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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 210, chapter 210


There was a smell tinting the air, as Ash entered the graveyard. Tilting his head to the side, the very tattooed male closed his eyes, rotating his shoulders stepping cautiously closer to the vault. Snarling, the werewolf bared his fangs as the winged creature emerged from the darkness hovering in the doorway. The male stepped over the threshold waiting, the smell overwhelming him to the point covering his nose and mouth didn't help. He held out the piece of paper as the creature took it, reading.
This was the source of the Necromancer's zombie juice. The blood that ran through the veins of this bat like monster.  Had Ash not been on alert, tracking the Necromancer, keeping an eye on the newest lycanthrope, he would never have known Tombstone was back. Would never have been able to save the beast from the distraught wolf.  The Necromancer had been turned less then a week before, by the Seer, giving Reuben's bloodline another member. It wouldn't be long it seemed, before Reuben would have enough in his line for a pack of his own. If that's what he wanted? Till then, Ash was more then okay tending to his extended family.

The bat like creature crumpled the paper tossing it to the ground before nodding. It held up one of his clawed hands then grabbed the werewolf flying out the door.

The male found himself coughing up dirt, dust and what he thought was a few bugs, as he rolled over in the middle of the vineyard trying to catch his breath. The flight had been fast, just a blur even to him, it was the landing that hurt.
Clearing his vision he spotted what looked like the winged creature circling him a good hundred or more feet in the sunset sky.
He stood, brushing the remains of the landing off his leather pants, as he studied the place. Nothing had grown here in years. Cautiously, he treaded his way around the area that Rolf and Finn had turned into a small camp, smiling when he recognized the fact they'd replicated his design for the front lawn.  His ears twitched with the noises coming from the estate, people shuffling around, bottles being uncorked, silverware being dropped, and someone swearing.  Shaking his head, a small laugh escaped him in a single breath as he headed towards the estate.

The werewolf didn't bother to knock. He just made his way around to the back door and let himself in. "So the rumours are true there really are two of you." he said clearing his voice leaning against the large kitchen sink, crossing his arms over his chest.  Victor turned to look at the stranger standing in his house, his one arm crocked at the elbow his thumb moving in circles, one leg still balanced in midair from having been stooping to pick up the fallen dishes, his mouth half open in question.

"You're not my nephew."

"It's wing season." Ash replied, confusing Victor. "The fairies. This is the time of year their wings slough off, become brittle and get turned into fairy dust. Biggest hauling season for a pirate." he waited for the other male to register what he was saying, rubbing the back of his neck. "Harker's off in the middle of the sea somewhere can't be reached."

"You're the one who made my boy a wolf." Victor said turning in a circle trying to find a towel to wipe up the spilled coffee. Ash couldn't help but grind his teeth on that comment. There was so much bitterness in Victor it came off him in waves, he could smell it. "I understand this happened before? The female leaving him through some magickal portal."

"Yeah, he went mad."

Victor grunted as he cleaned up the mess, not wanting to look at Ash. "He's out in the barn still I think. But you already knew that. That nose of yours and all."

"True. I just wanted to see for myself if you really looked like him." Ash replied as he made his way out to the barn. He found Dagan in the far corner of it, punching what looked like a mauled side of beef, but on closer inspection, it was something larger. "That's tenderized enough."

Dagan said nothing as he barely gazed over at his sire. "Not for sausages." he threw another punch at the carcass.

"What is that?"

"Buffalo. I couldn't...I couldn...couldn't bring myself to hunt a moose you know." he stepped away from the chunk of meat, his one foot swinging in a circle as he threw another punch at it swearing. "She's ruined that for me too."

Ash nodded as he pulled up a small wine barrel sitting on it. He wasn't sure if he should be glad to see Dagan handling it so well, or really worried? He had the feeling this was just the calm before the storm. "How are you feeling?"

"Say it!" he cracked his neck leaning towards the older male. "Ask me what you're thinking." Dagan poked his temple squinting up his face. "You want to know if I'm going to fall apart like the last time? Do you see me laying in a puddle of my own drool this time? Huh? Do you see me mumbling to little corn husk dollies this time? No. You know why? Because she wasn't my mate this time."

"Nosferatu wasn't your mate the first time either. Just the one you sired, and it had a really heavy hold on you."

"Not this time." he tapped his veins. "We barely tasted each other's blood this time around. The sire bond...well it just wasn't what it used to be."

"That's impossible." Ash said without thinking. Dagan was too cool this time, too collected. The man standing before him was more angry then anything else. Ash watched as the other male scratched at his veins again, mindlessly. The scratches bleeding for a half second then healing instantly. But the small time the wounds were there, was enough for him to smell traces of something in the air. Something clinging to the salty copper of blood. Dagan was so calm because he'd been drugged.

Wiping his hand over his mouth, Ash stood back up saying he was going to tour the estate. Dagan nodded not paying any attention as he went back to hitting the large carcass of a workout bag. "What did you do?" Ash asked finding Victor again.

"Laudanum, fairy dust mixed with honey and vervain. Won't hurt him." he looked out the window at something. "Just keep him under control."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Remember he is a doctor...)

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