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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p20

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 268, chapter 268

Out of Time

Our heroine stood there head tilted to the side, as she just stared at Reuben through the magick mirror. She's seen him over the years in dream like visions from Rolf's point of view, but it had been years since she'd seen him with her own eyes. It was comforting.

"It was crazy. Just bizarre." Finn said from just outside the frame of the mirror, his shoulder the only indication that he was standing there. "One minute the kid is dying, like puking up blood dying, and the next..." he slammed his hands down on the desk. "Totally fine."

"That's because of the curse." our heroine replied closing her eyes reluctantly.

"Right, the reason he was sick..."

"And the reason he got better. There can only be two Frankenstein children a generation. Two sons. The fact he got better means this thing." she gestured opened palm to her middle. "Isn't anymore. A Frankenstein I mean. It's Pan. Totally and utterly."

Reuben sniffed as his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes shifted back and forth in thought. Flicking his hair first out of his face, he then tied it back in his trademark too smooth to be human ponytail. "I have another question. Um, does Harker know about this?"

"I don't follow?" our heroine replied leaning closer to the little mirror in the kitchen.

"Well, two sons a generation. The curse makes sure of that by killing anyone who would be a middle child. We have proof of that right, your other children..."

"Loki's liter. I was just the portal." she felt her teeth grind together.

"Sure not bitter about that at all." the dark haired werewolf said clearing his throat. "But, back to my point. Um, Dagan and Harker brothers. One generation. You were sired to Dagan, which started your connection to the Frankenstein line, then it was re-enforced by Victor's saving your life, with the blood and all the yadda yadda yadda blah blah of it." he rolled his wrist and his eyes as he continued. "You were his mate. You and Dagan, technically were married by the claiming and the sire bond. So this is the whole reason the kids keep dying. These would be" he brought his fingers up air quoting the next line. "Dagan's boys. Which means, Harker's not going to be able to have kids. Or at lest if he does, those two..." he pointed towards the wall, his arm disappearing into the frame of the magick mirror. "will die."  Reuben ran his hand over his beard. "Harker looses here. The one reason he was always off limits for turning into a werewolf, was because Dagan wanted to be sure his brother had a normal life. With a family. That's never going to happen, unless the curse kicks in again."

"That is such a rain on the parade." Finn commented, now sitting just behind Reuben on the desk. "But the big question is how are we going to deal with Pan?" his right leg started to swing in the same sort of hypnotic pattern as a tail would have if he'd been in cat form. "There is no weapon created that can kill him. No single spell. It took Loki, Bacchus, Odin and a few other gods to kill Pan the first time. And then what...two familiars working non stop for how long to just contain him in one of the most powerful beings alive, after he possessed him." he let his hand slap his thigh in exhaustion. "There is nothing magickal known to us in this reality that will do the job."

The female snapped straight, standing as if someone had pulled strings on her. "But this reality has something that one doesn't." her pale features seemed to almost glow in a too eerie way as she brought both hands together up to her mouth. "Quentin!" she screamed.  The redhead appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, a box of gingersnaps in hand. "You know your way around the hospital right?"

"Yeah, sure." he shrugged. "Why?"

"You and I are going to do some family planning at the women's clinic."

"Oh field trip." Dagan said leaning in the doorway, knocking Quentin a step into the kitchen as he grabbed hold of the top of the doorframe with both hands. "What time we going? Do I have time to wash my hair?"

"You're staying here. You need to look after Vlad. This is a two man job." our heroine commented closing her eyes.

"Why does he get to go?" the lycanthrope nearly pouted.

"For one, he's the tour guide. And two, if this goes wrong, I don't want any other supernatural beings in possessing distance. I'm betting on the fact that Quentin is human will be a deterrent from Pan wanting to body jump again."

"Huh. Good point." the werewolf nodded, staring at his shoes. The air around them shifted, as he let go of the doorframe, standing straighter himself, running his hands through his hair fixing it, slicking it back a bit. Squaring his shoulders, he stood with his feet slightly apart hands folded in front of him, as if standing suddenly on guard. Our heroine felt the reverberation of the chair scrapping on the floor before the sound processed in her brain. It was followed by a light but urgent tapping on the other side of the mirror. "Buddy!" Dagan said gleefully.  Nosferatu took a half step towards the door, but Dagan refused to move. She was trapped. Leaning in the male pulled her tight to him, his hands suddenly around her hips, as he forced her to turn around. She felt the weight of his chin as he planted it on top of her hair. The gesture was as much to show he still had dominance over her as it was to keep her from running away. "See, what did I tell you." he patted her hips. "the skirt needed to be bigger."  Damen gave a silent giggle as he tilted his head to the side. "But look at you, you gotten taller. I haven't been gone that long."  the kid nodded holding up his hands with one finger down. "What...what is that?"

"He's nine now. You missed his birthday. It was two weeks ago." Reuben answered from behind the kid."July 1st"

"Maybe I have been gone that long?" Dagan replied. The auburn haired male felt the female go completely rigid in his arms. "Hey buddy, tell you what; we've got some stuff we need to finish talking to with uncle Reuben there but I promise you, if you ask the yarn curler behind you..." Finn snorted at the remark catching Dagan's wink. " bring you back this time tomorrow I promise we'll hang out some more."  Damen thought about it for a few seconds before turning to look at Finn. Nodding, the familiar agreed. Turning back to look at the two the kid scratched his knee before bringing his hand up to his mouth and blowing them each a kiss. Jumping down from the chair he ran out of the room. "Speaking of kids. How's the other one?" Dagan asked.

"William is fine. You'd never know anything had been wrong with him. Maxwell is with him." Reuben responded.  Our heroine's face became a mask of disgust.

"Maxwell?" she asked. "What the hell is he doing there?"

"He jumped through the portal with his kid when the others were dying."

"His kid?" our heroine asked. "Look, whatever he's told you, don't trust him." she tore herself away from Dagan's grip pushing past him.

"No worries about that." Reuben remarked under his breath.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Everything comes up to breathe at some point.)

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