan..."

"Tell him I'm the new local alpha. Describe in full detail how I defeated Jarl for the position. That will drive him insane."

Rolf snorted as he pictured telling Dagan, and the look on his face. Alpha was all Dagan ever wanted, and here the banshee had accomplished it against all odds. Smiling, he held back a snicker. Leaving her hotel room, he closed the door tightly behind him, coming face to face with Finn. The werewolf sniffed as he rotated his shoulders, a look of distrust blazing in his blue eyes. "I've got something to look into but...I will be back." he cracked his neck never taking his eyes off of Finn. The familiar had put on his sunglasses, and pulled them down his nose to stare at Rolf over the rims. He shrugged at the larger male not taking the threat seriously. Rolf ran his hand over his mouth licking his lips before slamming into Finn's shoulder as he walked past him.

"Awfully protective of her considering your not her mate." the familiar spun on his heels to face Rolf, a sly smile on his own pale lips. "I mean, she turned you away am I right?  Something about finding the idea of you bedding her gross or something?" the cat stuck his tongue out, grinning madly. "You mutts are all the same..." he found his sentence cut off and the air choked out of him. Rolf had moved at lightening speed, his right hand so tight around Finn's neck, that he had lifted him two feet off the ground, pinning him against the wall.

"I don't like you and I'm not going to pretend to either. But you're right. I'm very protective of her. She's the only reason I'm alive right now. I owe her." he dropped him to the floor, Finn landing perfectly on his feet.

"I know." Finn nearly spat the words. "She's got a piece of your soul. The thing that's turned her into a half-breed mutt. Don't think I'm unaware of it."

"And yet, you're still hanging onto her like lint. What's your game?" Rolf screwed up his nose glaring at him.

Finn shook his head. "Nothing." pushing his glasses back into place he made a sound low in his chest that almost sounded like a meow. "I warned her this would happen. That all you mutts would be sniffing around her simply because she was the only option. She didn't believe me. Now..." he gestured towards the still closed bedroom door. "Now she's in way over her head."  Rolf snorted in agreement as he left the hotel.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. The cat is up to something...)

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