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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 219, chapter 219


Something dripped down his face, as he struggled to open his eyes. Nathaniel coughed as the blood flowed down into his mouth, adding to the dizziness. The room dark except for the slight glow coming from under the door.

"You're still alive. Wonderful." the room seemed to echo with the dislodged voice as the black smoke gathered closer. He screamed as the figure dig his thumbnail into his cheek just under his right eye, twisting. "Now once again, where is it?"

"I'll tell you nothing!" he screamed again as his fingers were smashed against the arm of the chair.

"Naughty librarian." the male hissed as he hunched down on his heels, eye level with Nathaniel. "See now, we both know how this turns out. I continue to torture you until you tell me, then I kill you and kill your friends. Now, I could just skip the torture part and get right to the killing which I have to say, is just cleaner in the long run for me. I really really hate having to get my hands dirty like this needlessly. So, once again. Where is it?"

"Loki will have your head for this."

The figure let out a sigh as he kicked Nathaniel twice in the knee, bones cracking. "Loki is too busy worrying about his little pet project with Bacchus to even notice. And by the time he does, it will be too late. Now, my patience is worn thin..." the figure glanced towards the window, as the first rays of the sun were starting to appear. "We're all running out of time. Tell me where did you and your little coven of mongrel-half breeds hide my book?"

"Everywhere. We sent pieces everywhere. Even if you find half of it, you'll never be able to harness it's power. Not in this lifetime, not in any." he tried to laugh but all that came out was a wet slosh of a gurgle as the figure's nails came crashing down once more across his throat, the blood spraying him, the wall, the nearest stack of books.
The figure picked up one of the top books wiping it off on Nathaniel's sleeve making a sound of disapproval.

"Damn, this was a first edition." he turned as the door opened revealing the blonde woman. "We've got our work cut out for us." he said tossing the damaged book back down on the desk as he stepped quickly towards her.

Vivien dropped her eyes as she nodded, a smile planted on her delicate lips. "Nobody said this would be easy Master. We must go, there is nothing else we can do while the sun is up."

"I trust Mrs. Elton that you and your coven have a back up plan?"

"Be certain Mr. Jenkins, there is always another plan. Hurry, now. We don't need the horses frightened by you bursting into flames once the sun has risen."

Out of Time

Edward sat stirring his coffee listening to Phil and Barb whispering about one of the actresses. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he let his mind drift. The dark haired male was finding it harder and harder to concentrate, the desire to break out of the small writer's room the only thing he could think of. Mumbling something about needing the toilet, Edward abandoned his coffee and started to head down the long hallway, trying the nearest door that had an exit sign.

Taking a deep breath, he leaned over hands on his knees as he heard the door bang against the wall as he shoved it open. The sound itself like a gong being stuck, reverberated in his delicate ears.

"You got a light?" a voice asked. Edward hadn't realized anyone else was standing there. Shaking his head, he took a half step back, eyes still closed. "Yeah I should really quit, but everyone's got some sort of addiction right?" Edward turned his back on her as she continued to talk. He heard nothing but the sound of waves crashing loudly around him, his teeth aching suddenly.
Bringing his hand up to his mouth, the dark haired male felt as if his jaw was about to break open. His nose feeling as if he'd been punched in the face, as he clenched his teeth against the saliva that was building up uncontrollably in his mouth. 
He spat not sure what else to do, as his stomach let out this horribly loud growl. Hunching his shoulders, Edward turned back around to face her.  The woman stood there, her pale skin the colour of chalk, her hair up in a tight twist on her scalp, two little grey streaks on either side.  He was on her before he could think, his hands digging into her shoulders as he pushed her up against the wall, his mouth at the soft spot just between her collar bone and shoulder. "What's wrong with you?" she tried to push him away, but only got her arm broken for her attempt. Edward's left hand now over her mouth keeping her from screaming.

He stumbled backwards just an inch as the visions flashed behind his eyes. A female, with skin just as pale, hair with the same grey streaks at the temples, her body rounder softer, more inviting. A dead timber wolf laying in a horse drawn carriage, a lighthouse full of books.
Edward fell to his knees vomiting up the blood, tearing at his mouth as he realized there was a large chunk of this actress's flesh still hanging on his lip.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god what's going on?" he mumbled to no one as he saw his own blood stained hands, the nails like small daggers of sharpened glass. "What's happening to me?"

"Nothing you can't handle." Loki's voice slithered around him. Grunting, the god bend down grabbing Edward by the shoulders forcing him to stand up. "You had one of your migraines and needed to go home for the day. Don't worry I'll cover for you at work." his voice was soothing as he made sure the werewolf was looking deep into his brown eyes. Nodding, Edward sniffed as he calmed down instantly. Turning, the dark haired male began to shuffle in his hypnotized state down the back alley.
Loki turned looking then at the mess before him as he puffed out his cheeks with a deep breath.  Grabbing the woman by the arms, he hauled her to a standing position, covering the wound with his hand, healing it. "Well, with that stage make-up and the cheap wig, I see the resemblance. Something tells me I'm going to be spending more time playing babysitter then I wanted to."

The dark haired god was about to heal the actress's now broken arm too, but thought better of it. Smirking, Loki slapped her. "Miss, Miss...are you okay, do you need me to call a medic?" he squeezed her elbow just enough to shock her back to life, as the woman screamed in pain. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, ruining the layers of make-up. "Miss are you okay?"

"I don' arm...I broke my arm..." she said suddenly holding her elbow with her other hand.

"Let me get you inside. Do you remember what happened?"

"I...I..." she was sobbing in pain and shock. Shaking her head, she choked back another round of tears. "was having a cigarette and fell...I think someone pushed me."  Loki pointed to her dropped cigarettes and purse suggesting that she had been mugged. Agreeing with him, she allowed him to escort her back into the building.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Someone killed the magick mirror!)

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