Saturday, April 11, 2015

Theme week part 3- Live in the Now!

The Skeleton Key

plot: A home care worker takes a job looking after an elderly man in the middle of the New Orleans swap. But she becomes suspicious of the wife's intentions when the husband begins begging for help to leave even though he's bed ridden with a stroke. She soon discovers the house has a history deeply rooted in hoodoo, and fears the ghost stories are more then stories.

This is a 2005 paranormal thriller staring Kate Hudson and Peter Sarsgaard

The big plot in this at first plays like it's a psycho revenge/control story of the wife wanting to keep her husband from leaving, one would assume for the money. But, as the story unfolds, and you learn about the prior people who lived there, it doesn't take long to realize it's a body-switch movie.
The characters of Mama Cecile and Papa Justify end up becoming more then just a "ghost story" or even supporting characters; proving to be the actual plot twist.

I love this film. The idea of body-switch movies are a genre all their own, usually dumbed down to fit Disney or teenaged comedy-romance, but giving it a horror twist makes this one worth your time.
I also love the fact the script didn't shy away from actual hoodoo practices, like the red brick powder that becomes a theme all it's own throughout the film.

Another theme here is the idea of what are you willing to believe? A point that gets made over and over in this film is the idea that not only is there more out there then what we see as life and death, but once you are willing to believe it, a world of unseen experiences opens up to you.

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