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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 279, chapter 279

Out of Time

"So, what's the deal with those two anyways?" Ruthven asked as he blew smoke into the air. They were standing around the back of the hospital, the night air teasing at the promise of stale movie popcorn and lilacs.  Quentin shrugged as he kept his eyes on the back door, waiting for the emergency driver to go back in for supplies.

"I don't think they've figured it out yet to be honest." he gestured for the other male to finish his cigar. "From what I've witnessed, they're practically made for each other. But, don't let that stop you from trying."

"Oh yeah?" the dark haired male mumbled under his breath as he crushed out the end of the cigar clearing his throat. "And just how do you fit into all this? I mean, how does a decent guy like yourself get mixed up with a couple of...goths?"

"Goths? You can't seriously tell me you think they're nothing more than a couple of role players? After what you witnessed back there..."

Ruthven held up his hands, closing his eyes. "Come on you don't actually believe all that crap do you? They got you all mind warped too? Huh?" he ducked his chin opening his eyes to stare at Quentin. "Few cheap parlor tricks is all..." The redhead shook his head not understanding how Ruthven could say that. "Okay what? Occultists? That make you feel better? Anyways, what are you doing hanging around them like some lap dog?"

"If you have to ask then you won't understand anyways." he made a ssshhing noise as he spotted the emergency driver leave the truck. "Now." he scrambled across the edge of the parking lot, grabbing the door to the back entrance gesturing for Ruthven to follow. Once they were in, he ushered the dark haired male into a stairwell.

"And why couldn't we just have gone through the front doors like normal people? I mean this is a hospital."

"The blood storage is blocked off from the main hallways. You need a staff pass card to get to it from the emergency side of things. This way, it's one flight down and we're in the first door on the left."

"How do you even know this?" Ruthven asked scratching at the edge of his beard.

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me."

"What, you were a janitor." it was a statement not a question. Quentin made a noise indicating that Ruthven was wrong as he opened the door to the blood storage. "Porter? Nurse?"

"Keep guessing. Only five hundred different staff positions to go." he replied grabbing a handful of the iv bags.

"Well there is no way in hell you're going to have me believing you were a doctor."

"Apparently; you're set to not believe anything I tell you anyways so what does it matter what I did?" he shoved the bags into Ruthven's open palms. "I worked in diagnostics...happy?"

"You were an x-ray technician?" he couldn't hide the surprise or smile from his face.


"They've been huddled in that corner for the last twenty minutes. What do you think Mr. and Mrs Transylvania Twist are talking about anyways?"  Landin asked as he sat with his arm out for his cousin to take his blood pressure.

"Uh, I'd say from the way they've been leaning on each other they're still watching their hands move in slow motion. Dude, I still can't believe that you affected them just by being in the same room as them? That's crazy nuts!" the younger male shook his head as he typed some numbers into his cell phone. "Man, I'd love to be able to do something like that. You're like a superhero or something."

"Or something." the bleached blonde cleared his throat, unable to take his eyes off of the two hybrids.

"Maybe you should go get some fresh air." Seward said as he began packing up his emergency kit. He made a face as he tossed another look over his shoulder at them. "It's no good to torture yourself like this. I mean clearly..." he raised his right hand palm up just as Landin glared at him shaking his head in a threatening way. "Alright, don't say I didn't warn you." he cleared his throat moving then towards the two, his hands behind his back. "Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt. But, can I like get a sample of your blood?"  Our heroine said nothing as she brought her arm up in a movement so quick Seward missed it. The female already had his hand in her's, as she held her left one a few centimeters above his own, the blood pouring from her palm in a quick stream, the wound already healing before the dark haired male registered what she'd done.  Edric was practically salivating as the scent of blood hit the open air, his eyelids fluttering.

"He gets a sample and you won't let me? How rude." Edric's voice was flat as he pressed his nose then to her ear. A small groan escaping him, his left arm planted firmly on the wall behind her, his other on his hip.

"He's a scientist. Just going to study it, and play with it, and try not to get it mixed up with the jello. Totally safe for him to have a piece of me. But you on the other hand, will use it with bad intentions." she cooed as she wrinkled her nose at him, her eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf. Edric smiled at her, his own blue eyes crinkling with mischief before turning to the amber-grey as well.  Seward moved  as quickly as possible, gesturing with his elbow for Landin to get a test tube.

"Hey." an animalistic sound seemed to reverberate off the walls, echoing through the warehouse. "Hey...hi, look at me now. Hi. How you doing? You want to maybe come with me over there..." he pointed towards the corner they had already marked off with curtains, to be designated for each sleeping area. "...and I'll show you my Klingon dictionary?"

"I don't know about that. I mean, Klingon is such a hard one to wrap your tongue around..."she said too causally, tracing a nail down Edric's ear. 

His eyes wide, Seward blushed as he began to push his cousin closer to the door. "I think that we'll just go." he craned his neck his curly hair flopping everywhere.  The two Van Helsing boys were half way out the warehouse door when they found themselves being shoved back through by Quentin.

"Where you going? Hey no!" he dropped the armful of iv bags into Landin's arms as he raced across the length of the building grabbing Edric by the back of the hair. "No! Keep it in your pants! You are still under the influence of a drunken empath. Any sexual decisions you make right now will be for all eternity. All E-TERN-ITY!"  he just managed to miss the hybrid's teeth as he snarled at him; not bothering to move away. "Did...did she bite you?" Quentin asked examining his buddy's neck and arms. Letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, the exhausted human relaxed letting go of Edric's hair. "My god. This sire bond is kicking my arse. Who knew babysitting two drunken stoned hybrids would be a full time job?" He was still holding one of the iv bags, which he slammed into Edric's chest. "We brought takeaway. O Negative with a side of B Positive."

"What do you mean?" Ruthven asked as he placed the second pile of iv bags on the dinning room table. Quentin tossed another of the blood bags towards our heroine, as he filled the three cousins in on the whole situation, ever mindful to keep one eye on the sire and fledgling. "So you're saying this has reduced them to a couple of horny teenagers?" Ruthven gestured towards the couple as they sat together on the edge of the table, each contently slurping on an iv bag; their knees touching. To him they seemed more like harmless drunks on a bad trip, than the demonic demi-gods Quentin would have him believing. Ruthven watched then as Edric flopped back stretching out on the table top, his one arm snaking over to grab a second round of the blood bags.The male held up a second iv bag for our heroine, not paying attention to her anymore. The two were starting to come down from their rancid high. Their bagged lunch clearing the cobwebs for them.

"Yeah pretty much." Quentin replied getting himself a beer."But it seems to be a hundred times worse tonight."  Landin blushed as he moved a few feet closer to the door, having caught his younger cousin's notice. The bleached blonde shook his head again towards Seward; as the younger males' eyes went wide causing him to raise his hand slightly, while wiping some of the blood off. Looking at the bottle Quentin shook his head changing his mind putting it back into the cooler unopened. "On second thought, better to be on the safe side. I'll plug in the coffee maker."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. I've got an interesting subplot in mind for Quentin...)

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