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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 271, chapter 271

Out of Time

Our heroine felt the weight first on her chest, then her legs forcing her to open her eyes. The blinds were shut still, but it was more than clear to her that it was after ten in the morning. Someone in the apartment was cooking, the smells of eggs and coffee filling the air. That, and the hot dampness of wet dog. Moving her arms she growled as the little pup yelped jumping from his spot by her shoulder. The hellhound wagged his tail happily, as he jumped down from the bed and out the half opened door.  Just before a large snort came from the other male in the room.
The female banshee tried to sit up, finding the task nearly impossible, given the fact the large auburn wolf was draped diagonally across her. "Damn it Dagan." she shoved at him managing to barely wake him up before sending him flying off the bed completely.  A very human hand reached up over the edge of it within seconds, as the male pulled himself up off the floor.

"What I do?" he asked clearing his throat. Our heroine leaned over rolling onto her hip as she stared at him.

"I didn't hear you shift." she said flatly. "Normally, there is so much screaming from you when any of you shift. But you..." she gestured towards him and the fact he was in human form. The male blinked a few times as he looked around the bedroom, standing to his full height, scratching at his naked butt. "Not what I needed to see first thing this morning." she continued to climb out of the bed. "Just when did you wolf out? And what put it in your mind that it was okay for you to climb into bed with me?"

"I didn't climb into bed with you." he brought his hands up to his face running them length wise palms down as if smoothing something out. "I got on top of the bed. You just happened to be laying there already." he shuffled his feet as if wiping them scratching then at his stomach. He yawned continuing to talk. "Thought since the rest of them were all over the living room, being in wolf form would be easier to curl up. Save some space." Dagan crawled across the bed laying back down, dragging the covers up around him. "As far as the no screaming while changing shape, I'm as surprised as you are. Pleasantly I might add. If that's my one real draw back for being in this reality, I can totally live with it." the auburn haired male sprang back up following her towards the bedroom door. Nosferatu felt the air being squeezed out of her as he hugged her from behind. "Now, about that fact we still need a pack alpha." He pressed his nose against her ear, barely breathing his words. "I have no problems taking down those two pretty boys out there, trust me on that." he sniffed her shoulder closing his eyes, only to open them again exposing the amber-grey of the wolf. "But then, we wouldn't need an alpha anymore because there wouldn't be enough for a pack."  Our heroine snarled as she brought her own delicate hands up wrenching at his fingers forcing Dagan to let her go. "That wasn't very nice." he shook his left hand, before bringing it up to lick the few drops of blood.

"Pants!" she screamed over her shoulder at him. "That goes for anyone else in this apartment who is not currently wearing any, human or otherwise." she stated angrily as she opened the bedroom door, surveying the situation. Dagan magick misted a pair of shorts as she did.

Vlad was standing at the kitchen table dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a large atlas open in front of him, while Edric, Quentin and The Seer were sitting scattered around the living room, each with a large plate of food on their laps. None of them had been willing to stay at the occult shop, all fearing what the other might do in their absence. Our heroine just couldn't believe that Vlad had let Dagan near the bedroom. When Quentin and herself had arrived back at the penthouse, Edric nearly bowled her over; the sire bond controlling him and Vlad almost ripped his throat out because of it. Stopping the  fledgling short of giving her a hug; his comment being about forgiving Edric on account that the sire bond was to blame. Vlad seemed to still believe he had some sort of claim to our heroine; even though she'd clearly thought otherwise. She hadn't expressed her plans to send Vlad back to his own time. In fact, she hadn't discussed it with anyone.

Dagan stuck his head out of the bathroom door. "You going to shower before we leave?" he asked rapping his knuckles on the doorframe.

"Leave for where?" our heroine asked as she dodged the puppy on her way to the kitchen.

"The occult shop." the auburn haired male replied.

"I didn't have any plans to go there today." she poured herself a cup of coffee. "Besides, we've got to find another place to live. Loki isn't going to be happy that we've taken over his."

"What does he care?" Quentin remarked getting up with his now empty plate tossing it in the sink. "You said he put you up here because he was here keeping an eye on Edward, since Pan is no longer possessing Eddie, then Loki doesn't need to be here anymore am I right? He's a god..." Quentin shrugged. "What does it matter if you move us in?"

"We need a place with more bedrooms." our heroine protested. "Since none of you are willing to be apart from each other like little kids." her voice took on a snotty air.

"Deal with that later." Dagan interrupted. "You going to shower or not before we go to the shop."

"What do we need to go there for?" she made a face dumping the coffee down the drain. "Vlad made the coffee I'm assuming?"  the prince commented that he had. "You never were much of a cook love." she replied grabbing the electric tea kettle filling it with water. "Tea it is."

"We have a play date with a magick mirror. And trust me." he bent at the knees rolling his eyes. "The kid is prompt! He totally gets that from Rolf. You can set clocks to the kid. Seriously, I have." Dagan's eyes went wide.

"I don't want to go. I don't need to see him." our heroine breathed the words.  Dagan ducked his neck just a centimeter as he started to move towards her.

"Excuse me?"  A hush seemed to collectively settle through the penthouse, as all ears were on them. He smiled his eyes crinkling at the corners."That little boy just wants to see you. Just for a few minutes. He's been waiting his whole life for the chance." Dagan's eyelids fluttered as he gestured towards the wall. "It's literally all he's talked about." he rolled his wrist a few times licking the corner of his mouth. "Well, all he's communicated about. The kid can't actually talk, he's mute." the male scratched at his neck. "Draws pictures all the time you. Little stick figures."

"Yeah well I've got no interest in seeing him. So I'm not going."

"Oh you're going." he nodded towards her taking yet another step closer, his finger in her face."I promised that little boy we'd be there in front of that mirror so that he can spend some time with you." closing the gap between them, Dagan growled his eyes still the amber-grey of the wolf. "He's had nine years of uncle Rolf  and uncle Reuben teaching him about the packs, nine years of learning to read and write with uncle Finn. Nine years of stories about what it's like to have been a pirate from uncle Harker. Nine years of god only knows what from uncle Victor twisting his mind up." he licked his lips again his breath hot as it slammed into her face causing her to tremble. "Nine years that little boy has waited for you to come home. Every holiday, every birthday, waiting. Nine long years of disappointment because of you." he brought both hands up palms upward, taking a half step back on his heel before letting his hands slap his thighs in disgust.  The kettle sounded as steam released into the air causing everyone to stir. "Make sure she doesn't try to leave. I'm just going to take a piss." He turned back towards the bathroom, rotating his shoulders as he did, sniffing deeply, as he licked his fingers before trailing them across the wall marking his territory.

"Quentin. You stay here with Vlad and Edward. Edric, you're coming with us." our heroine said her own eyes now having changed to the pure white of the banshee. "Let's just get it over with."

"And that folks, is why being sired sucks." The Seer said with a smirk, his own hand slapping his thigh. "So um...who do I get to eat around here?" he brushed an imaginary crumb off his shirt standing up. "Change of plans, Quentin, how about you and I take Vlad here to the strip club while they go off being the blood sucking Brady Bunch." he slapped his hand on the back of the red head's shoulder. "Well, actually, I guess we'll be the blood sucking Brady Bunch. Energy suckers in any case. You with me?"  The human swallowed hard, then began to relax his shoulders, as The Seer's touch worked. The Seer still wasn't up to full speed, but his natural Sidhe ability to seduce was starting to shine.

"Strip club." Vlad tilted his head to the side turning his entire body towards our heroine. "And you're okay with this?" he raised his hand towards himself. "Me going to a...den of ill repute."

"Actually, it was my idea to send him there before. I shacking hate it to be honest, but it's that or else let everyone run wild in the streets killing everyone they see." her eyes were slits as she turned from the prince. "You feed just enough to get you through the weekend. We're all moving! Just as soon as you all get back. Quentin, that means you too. And I need everyone clear headed understood." she snarled letting the magick mist surround her just as Dagan exited the bathroom.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Anyone else have the line from Lost Boys in their heads right now...)

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