Monday, July 18, 2016

year 5 day 165

movie: Ghostheads
starring: Tom Gebhardt, Ernie Hudson
genre: Documentary
format: Netflix Canada

plot: We follow fans of the Ghostbusters, as they live their lives inline with the morals of the film.

Dude, I've got to say, outside of Trekkies and Jedism, I didn't know other fandoms ever went to this extreme. I should have, let's face it, it's pretty common now to live your fandom.  In this case, it's not just collecting the movie extras, or meeting the actors; it's full on building the Ecto-1 and being that city's Ghostbuster.  It seems these guys are the ones doing the charity events for sick kids, holiday parades etc, and being extras in films.

The thing with documentaries, there's nothing to say. It's a documentary.  The one thing I guess I can point to in this case, is that unlike fans of Star Trek and Star Wars, who have a fictional "culture" and "religions" that they have turned into real spiritual paths, fans of the Ghostbusters, are more hands on. These are the guys who become the volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical teams. 
Someone in the documentary makes a comment about how when you see it for the first time as a kid, you don't go I want to be a ghostbuster and deal with hunting ghosts, you want to help people. I would have actually liked to have seen the other side of that expressed. Those who really did get into the science/metaphysical because of it.

what did I learn? Everyone wants to be a ghostbuster, some of us just decided to actually study the occult and paranormal.

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