Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random movie April 23rd 2015

Room 237

This is a 2012 documentary on the most common suspected themes in Stanley Kubrick's version of Stephen King's The Shining.  

There isn't really a plot as much as there are overlapping theories. And I have to say, I was glued to the screen during this film. Some of the theories given in this movie, I am ashamed to say I never thought of myself.  When I first saw The Shining, I looked at it at face value. A story about a man who through a combination of guilt, isolation and drug abuse opens a portal for ghosts.  This documentary helps to pull back so many other layers that are there.

Speaking of, one of the theories is that the movie is designed to be watched back to front and then front to back, at the same time. That the story uncovers more parallels by overlaying the movie properly with it in rewind. And I have to say, it does. Like another whole episode of drug induced nightmares/visions that just help to make the film connect better.

Another theme in this documentary is that Stanley Kubrick was basically telling the same story in all his movies. That each one was almost like another episode of the same plot. Which was the truth is out there. Pick your conspiracy he's revealing it, over and over and over...they keep repeating and connecting.  Which given the fact I've only seen The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut,  I can't say for sure.  And personally, I didn't care at all for Eyes Wide Shut.
And of course, the idea that he was secretly admitting...or not so secretly...that he faked the moon landing.

This documentary has got me thinking, and not surprisingly, got me wanting to re-watch The Shining. 

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