Friday, July 1, 2016

year 5 day 157

movie: Quest for Fire
starring: Everett McGill, Ron Perlman
genre: Drama
year: 1981
format: Netflix Canada

plot: After their tribe is attacked, a group of hunters are sent to find some fire in order to save the tribe.

Based on the novel

Okay, so this is straight forward and one of those movies that you have to pay attention to, because, there is no dialogue.  I was watching this thinking it's got more in common with the latest zombie genre then it really does with any of the fantasy genre or for that matter Tarzan.  This is truly the real beginning of the survivalist genre in films.

One tribe of Cro-Magnon man is attacked by another more ape like tribe, which decreases the number of tribe members, as well as destroying their fire-pit. Which, is what the second tribe wanted to begin with, their flame. The tribal elder then sends three of his hunters out to get more fire. Which, at this point can only be gotten by either waiting around for lightening to start a forest fire or by stealing from another tribe's fire-pit.  The small hunting party find themselves at the camp of a group of cannibals, and have to define themselves. In doing so, steal their fire-pit and rescue a young woman. The four now have become a tribe of their own, but eventually end up back at the camp of the woman's tribe. Here, they learn how to create fire themselves with sticks, how to build shelters, and pottery.

I'm not sure how I feel about this movie? It's funny when you wouldn't think it would be, like when the three hunters have to climb a tree to get away from a couple of lions, and when the Perlman character is making advances towards the third hunter but is told to back off (well kicked actually)
There are also moments when, even though it's done in a slightly humourous way, are darkly deep. Such as when the McGill character is rescued from a patch of quick sand, and forced to mate with all the women in the tribe; while the tribe watched. You can feel the humiliation factor more from the actual love interest, as she is not allowed to see him. Or when the hunters first find a freshly put out fire, enjoying the heat only to realize the ashes contain human remains.

what did I learn? My tribe would die if I ever got sent out for flamage.

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