Sunday, April 19, 2015

Random movie April 19th 2015

Hateship Loveship

plot: When a woman decides to take a job as a live in housekeeper, she finds herself the target of the young daughter and her friend, when they fake love letters to her. Believing the letters have come from the girl's enstranged father, the housekeeper secretly runs off to be with him. After learning of the lie and that he's a drug addict, she realizes she's got nowhere else to go, and stays to help him recover.

This is a 2014 film starring Kristen Wiig and Guy Pearce and based on the short story.

I wasn't sure I wanted to see this, but it's been on the Netflix Canada recommend list for over a month, so I thought it's raining out nothing better to do.  It's a sweet movie in a pathetic sort of way. Almost painful to watch at times. Wiig's character doesn't have a lot of dialog considering she's the main character. Instead, it's all done on her end through sad expressions.
When I say painful to watch at times, I mean just that. There is a lot of grief expressed in this film, the topic of loss and broken promises being the main themes. The idea that everyone deserves a second chance at happiness is underlined, as we see the couple dealing with their relationship from a very fishbowl perspective.

I want to say this movie had a subtle Jane Austen-ish vibe to it, given the lead character takes a life altering chance on a faint promise of love. Then stands by and watches who she at first believed to be her hero, throw his ego aside for her; exposing his own vulnerabilities.
It's what I have called in the past a "quiet movie". Taking you along for the ride without any real excitement. 

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