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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 223, chapter 223


Edmund Gaerwn, woke from yet another vision of his dead wife Aurora. Accused of witchcraft, she had been drowned by the local magistrate. The family crest which he had given her on a leather cord, was all that he had left of her. A talisman made of iron, with a Celtic knot design, with two dragons one on top one on bottom, surrounded by more Celtic style knots, and a rune engraved in the center.
Slowly he shuffled out of the large bed, finding it cold and unwelcoming most nights; crossing to the large mirror.  Removing the sheet from the surface, he leaned over the table where the mirror hung gazing deeply into it.  The mirror's occupant away it would seem.

"Astrid!" he screamed. "Woman where are you when I need you?" he sighed deeply, grabbing a shirt from the side of the table, buttoning it.

"You forget, how this works don't you?" the woman said, cradling a small infant in her arms, rocking it back and forth. "I won't always be here. At some point, someone else in my family will be on this end, just as someone else will be on your side."

"That is not my concern at the moment. What have you learned?"

She sighed, juggling the baby on her hip as she moved across the room to get her notes. There seemed to be music coming from somewhere on her end, from one of the large round things that sat in the background of her room. Edmund wondered if everyone in her time was addicted to the strange swirling patterns as she was? The odd combinations of brown, orange and green gave him a headache. But he had to admit, the very thick orange rug he saw there looked invitingly warm. He wished they had something like that in his time. He'd tried to have a rug maker in Paris create something similar, but to his disappointment, it just didn't hold up. Astrid said it had to do with her rug being 100% polyester.


Tombstone lifted his head from Bryon's knee, his nose twitching, as he jumped up heading down the long hallway of the estate. Bryon called after the hellhound, but the beast did not heel. Sighing, the short male drained his wine glass following him, thinking he just wanted to go out.  But, instead of heading towards the kitchen door, Tombstone had raced to the library in the south ward of the place.

There seemed to be an extreme cold spot near the far wall, a small pocket of dust swirling as if being blown by an unlikely wind.  The hellhound howled at first, then barked like a common dog as he lowered on his front paws, ears flat.

Bryon stood wide eyed as he screamed for Victor and the others, just as a blackness seemed to open, sending debris into the room. Finn and Reuben tumbled through first, knocking over Bryon, while Rolf appeared, carrying something in his arms just as the portal closed behind him.

"What's going on here?" Victor demanded as he ran into the room. Snarling loudly, Rolf turned his back towards the incubus, as he hunched over his prize. His normally blue eyes were the amber-grey  of the wolf, as he took another step closer to Finn and Reuben. Sniffing, the large werewolf relaxed his shoulders flicking his hair out of his face once he realized where they had landed.

Ash appeared in the doorway of the room a moment later, a cup of coffee in hand, while Dagan shuffled behind him, tossing yarn over Ash's right shoulder every few seconds, his head down as he concentrated on his task. The knitting needles clinked together at a rapid speed as Dagan counted.

"1. 2. 3. 4. crossover. 1. 2. 3. 4. crossover."  the auburn haired werewolf was dressed in white long underwear, thick wool socks, and had about five feet of knitted scarf wrapped around his shoulders.  Finn tilted his head to the side pulling the little round sunglasses down his nose in question.

"What happened?" Victor asked taking a half step towards them, Rolf instinctively moving farther into the corner of the room. The tall vampire held his hands up in defeat as he took another step backwards.

"What's the date?" Finn asked.

"2015." Victor replied.

"No the date date asswipe. January? March? June? October what?"

"June it's after midnight, so July 1st."

The familiar ran his hands through his hair and over his face letting out a deep sigh. "So time passed normally then. We've been gone about seven months." he said turning on his heels.  The baby started to scream, causing everyone to wince. Bryon had to cover his ears, as he left the room.  "Well he's got her lungs that's for sure." Finn replied as Rolf started to pace back and forth, trying to calm him down.

"He is half banshee." Reuben remarked fixing his own dark hair into one of his too smooth to be human ponytails.  The mention of the word banshee grabbed Dagan's attention as he looked up from his task for the first time. The male lifted the knitting up to his face biting on the edge of the long scarf, as he looked at the group.
Shuffling over to where Rolf was, Dagan untangled the knitting needles from the unfinished end, wrapping it around Rolf and the baby's shoulders. The look of pure annoyance on Rolf's face caused the other werewolf to start chewing on the end of the scarf again.

"I made it for him. See it's got a moose on it." he pointed to a large blob in the middle of the whole thing that was two shades of brown darker then the rest of it. "Cause he needs a blanket for the cold nights when we're all back at the cabin and he's not able to shift yet..."

"That's a scarf man." Reuben pointed out, crossing his arms over his chest. "Not a blanket."

"No it's a blanket. I just didn't know how to make it this way..." he held out his hands gesturing widely. "Only this way." he gestured again the same way. "So she on the next bus?" he looked around turning in a full circle, tangling himself and Rolf that much more in the knitting; to stare at the wall where the portal had been.

"Dagan, she's not coming. She...she..." Reuben shook his head, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes cast down. "She didn't make it. Didn't survive the birth."

"No I would have felt the sire bond break if she was dead-dead." he said scratching at his jaw. "I might have lost my mind but I'm not crazy."

Reuben growled as he pointed towards the wall. "Look! She's not coming back alright! She's gone! Sire bond or not, Nosferatu is not coming back!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Don't worry, it's not what you think...I think.)

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