Sunday, April 5, 2015

Theme Week- Live in the Now!


plot: Two sisters who have a timer embedded on their wrists, informing them when they will meet their soulmates, look at life differently. Steph knows she's going to be in her 40's before the love of her life arrives, while Oona has a blank clock. Steph throws caution to the wind and decides to have a good time enjoying being single, while Oona refuses to waste her time on relationships knowing the guys are not her one. That is until Oona meets Mikey, a much younger guy who she gets swept up with. Everything goes well, until til Steph's new love interest Dan ends up being Oona's one.  

This is a 2009 romance starring Emma Caulfield and John Patrick Amedori

I see both sides of this coin. The whole idea of should you jump into relationships every chance you get because you never know what might be around the corner, vs the idea of not being foolish just because someone seems interesting. Where do you draw the line and find the balance? And should you?

The character of Steph's first instinct when she sees Dan does not have a timer, is to set him up with her sister Oona, but ends up becoming emotionally attached to Dan herself. That in itself kind of points to the idea that as humans we instinctively know when someone is right for us. In her case, she ignores the gut reaction and just goes with the flow.
Oona on the other hand, knows there is no real future for herself and Mikey, but out of fear, jumps into a relationship with him. The more she learns about him, the more it's obvious to her that their romance is only meant to be short lived.
Oona convinces herself that everything will be okay as soon as she knows who her soulmate is. Her single minded obsession to find him leaves her unable to deal with the information, thus hurting everyone around her. 

There is a scene, where Oona goes to see her father whom she hasn't seen since she was a kid, and discovers that he too has a timer. That he got one to prove to her mother that love isn't always enough, that when you know in your soul, not all romances have happy ever after stamped on it you have to let yourself admit there is better for you.

I loved the fact there are hidden clues foreshadowing  Oona finding her one. She has a dream about a masked man after watching a tv show, an in the dream he tells her not to watch the eggs in the pot because it won't boil. Later on, when she's breaking up with Mikey, he's boiling an egg and not bothering to watch what he's doing, causing it to boil over. This is followed by her seeing a group of joggers wearing the same masks from her dream, right before bumping into Dan.  Again, this is pointing out that as humans we really do have internal knowledge of when something is true/right for us, we just have to pay attention.

As you can tell, I love this movie. It hits really close to home for me...I personally would love to have something like that telling me when Mr. Right is going to show up, would save me a hell of a lot of heartbreak. And just like the lead character Oona, I like my men like I like my wrestlers, younger than me and from Detroit. (and Ohio and Iowa and the Toronto area...)

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