Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 179

movie: Persuasion (2007)
starring: Sally Hawkins, Rupert Penry-Jones,
genre: Drama, Romance,
year: 2007
format: DVD

plot: Anne Elliot was forced to turn down a chance to be married when she was still a teenager, now almost 30, she finds herself face to face with the great love of her life all these years later. Can she hope that Captain Wentworth can forgive her or will she be forced now to marry another man who she can't trust?

This is based on the Jane Austen novel, and is a made for tv movie.

The main themes here are forgiveness and independence.

The character of Anne is viewed as little more then a necessity by many of those around her, taken for granted by them and fairly thought of as unimportant by her family.

There is also the theme of misunderstandings.  Anne believes that Wentworth is so mad that he could never forgive her, but in truth he's just not expressing his feelings the way he thinks he is. 
Also, everyone sees his attention to the character of Louisa Musgrove as a sign that he intends to marry her, but that's not the case. Meanwhile, everyone believes that just because Anne's cousin William has decided that she is perfect for him that it's a done deal when in truth Anne is still in love with Wentworth.

what do i think i learned from this film?
Always be clear on your intentions, and never waver. Treat yourself to great company whenever you are able as you never know when you might find yourself alone. Never take yourself for granted no matter how others view you.

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