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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 205, chapter 205


Bacchus just managed to dodge the table as it went flying across the room. Loki was standing in front of the mirror, breathing like he'd just run a marathon, his brown eyes shifting to pools of black, as if staring into the empty socket, his mouth turned down in a pout.  The dark haired god pointed at him not saying a word as he stepped over the splintered furniture.  Bacchus raised his hand fixing the room back to the way it was moments before. "And we're redecorating why?"

"Your pet! Your precious warlord Vlad has just undone what took me days to fix." Loki pointed to the mirror showing his buddy the scene from 1462, as prince Vlad snapped our heroine's neck. "You need an instant replay?"

"No but I'm guessing you're not buying the beers tonight. What is she even doing there...or should I say then?"

"I don't know!" Loki said raising his hands out to his sides. "She's suppose to be all safe and snuggling up in the vineyard with Dagan, getting dogged. But she's not!" he slapped the mirror. "Instead, she used the Seer's spellbook and opened a damned portal following Reuben and the others."

"She does have a thing for Reuben." the sandy haired god replied as he moved across the room, his suite dissolving into a pair of leather pants and a white silk shirt. "Remind me again why you sent those mutts back to the crusades?" Bacchus smiled to himself as he opened a large wooden chest picking out a worn ripped notebook that had 1969 written on it.

"That's the year their magick mirror was created. They are suppose to have gotten it by now and be off to the 1800's. But, this little detour may have just made things worse." he stomped around the room, jumping over the table, kicking everything off of it, before ripping a tapestry off the wall.

"And pouting is going to work." Bacchus shook his head as his hair suddenly grew to his shoulders.  "So what? Nosferatu got her neck broken. She's a vampiric half breed. As long as her heart and skull remain intact..."

"What does he want with her anyways?" Loki raised his hand to keep him from speaking. "He's proving a point to the wolves. And by the way, Reuben is now the pack alpha."

"But I thought you just said Dagan was still in 2015?"

"He is." Loki jumped down from the table waving his hand as a fresh bottle of rum appeared on the table beside him. Uncorking it, he drank half in one swallow. "I'm talking about the pack from 1462. Rolf's ancestors. He's the pack alpha of Rolf's ancestors. And it's because he was in his own backassed way, saving the female from the full moon ritual." he emptied the bottle tossing it at the wall, shattering it into pieces.

"Fine, I'll go talk to Vlad." he huffed, tossing the notebook back down letting his clothes once again drift off to be replaced by the leather armor of the time.

"No! I'll deal with it." Loki replied as he shimmered into the shadows.

"Good. I'd rather be at a concert anyways."


Reuben sniffed as he stood there, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes having flashed the amber-grey of the wolf, frozen in place, hands at his belt. Rolf stood a few feet away frozen in mid air, his fist in mid punch.  Loki stepped around everyone as if walking through a garden filled with statues.
Grumbling to himself he made his way into Vlad's tent. Touching his finger to the prince's forehead, he made a ssshh sound, as Vlad collapsed to the ground in a heap.

"What part of take care of yourself I don't have time to be babysitting did you not understand?" Loki spoke to our heroine who was still not revived yet. "UP Now!" he clapped his hands rubbing them together. Our heroine sat bolt upright a scream escaping her throat. "Quiet!" the dark haired god said, cutting the scream off midway. Leaning over her, his hands on his knees, he smiled. "Now. We've got two choices." he held one hand up to her counting on his fingers. "One, we can send you back up the line so that you can shack Dagan till his brains bleed, or two, you can go out there and find away to get Reuben to give up the goods. Either way, you need to instigate the seduction otherwise, you won't get the alpha position."  Loki scratched the back of his neck. "Personally I think you should go home and reconnect with Dagan. Build up that sire bond once more, but since Reuben is here now and everyone is acting like the lead in sleeping beauty." he shrugged. "Don't you want just a slight bit of revenge on him for the time he claimed you doing that full moon ritual? I know I would." He cupped his hand to his ear. "What's that might want to turn the volume up can't hear you." he laughed at her wiping the corners of his mouth.
Our heroine shocked the god by grabbing his neck pulling him down to the pile of rugs she was still sitting on. Pointing at her own throat, she slapped the god on the back of the skull. "What's that? You want your voice back? Oh I don't think so." he shook his head, his jaw clinched as he knelt over her, one hand on each of her shoulders. "I've killed people for less than that." sticking out his tongue, he grabbed her right arm licking her flesh from the inside of her wrist to her shoulder, dragging her tighter to him before continuing to lick her face; punctuating it by winking at her. "But darlin, if you ask really nicely I might go a round of musical chairs with you."  the dark haired god grunted as a cloud seemed to overwhelm his features. He stuck his finger in her face tapping her nose. "Just don't breathe a word of it to Bacchus okay." he leaned in about to kiss her but pulled his face away. "After you go take the alpha position from Reuben." he turned his eyes up to look at her from under his lashes. "I don't care how you do it, it." Loki tossed her to the ground before getting up off the pile of rugs himself. He snapped his fingers giving her back her voice. "You give me what I want and I will consider giving you what you want." he backed up a few steps, letting the magick mist swirl around him in a thick cloud. Licking his palm he trailed his hand down his body through the magick mist. "And trust me I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Have I mentioned yet today how much I love wrestlers from Detroit?)

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