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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p2

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 276, chapter 276

Coffee Tea Sugar Me

Edric continued biting his bottom lip, as he stood outside the club waiting for our heroine to pay the cab. She'd talked him into wearing a pair of very snug dark jeans, and a navy blue t-shirt that was too small. It was one he had been given from the wardrobe department of My Gothic Kitchen after one of the lead actors tossed it aside refusing to wear it. Up till that night, it had just sat in the back of a drawer. "So what's on the agenda?" he asked leaning closer to her, once she'd finally returned.

"What do you mean?" her voice got lost in her purse as she began hunting for something.

"You said you had an experiment in mind then you brought me here." he pointed to the club, loud music blasting from behind the closed doors. "What are we going to do? Drunken bull riding, country karaoke, line dancing?" he shrugged his hands now in his back pockets. "Or is this some kind of kinky sex club...cause I don't think that's...yeah no on that one."

"You can do whatever you want. Just give me a half hour in there okay." she checked her eyeliner in a small hand mirror. Grabbing his hand she dragged him through the main doors, having to adjust to the lack of lighting before proceeding through the small entrance. "Okay so...damn you are beautiful.You are going to go over there, grab a drink, play pool or what have you." she gestured with her left hand, still holding his with her right. "And when you do, all the other women in the bar will be on you are straight right?" Edric had begun swinging their still clasped hands, leaning closer to hear her. "Doesn't matter if you're not, you just need to pretend to be for like a half hour. And while all the women in the club are trying to get in your pants, that leaves all the guys open. And one is bound to get bored waiting for whatever's left and seeing me over there by myself..."

"Wait!" Edric brought his free hand up just level with her nose. "You brought me here to be your wingman?" the sandy-blonde haired male felt all the air suddenly leave his lungs. He unlocked his fingers from hers, dropping her hand before hugging his elbows.

"Yeah why else? And while you're standing there being all Chris Hemsworth-like; this gives me the change to catch the eye by default of the hottest guy in the bar so I can go home with him."

Edric's eyebrows knitted together in puzzlement as he tilted his head to the side. Gesturing then between them, he licked his lips. "Um...your plan just had me as the hottest guy in the bar. So...if you want the hottest guy here...we could have just stayed at my apartment." he shook his head "I...I...just don't get you." he shrugged as she patted him on the chest before moving off to the end of the bar. "This is pointless. I'm sure I'll regret this before the end of the night." he let his hand slap his thigh in frustration. "I look like I should be on the cover of a bad romance novel. Not even the good kind, but like the ones you find in the dollar bin clearance bad. I can't believe I let her dress me?"

"Well honey, how about you let me undress you?" a voice said from his right shoulder. Turning Edric pushed his glasses up on his nose as he surveyed the situation. The woman was dressed in a hot pink mini dress that left nothing to the imagination. Letting out a deep breath, he threw his head back before turning and walking away from her.

He'd barely been standing at the bar when a beer was slapped down in front of him. "I didn't order this." he said pointing to the bottle. The bartender shrugged pointing to a chick a few seats away. "Free beer. That's not suspicious"  Two shot glasses were placed just as quick beside his left wrist, the bartender once again pointing to another woman a few feet away. "I don't like this. This feels dirty." he pushed the drinks aside and moved away from the bar heading towards where our heroine was. "Hey!" he reached to cover his butt as someone pinched it. Edric was unable to tell which of the women at the nearest table had been the culprit; but he was betting on the one who was devouring a penis shaped lolli, as he continued to make his way across the room. Nosferatu was standing completely alone on the far side of the building by the jukebox when he finally managed to escape the crowd. Sighing, he rolled his blue eyes. "I need to be dusted for prints. You knew this was ladies' night didn't you?" he remarked as he ran his hand through his hair, leaning against the wall beside her. "Is it working? Have you venus fly trapped your man snack for the night, cause I'm leaving." 

"We just got here." she leaned in closer to him, in order to be heard over the music. "I told you the plan."  The male had had enough as he brought both palms up in a surrender motion before leaving the building out the nearest exit. Once he was outside standing alone on the street, he let out a strangled groan of frustration, his face pointing to the sky. Turning around in a full circle twice arguing with himself, the male swore before heading back in. Something forced him again to cross the sea of people, noticing more than a few pairs of eyes on him as he did, ignoring the grabbing hands and comments, as what seemed an invisible string refusing to let him abandon her. She was still standing in the same spot, still alone. He picked her up throwing her over his shoulder, ducking out the nearest exit. He didn't drop her to her feet until they were a half block away.

"There plan half way worked. You left with the hottest guy in there." he pushed his glasses up on his nose again. "Happy?"  The female made a huff as she turned and headed back in the direction of the bar. "Oh no you don't!" Edric said grabbing her by the elbow swinging her back to face him as he pointed to himself. "I look like a fool in this." he grabbed a handful of the shirt. "You humiliated me, do you know that?" he gestured wildly towards the empty street. "I thought when you invited me out tonight that you actually wanted to be with me. But instead, you left me standing there like a piece of dog food. Using me to get what you wanted, without even considering how it would effect me."

She reached her left hand up caressing his face, before removing his glasses tucking them into a loop on the side of his jeans. Edric leaned into the kiss, not having been prepared for just how intense it would be. He had never been the type to loose his mind over a woman, but he found himself fighting off butterflies his knees weak. Breaking the kiss, our heroine reached for his glasses, handing them to him again. "Welcome to my world." she said coldly licking the corner of her lips moving back a half step.

"So this...this was a joke to you?" his voice raised a few notches as he pointed then at the ground, once again closing the gap between them, his breath hitting her hair. The male's blue eyes began to shine with emotions. "This was a joke?" his voice became lost in a whisper then. "This whole evening was nothing more than a revenge fantasy?" he took a step back from her, his hands locked behind his neck. "Nothing more than a power play huh?" he nodded bringing his thumb and finger up to squeeze the bridge of his nose, his glasses still in his other hand. "What, you thought that oh Edric's pretty therefore he must not have any feelings? That it wouldn't matter if you jerked me around?" He moved from her again. "What are you some sort of emotional vampire?"  He sniffed as a long rope of saliva dripped from his lip."You're absolutely soulless."  He had turned from her, his back to the street, the sound of her shoes informing him she'd turned her back on him.

Out of Time

Our heroine coughed up the blood as she rolled over onto her side. A sharp pain still reverberating through her chest and lungs. Slamming her hand onto the floor as she forced the remaining blood out of her lungs, as she shook off the dream. Gasping for air she heard the voices of both Edric and Dagan asking what happened? She waved them off making it to a kneeling position, her eyes having gone the pure white of the banshee. A growl that escaped her turned into a full on scream, causing everyone; to cover their ears, running out of the building.
It was a full twenty minutes, before the two males returned to the little occult shop both feeling an uneasiness in their stomachs. Our heroine now sitting on the edge of the sofa a cup of steaming tea in hand. "I know what The Seer is after. I know what he's doing, and I think I know how we're going to stop him." she replied as Dagan sat down beside her.

"Great, just tell me how I get to finally hurt him..." the auburn haired male growled, his blue eyes filled with anger.

"Not you. Us." she answered pointing to Edric. She got up from him, stood on the sofa and climbed over the arm; moving to where the fledgling was standing, her right hand on his elbow. "This isn't a shapeshifter thing, this is a vampire thing. This one isn't your fight." she proceeded to wrap her other arm around the fledgling's waist pushing him out of the building.

"You mind cluing me in here?" the hybrid said as they made their way down the street at what felt like warp speed.  Our heroine stopped, shaking her head before placing both palms on either side of his face. She seemed unable to tear herself away from his eyes, the dream still haunting her. She fully expected to see the dream glasses there.

"I promise it will make sense okay. But Edric..." she swayed closer to him, her stomach grazing his. "You're not going to like the plan. I'm going to ask you to do something you're not going to be happy with." she closed her eyes, searching her mind for the words to express herself.

"You're actually starting to scare me now." his voice croaked under the strain.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Did you all catch the foreshadowing in the bar scene?)

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