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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p19

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 267, chapter 267

Out of Time...

Our heroine found herself standing on the edge of the harbour, unsure just how she got there. A wave of dizziness smashing through her as if she'd just been squeezed from all directions. She turned to her left without meaning to, the breeze catching a familiar scent.  Blood.  She was too late. "Vlad!" she moved towards the male cautiously.  He was breathing heavy, blood dripping from his bottom lip in a rope of pink saliva. He fell to his knees, looking up at her from under his lashes.

"Where are we?" he asked reaching for her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "What happened?" he pressed his forehead to her stomach. She noticed his clothes were the same style from the 1400's. Bacchus had pulled him not just from the other reality, but from the past. Looking at the limp body beside them, she let out a sigh of relief. It wasn't Arthur. Vlad had grabbed a homeless man, Arthur was safe for the moment.

"Come on. There's a lot to talk about. You're not safe right now." she dragged him up by the shoulders.


"So you're sure, we're the only ones here?" Dagan asked Matilda, chewing noisily on a piece of cinnamon candy. "The only werewolves in this reality?"

"As far as I can tell yes." the familiar said sheepishly. "I know our kind..." she closed her eyes rolling her wrist a few times. "Supernatural beings, are brought here at times; but as far as I know, what Loki has told me; yourself, The Seer, and now Edric, are the only lycanthropes here at this point."

"But he's more like that bitch-bat out there." Dagan replied hooking his thumb over his shoulder. "Can't full on" he made a clawing gesture by his nose to indicate a muzzle. "gggrrr."

"What exactly are you getting at?" Edric asked as he advanced a step towards the older male. Dagan just smiled as he looked down a few inches at him, as Matilda got between them.

"Boys, please." she squeaked out as she blushed wildly. "I know where this is headed and I would prefer you two did not destroy my store."

"What she's saying is we need a pack alpha." our heroine's voice broke through the commotion as she and Vlad entered the shop. "Which we will discuss later. Right now, we have to figure out the living arrangements. This little shop isn't designed for a large family."

"What about that penthouse you're shacked up with Loki in?" Dagan nearly spat out the sentence.

"There are only two bedrooms."

"It's a penthouse." the auburn haired male said letting his arms slap against his thighs. "Lots of floor space for your pets here." he gestured towards Edric, Quentin and Vlad. "I'm sure he won't mind us cozying up to his fireplace for a few days." he took a step towards our heroine letting a deep breath hit the top of her hair.

"This is your sire?" Vlad's voice never broke into an actual question. "I see the appeal. But you two haven't seen each other in what months...?" his hands wrapping around her upper arms.

"Try years pal." Quentin said from across the room where he was leaning against a bookcase too casually, his red hair nearly glowing in the lights of the one lamp.

"Human, you are not apart of this." Vlad continued. "What does he mean years? We just...we were just at my castle, the council pleading for more supplies..."

"No. No, we weren't." she turned to face him."Oh shack! This is where you went! This is what happened to you. Vlad, you disappeared one night. I had no idea what happened to you, we all assumed you were captured or worse. But when no word came...things happened. The kingdom, the packs, the covens."

"That witch!" Dagan added snarling.A growl escaped him as he flexed and unflexed his right hand, taking an instinctive step towards our heroine but stopping on his heel causing himself to teeter for a second. He felt her right palm reach up quickly brushing his ear like a whisper. Even with everyone's supernatural abilities, the movement was too quick for Vlad or the others to notice. A smug smile crossing Dagan's lips as it did.

"Right. Okay. Fine." our heroine breathed, emotionally exhausted. "We'll divide into small groups and half will come crash at Loki's."

"But first..." Rufus cleared his throat from the doorway of the kitchen. "You might want to come in here and have a brief chat with Reuben." he nodded towards the magick mirror. "He's got some news."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Magic, magic ninja, magic magic ninja...oh like you weren't thinking it.)

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