Thursday, July 28, 2016

year 5 day 170

movie: Urban Cowboy
starring:John Travolta, Scott Glenn
genre: Drama
format: TV Edit

plot: When a young cowboy is injured during a construction job, he is left watching his marry fall apart.

It seems this is based on a news article.

A few things went through my mind while watching this. One, was the oddly repressive relationship between the main characters, their fight for domestic dominance. Each having their own ideas of what the relationship should be. Which, given the era the film was made, was a big theme in culture. Women finally getting a chance to prove themselves.  And the other thing, was the beard. The first few minutes of the movie has Travolta wearing this thick beard that I'm guessing is suppose to represent him as a rebel. Which, seems to loose it's power once its shaved off, having his character become the one trying to conform everyone else.

It seemed to get a bit pointless after the first fifteen minutes, focusing on a bull riding event. I don't really know if that was the point of the movie itself, or just the way the tv edit angled it? But, that part of the movie sort of lost me. I wasn't too sure why the wife had the affair to begin with, or why she'd let herself go from the oppression of her marriage to the outright abusive relationship she ended up in?

what did I learn? I wish I had something deep and meaningful for this today, but I couldn't get past the beard.

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