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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p26

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 274, chapter 274

Out of Time

"Um, how are we suppose to find a place to live, if we have no money?" Edric asked a little while later, as they sat in the corner of the deli. "I mean, we can't all work at the occult store can we? That's impossible. And from what you told me, Loki didn't really pay you for working at the publishing company. You were living rent free with him." he dipped a fry into the spiced sauce on the edge of his plate. "Does Eddie even still get any royalty cheques anymore for any of his books?"

"You bring up some good points. Which none of us have ever had to deal with before cause, well." she shrugged taking a sip of her iced coffee. "None of us needed to."  our heroine couldn't help but smile as she watched the male eat. After the years of hanging around the packs, of dinners with Vlad's men, our heroine found it pleasant to just sit across the table from a man who didn't end up with grease across everything, or bits of flesh and bone hanging off his chin. "yeah, I have no idea how we're going to manage this?"

Edric burped loudly, causing our heroine to break out laughing. "What's so funny?" he asked wiping a napkin across his already clean face. She shook her head unable to loose the smirk, watching as the male crossed his arms on the small table, resting his chin on them. An impish spark slinking into his eyes.  "So, if you and Dagan were mated by..."

"Claimed. It's called claiming."

"Claimed, by the sire bond and you said he had it magickally removed. Why does he still act like he owns you?" he moved his foot under the table bumping hers, stretching his leg out under her chair.

"I told you, we let the sire bond become too strong between us. The blood ritual, it was..." she let her mind drift to the time she was first alone with Dagan that drunken day in the rain. " it had a will of it's own. It does actually." she felt Edric's eyes on her suddenly like a weight bearing down on her chest.

"And if you and I..." he sat up moving his other leg under her chair, practically wrapping them around her ankles.

"We won't." she said with certainty. "I'm not your type."  Edric slammed back in his seat tossing the napkin down.  Grunting, he cleared his throat sliding a few feet closer to her, resting his arm across the back of her chair. "What are you doing?" she asked feeling suddenly very uncomfortable her heart beginning to beat just an second faster. The fledgling leaned in closer to her, sniffing her ear, her hair, his nose tickling her temple. His blue eyes were stone still for a too long a pause before he moved back, standing up, nearly a blur. The sound of the chair scraping on the floor the only indication that he'd moved. Reaching his hand out for her, he waited for the female to stand up.

"If I am understanding this correctly. You are my type. Now. You are my type because I dont' have a choice anymore. The sire bond has taken that choice away."  He twisted his upper body to tell the owner they'd be back shortly. Licking his lips he started to move towards the door, still holding her hand. He led her around the parking lot making sure they were unseen from the main street. A sound that wasn't fully human nor completely animalistic filled the space between them, as he brushed his shoulder against her check. Another soft half moan escaped his throat followed by his mad giggle.  The hybrid let his eyes flash for a split second to that of the wolf as he pressed his forehead against hers. "You said yourself the sire bond became inevitable. Why not just embrace it?" he shrugged, as another hot sigh hit our heroine's face.
Managing to unlock her fingers from his hand, she turned sharply on her heels. "No wait wait wait." the sandy-blonde male barked his fingers digging firmly at her waist. "I don't get what Dagan is always on you for you're not that big." his voice dropped to a whisper as he yanked her backwards. "Seriously. Just got a little revved up in there. I think that watered down chicken blood is already wearing off." he punctuated his sentence by squeezing her tighter to himself, giving a near howl. "Why don't you say we go a few blocks that way." he turned them both sharply to the right, his nose buried in her shoulder. "And see if we can make a withdrawal from the blood bank? Huh what do you say? Grab a bagged lunch. Play nursemaid to the drunks and volunteers working the clinic? Just the two of us no Dagan allowed."

And that was his second mistake.

If Edric hadn't of let her know he was trying to get rid of her sire, she would never have clued in to what he was really up to. She had to admit, it was a move well played. Edric must have realized there was no way right now he'd beat Dagan in a fight, so instead he was going to outsmart him.  Bringing her left hand up to the back of his neck, she agreed. "Fine. We'll go rob the bank. At lest a few bags of O negative will clear your...head." she moved from him at werewolf speed towards the clinic.


The Seer was leaning in the doorway of the occult shop across the street, his perfect vision allowing him to see the couple through the deli window,  as they sat alone, Edric's arm around her. They were too far away for his delicate werewolf ears to pick up everything that was said, but the body language was enough for him to get the idea. She was moving on with her sireling. For once, Edward's powers hadn't prepared him for that. He hadn't seen her choosing the fledgling as her new mate. Sniffing, the dark haired male looked off towards the east, his perfect lips forming an 'o' as he searched the sky for an answer. Entering the shop, he let out a deep sigh grabbing a box of books that had arrived that morning. He busied himself sorting and stocking them.

The little bell chimed as the door opened again about an hour later, our heroine entering, Edric a few steps behind his hands filled with the deli order as he walked to the kitchen.  Spotting The Seer, she moved towards the shelves watching the male as he reached first for the pile by his feet, then as he stretched to place them alphabetically.

"How you feeling?" she asked not waiting for him to reply as she moved behind him, wrapping her arms around his chest, resting her chin on his shoulder. The Seer nodded commenting that he was fine. "You don't seem fine. You seem tense." she whispered sniffing him. "But you smell great." She began breathing deeply as she moved her nose across his neck and shoulders, sniffing his upper back; her hands roaming over his body.

"Um?" he gave a half laugh. "What are you doing?"

"I don't remember the last time you smelled this good." she continued to whisper. "I honestly think it might have been back in the lighthouse, before you ever became a werewolf?" she proceeded to move her pale hands down over his waist and across his hips.

"Probably just someone I ate." the shapeshifter replied flatly. Our heroine moved from him slamming her shoulder into the bookshelf.

"Are we okay?" our heroine suddenly felt like she was back in high school asking her best guy friend if he was still her friend; after he learned she had a crush on him and him telling her he wasn't interested. "I just got you back I don't want to loose you again."  The Seer raised an eyebrow at her gazing up from under his lashes.

"We're good. I'm not going to lie, we'll be a lot better once you dump the human." he sighed turning a half inch leaning one elbow on the bookshelf. "Either you stop seeing Arthur, or you risk putting us all in danger."

"You think I haven't thought of that? Or you know been lectured already by a very very angry Loki." she stared off over The Seer's shoulder at a poster of a band from the 70's. "That's new." The Seer twisted his upper body to look at what she was staring at, the gap of his shirt exposing a tender area of his neck. Our heroine heard her stomach grumble.

"Not practicing what you're preaching I see." The Seer commented with a smirk.

"Just the frozen stuff. Feeding off of anyone who's not Loki, makes the blood taste like ricecakes. So basically he's spoiled my tastebuds." she reached out with her left hand, about to touch his face but pulled back. "Besides, without a pack alpha at the moment, I don't see how my choosing a wolf blood donor would be in any way keeping the peace?"

"You're afraid of what it will lead to?" he licked his lips, letting a mischievousness crinkle his blue eyes.

"Um yeah. Aren't you? We don't know if this reality plays by the same rules do we?" she shook her head, her hand now at the back of her hair. "We know magick here is limited from what we're used to. But what do we know about the whole of it? Tell me, do you remember wolfing out at all while Pan was sharing your brain? Dagan wolfed out then transformed back to his human self this morning, without any pain. That's unheard of. How do we know if in this reality if one of you dies, you're not coming back?"

"I get your point. And no..." he scratched his nose. "I can't remember much of things from Pan." The Seer lied as he let out a soft grunt. He moved his elbow still balanced on the bookshelf, knocking over a stack. A second pile also fell as he moved in a blur to fix it, letting them fall to the floor between them. Our heroine bent down to help clean them up, just as The Seer tripped, knocking them both to the floor. He startled her then as he gripped her chin with his right hand, his nails long glasslike claws. "But I do remember that night in the lighthouse." he licked the edge of her lip before running his hand over the length of her from her crown to just above her stomach. He let out a deep long sigh dropping his eyelids to half mast. "Do you remember me telling you about the old woman I had to seduce in order to learn the coloured Chakra trick?" he slowly moved his hand again up and down the lengthen of her, his palm seeming then to give off a soft green glow, before changing to a blue. Our heroine had to strain her eyes to see it, but it was there, hovering between them. "Ah, that's what I'm looking for." his voice took on a turn as he stopped moving his hand just between our heroine's chest and throat. A bright gold colour pulsated at the center of his palm. "Hold still, this is going to hurt a lot."

Blood poured from the female's mouth as she felt her insides being squeezed as if being wrung out. The Seer's hand had disappeared past the thumb as he removed his prize from her. Unable to breathe, she watched her friend now standing over her, a small golden coloured orb no bigger than a bean in his hand. "Well I guess that some of the limitations on magick are starting to lift." he popped the small orb into his mouth swallowing it. "Mmmm, Pan residue. Tasty." he shimmered out of the shop just as Edric and Dagan ran in, our heroine still not breathing.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well, The Seer was our original big bad...)

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