Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coffee talk June 28 2015

Spudguns! how are you this overly humid day?  Coffee fresh?  I know, I haven't posted much this week, but it's been lovely out and you know how it is with summer. That, and the internet has gone out a few times this week on my side of town causing half the city to be without internet or phone for hours.  How did we survive?

So Ghostbusters 3/Reboot is going to be a female version of it.  I don't know how I feel about it?   The only actor I actually like in this new cast is Melissa McCarthy.  I would assume she's got the "Venkman" character in this?

It's looking more and more like 2016 will be the year of the remake/reboot. Ghostbusters, Craft, Beetlejuice, Goonies,  X-Files, Twin will be the year to watch.

Okay, just this short little ramble because I realized the last few posts were all for Nosferatu Adventures...I'll have the final part of the All Jane Austen movies up either tonight or tomorrow as it is the end of the month.

I also mentioned a month or two ago about having some crafting projects on the to do list. I'm hoping to have them done in time for Hallowe'en. So keep your paws crossed I don't screw them up horribly.


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