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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 221, chapter 221

7 months later...

Our heroine growled as she tugged with all her strength, feeling the tension of the chains. Her wrists starting to hurt from the iron cuffs. She shuffled her feet on the cold stones, feeling the ridges and cracks, as the rattling of the large iron chains echoed in the damp room.

"How's the belly this morning?" Vlad asked as he entered the room, crossing to a small table pouring himself a glass of wine. He stood motionless, waiting for her to lunge at him again as she had the night before. Lucky for him, he healed instantly.

"Let me out!" our heroine screamed, tugging again on the chains. "How long you plan on keeping me here?"

"You keep eating my people. I've lost half my army not from battle, but to your appetite" he said casually gesturing towards her.

"Men are yummy. All those chewy little pieces filled with ooey-gooey blood."  she tilted her head to the side, making a noise. "And other stuff."

"I will pretend I didn't hear that." turning up his lips in a pout, he moved carefully around the room just out of reach of her. "I will let you out when you give birth or when your mate comes back for you. Whichever is first."

"Good luck with that. My mate..." she laughed. "Reuben would have been back by now if he had planned on keeping me. He's a little selfish that way. Still bitter I snagged his true love before he could."  she sniffed. "Or if he were alive. I've come to the conclusion he must be dead or something. It might be a bit of an arranged marriage, business merger really, but he does like to stick to the rules."she sniffed again. "Would take me home with him, just to shove it in the face of his dearest love..."

"Your dearest love. Didn't you say you and your current mate were in love with the same man?" Vlad asked as he brought his one hand up to his chin, massaging his neck.

"...His! His dearest love. His wild obsession. His little furry...backdoor middle of the night snuggling by the campfire sticky sweet desire. Take me back home, parade me like some title on his shoulder just to prove he's more man or dog then that red-haired male bitch. So why don't you just get on with it. Slaughter me."

"I have no intentions Nosferatu, of slaughtering you. I do however, plan on raising the baby."

"Fine. Take it, it's yours." she turned towards him pointing to her stomach. "It's rent is overdue anyways." she threw her head back howling in frustration, grumbling on how long her hair had gotten and that she really needed a haircut. "You know what really sucks...besides us I mean...being a banshee meant I was never suppose to suffer through this crap! And in the end, the big cosmic joke is that's why I was turned into a vampiric monster in the first place." she laughed uncontrollably. "They made me this way, Loki and Bacchus, letting that stupid auburn wolf sire me so that they could have a foolproof baby factory. For their precious werewolves."

"You're tired..."

"No I'm pissed off!"

"Either way, you should rest. I'll send one of the lycanthropes in for you to feed off. At lest then, they won't be roaming around so much outside the castle. We'll have nothing left on the farms soon to feed the village. They keep eating all the livestock."

"Why don't you feed off them, and then I can feed off you?" she grinned devilishly grunting. "I like the little visions that come with your blood. Reminds me of the movies back home."


The two werewolves circled closer, the onyx coloured one snarling as he stood there, as if ready to tackle the man. While the caramel coloured one salivated, pacing back and forth keeping the young witch from helping her father.
Finn had managed to grab the pages from the bonfire, stomping out much of the flames, his hands covered in soot as he translated the German.

"No!" the man howled as he attempted to move towards the familiar, to keep him from finishing the spell. Rolf in turn charged, his teeth ripping into the man's shoulder, the blood covering his muzzle as he did. A feeling of dizziness suddenly overcame the large werewolf, forcing him to move away from his prey. Howling, the wolf stumbled backward a few feet, just enough for the injured but still alive man to kick him hard in the side of the head, before managing to run into the streets. The caramel coloured wolf chasing after him.

Rolf started to transform against his will. Bones shifting, cracking, echoing in the night air as his vocal cords began to contract. Letting a very human scream escape his lips, he watched out of watery eyes, as he arched his back, still knelling on the ground his hair in a mess of wet ringlets stuck to his face and shoulders; as Finn ran over to the young girl, breaking her neck.

"What's happening?" Finn demanded breathing heavy.

"I think...I think Nosferatu has gone into labor." Rolf screamed again as he fell to his side, his arms cramping at the elbows.

"That's impossible!"

"Tell the pain that." he screamed again the feeling of hot knives covering his flesh. It was as if something was trying to dig it's way out of his stomach, burning a trail down the nerves of his legs. "Get Reuben. We have to go back. NOW!" He felt himself starting to transform back into his wolf self against his will once more.

"We're not even close to being done here. We can't go back..." the sentence dying in midair, as Finn gave in, turning running in the direction Reuben had.


Sebastian was guarding the door to the prince's bedroom, the banshee's screams being heard throughout the castle. He found himself shuttering at the volume of her screams, a ringing forming in his ears as a pitcher of water shook on his side of the locked door.  He'd done the math, the baby was a month and half early. The werewolf packs were worried, afraid something was wrong with their little god. Everything, it seemed was riding on the woman surviving this birth. Of the little furball surviving.
Sebastian thought silently that this is what it felt like for any queen. Bought to birth an heir, bred as nothing more then a common piece of livestock would be. Shaking his head, the bald male shuttered again this time in pity.

Jacob, the former Oaken pack alpha, was standing beside the door suddenly as if having appeared from nowhere. Sebastian swallowed his disgust, still not used to the speed the shapeshifters had.  Then there was nothing but silence. A pause so long, that even Sebastian held his breath in fear and wait.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Everyone wants the little brat prince...)

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