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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 209, chapter 209


"I got it." Reuben said holding his hands up towards the others, as he stepped backwards, one foot swinging around the other. "You..." he tucked his hair behind his ear sighing. "just deal with them." he turned following our heroine into the cooking tent. "What's the matter with you this time?" he asked not bothering to look at the female. She shook her head letting out a deep breath of her own as she continued to add spices to the meal.

"You know what!" she hissed at him.  The dark haired werewolf made a sound as he slowly moved towards her, his beautiful chocolate brown puppy dog eyes shifting to the amber-grey of the wolf. Stretching his arms up then locking his fingers behind his neck, the alpha stood a few centimeters behind our heroine, his breath leaving hot clouds of moisture on the top of her hair.

"There is no need for you to have a mate now. I'm the alpha." he leaned in sniffing first the pot of food, then her skin. The steam from the large soup pot was clinging to her, reminding Reuben of the early days when they first met her. "Besides if you want one so badly..." he reached around her gesturing to the wall of the tent. "There's seven newbies you can go play with."

"Sure thing boss. Maybe I should go do that now, you know before the sunrises. That former pack alpha was easy on the eyes, I'm sure he'd love the idea of having a mate to reclaim and secure his alpha position again." she waited not needing to look at the tall male to know she'd hit his soft spot. The sound of his breathing shifting was all our heroine needed to know he was calculating the whole thing. "And something tells me those pack members out there, don't take the kinds of risks you do. They won't die so often..."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it!" Reuben grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her away from the cooking area. "Come here!" he pushed her in the direction of the back of the tent, towards a small flap that served as a back door. Shoving her through, he dragged her out into the night air once again until they came to a small patch of trees. "You are defiant, boring..."


"Boring!" he flicked his hair out of his face as he let the magick mist swirl around him, removing his clothes. "Unfortunately you're right." The dark haired werewolf pushed her against one of the larger trees. "Hurry up, mist yourself." his patience was more then worn thin as he let his fangs both top and bottom grow, his ears half points, his body becoming slightly covered in a thin layer of fur. "Don't be getting any ideas either. This is just like last time, one time deal." he sniffed. "I claim you as my mate, secure the position as pack alpha, and you stop shacking everything in sight. Got it!"  Our heroine wiggled out from him, moving away from the tree just an inch, causing Reuben to turn around. Reaching her hand out she gently backed him up against the tree, letting her own eyes flash that of the wolf.

"Understood." she reached up on her toes, about to kiss him then hesitated. "So I take it that's an invitation?" she asked.

"I'm naked aren't I?" he tossed the sentence back at her his anger having gotten the better of him. Our heroine licked her lips nodding.


Rolf stood staring at the seven new werewolves. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that he was standing there talking to his ancestors. Shapeshifters that he assumed were either long dead, or in the very lest hundreds of years old in 2015. Given the fact his father had told him tales of how the Oaken family line had been slaughtered in battles, he guessed these wolves standing before him were all long gone in his timeframe. A sadness tugged at the muscular male as he realized he was having the kind of moment you only read about.

Then he felt the wind get knocked out of him, as he found himself doubled over, struggling to breathe, his hands instinctively going to both his chest and his stomach. Growling, the large male stood up straight, running his fingers through his hair, grinding his teeth. The unmistakable notice that a new alpha had emerged. Rolling his eyes, Rolf couldn't figure out how Reuben got himself killed that quickly?
He was about to sound the alarm when he spotted first our heroine emerge from the cooking tent, followed by Reuben. The large male's eyes went wide as he comprehended what he was seeing. The laughter that ripped from him had him nearly doubled over in tears.

"What's so funny?" Reuben asked innocently.  Rolf was unable to say anything, the laughing getting in the way of his breathing. "What?"

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Finn asked pointing to the werewolf's hair.

"What's wrong with my hair?" he started to finger comb it, thinking he had something like a leaf or tree sap in it from having been with our heroine. It was bad enough in his mind that he had to resort to becoming her mate, he didn't need the guys mocking him for it.  "What the shack?"

"You said it. And it seems did it." Finn commented slapping the wolf on the shoulder referring to the now two large grey streaks that ran through Reuben's dark hair.

"Yeah about that..." they all turned to see Loki standing behind them. "You did mention earlier that she was Dagan's creation, that Nosferatu was a Frankenstein through and through. His blood running through her veins, as well as Victor's. And well, you know all about the Frankenstein family curse and how it brands the wives." he gestured to the now confused Reuben.

"But that's not possible! I'm a guy! Can't be a wife." Reuben spat the words his face bright with anger.

"Physically. But from a magickal stand point. From a pack stand point." Loki smiled wide enjoying this new torture that seemed to have befallen Reuben. "She instigated the claiming."

"You're the alpha now?" Finn replied crossing his arms over his chest.

"I am no one's wife!"  Reuben kept repeating over and over as he stomped in circles. "No one's bitch!" Rolf's fist connected knocking the other wolf out cold. 

"Yeah. I did what you wanted. Now I want what you promised." our heroine was beside Loki in a blur. "You and me." she reached her arms out wrapping them around the god's waist about to kiss him when she felt a barrier go up. "Loki! We had a deal! You gave me a ring, I thought..."

"You thought what darlin? And it's a beautiful ring. Great ring, all yours." the god moved from her waggling his finger. "But you know the rules. An alpha can't get it up for anyone but their mate. Well, in your case, can't get it on with anyone but Reuben now. At lest for the next..." he started to count on his fingers. "8 months."

"But...I...when I defeated Jarl and took over his pack..."

"You were already knocked up with a son. My son." Loki took a step back shimmering into the shadows. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Sometimes, it just don't pay to be on top)

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