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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p4

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 278, chapter 278

Out of Time

Ruthven stormed through the house, screaming for Seward. Slamming his hand into the doorframe of their grandfather's bedroom, the dark haired male stopped. "Hey, you seen your cousin?"   The younger male turned to face him, the secret area of the closet blocked from Ruthven's view.

"Not since he bailed on us at the strip club. Why he not come home yet?" he tried to hide the crowbar.

"What are you doing?" Ruthven asked blinking.

"Nothing." the younger Seward shrugged as he held the crowbar behind his leg. Sighing, Ruthven crossed into the bedroom, peeking around his younger cousin.

"Give me that!" he stole the crowbar holding it up to him. "You're trying to open the vault aren't you?" he nodded towards the closet. The crowbar dangerously close to Seward's skull.

Seward's face fell slack. "How'd you know about it?" he turned his shoulders to look at the secret panel in the back of the closet. "Don't wave that at my nose." he gently lowered his cousin's hand.

"I helped him install it. Fifteen years ago." he tossed the offensive slab of metal down on the bed. "What's he put in there that you need to use that to open? A safe or something?"

"Coffin." Seward said bluntly.  Ruthven screwed up his nose, shaking his head as if he hadn't heard. "It's a beautiful one too. Really old." Seward continued his hands gesturing as if he could express the design just by holding his hands up. "It's got swirls and ridges..." his voice started to trail off.

The older male sat down hard on the bed. "Great, now he's a grave robber too." he held his face between his hands letting out yet another deep sigh. Seward's phone started to ring, causing the dark haired male to jump.

"It's him." he replied answering it. "Hey where...yeah I remember...what? You what? Don't...don't move! We're on our way." he hit mute already across the room grabbing his older cousin by the arm leading him out of the house.


"I'm going on record saying this is a shacked up idea." Quentin said crouched on his heels, a large welding torch in hand. Our heroine snorted as she brushed past him, singing an old Alice Cooper song, the magick mist wrapping around her replacing the jeans and t-shirt she'd been wearing with an off white coloured dress with wispy bell sleeves that put the human in mind of a ghost costume.  She started dancing as if she were mimicking some bad rock video from the 80's. "Are you feeling okay?" he asked turning the torch off standing.  She flung her head around wildly, her arms everywhere as she laughed.

"It's been so long since I've just...danced. I don't know why, but I've got this overpowering urge to" she spoke between the ripples of laughter. The redhead moved from her grabbing himself a bottled water from the little cooler, when he noticed Edric on the far side of the warehouse, singing as well. Edric seemed to be oblivious to the fact he was being watched as he spun in a tight circle, his arms out, the limp mohawk in his eyes, his voice raising as he continued to belt out his own version of the theme from an 80's movie about a high school dance. The two managed to dance their way towards each other, Edric taking her hand spinning her in a circle before they broke into an over the top version of a waltz. "One two three turn, one two three turn." they were now saying in unison.

"Um...what the shack is going on?" Quentin screamed to be heard over the two hybrids as they laughed like morons, continuing to dance around the building. "Are you two on drugs, like right now?"

"Nope. Not me." our heroine said as she continued to sing a boy band song out of tune.

"Haven't had anything since the night you found me." Edric replied as they spun around their human friend. "No idea what's going on? Wait then in the video they do that arm thing where they sort of zombie walk..." he let go of her long enough to do two of the dance moves from the boy band video.

"It's the blood." a soft voice said from the corner of the room. Landin stood up, his cell phone still in hand. "When the donor gave the blood, they were most likely in a really great mood. High maybe on something subtle. Untraceable. Otherwise it wouldn't have gotten past the screening process."

"What the hell do you know about it?" Quentin asked scratching his stomach.

"Nothing. Everything maybe." the bleached blonde shrugged as he brazenly opened the small beer cooler taking one for himself. "And just so you know, it didn't take a genius to figure out what your friend was doing was draining me earlier today. Only, he didn't want my blood. He wanted something else."

"What might that have been?" Quentin continued, the two humans ignoring the still dancing hybrids as they continued to spin around them singing the theme song from a vampire movie.

"My ability." he replied gulping down half the beer in one swallow. "I can see ghosts."

"A human ouija board. I like it!" our heroine said as she broke from Edric, beginning a clumsy version of a go-go dance she'd seen once on a tv show from the 1960's. "So it was you I was smelling all over The Seer earlier? Odd, I never picked up the scent when Edric dragged you here." she reached out wrapping one hand around Landin's waist, the other up under the tender part of his elbow. Suddenly doing her impression of Gomez Addams as she kissed his sleeve. "Ah speak to me, in wait I can't understand French...speak to me in Klingon." She giggled as she buried her nose first in his shoulder, then up to his neck, following it by licking the male from the hollow of his collar bone to the tip of his chin. "The scent is so very very faint now." she said, her fangs having broken through her gums, her eyes the pure white of the banshee. "You need to eat. That will build it up again. Then you'll smell yummy like lemons and chocolate, oranges and chocolate. Chocolate." she shoved him away from herself having turned back to face the others. "Get this boy a sandwich or something." she growled. "I'm going to watch tv." her eyes returned to their human hazel.

"We don't have a tv." Edric replied. He'd stopped dancing finally, standing there one knee bent while he manically fiddled with his hair. "Do I look like a mad dog? Does this hairdo make my fangs look fat?"

"Oh my god do you know what that means?" our heroine said slapping her hands on her fledgling's shoulders.

"We get to quote Lost Boys?" Edric answered as the two laughed loudly, the male snorting as they collided into each other, each trying to hold the other up. "Death by stereo" Edric whispered.

"Wow! They're stoned." Landin's eyes went wide as he let out a sound of disbelief. He watched as the female began measuring the male's double row of top fangs then comparing them to her own.

"You think?" Quentin said shaking his head. "Well, at lest for once they're not trying to kill each other. So...that's a plus."  There was a loud banging on the door of the warehouse.

"Pizza! Wait, did we order anything?" our heroine asked suddenly feeling dizzy. Edric shook his head laughing.

"As long as it doesn't have double anchovy we're good." Edric replied snorting another laugh. "or you know garlic."

"They are getting worse by the second." Quentin said blinking as he moved backwards towards the doors. He barely had a chance to open it when a male's voice screamed at them to open up.

"Sssshhhh! You hear...ear..." our heroine burped. "omthan? Or is it..." followed by a hicup. She closed one eye, tilting her head to the side gazing at Edric. "You're so beautiful. I feel like that dude in that movie with the chick and he steals her from his brother." she began patting the male's hair and face.

"Wha? Wha movieeeeee?" Edric was trying to focus, his tongue seemingly interesting as he kept licking the corner of his mouth. He accidentally licked her palm causing her to pull her hand away wiping it on his thigh. "Nooooo!" the male whimpered. "Keep doing that. Makes me feel loved."

"That one that was done in that castle with the dude with the funny name and every sequel he had bigger cheek bones. Paper mached right over him." Nosferatu replied her fingers digging into her face causing little streaks of blood to flow. "Lost in the paper mache." she looked at him as he grabbed her hand trying to force her to pet his hair again.

"Right. That one." the sandy-blonde male answered pointing at her. "Yeah, I don't know what one you're talking about but I'm sure it totally rocks, oh people." he gestured towards Ruthven and Seward as they now stood in the doorway, a look of pure confusion on their faces. "We've got friends now. We've...shhh they're staring. I'm scared." the hybrid turned back to face his sire. "He looks like he wants to eat me."

"Who?" the female whispered as she peeked over his shoulder.

"The thin one with the hair. I think...yep he's got that look." Edric's eyes widened as he did a double take gesturing again towards Seward. "Hide me." he wrapped both arms around the female grabbing the edges of her sleeves, trying to cover his skull with them.

"Um what is wrong with them? You called us saying you were in trouble, and we find you partying?" Ruthven commented as he pulled a cigar out of his pocket lighting it.

"Bad idea. The smoke is not good for their noses. Or my health." Quentin snatched the cigar from him crushing it under foot. As if on cue, Edric started to cough, Ruthven raising his hands in a motion bowing his head.

"What is going on here?" the older cousin asked taking the half bottle of beer from Landin drinking a sip. Landin shook his head running his hand over the back of his neck, retrieving another beer from the little cooler just to be defiant. Opening it, he drank deeply. Edric burped laughing.

"Um...I think he's gotten them drunk." Seward said walking closer to the two hybrids. "Dude! You're not picking up anymore, you're projecting." he said pointing at Landin.

"Yeah, but this was going on before I grabbed a beer. Besides, I'm not drunk." he screwed up his nose before raising an eyebrow shrugging.

"But you weren't freaking out. You were pretty calm considering." Quentin added as he moved a few steps towards him. Looking Landin dead in the eye, the redhead rubbed his hand over his mouth. "Too calm."  he pointed then towards the other male's pockets. "Empty them."  Quentin's voice took a sharp tone as he watched the bleached blonde sigh, digging through his pockets. Grumbling, Quentin's hand scraped the other male's palm as he snatched a small pill bottle holding it up. "Muscle relaxers. Really? You caused all this just by having a few muscle relaxers?"

"Okay I still don't know what's going on here?" Ruthven said letting his hands slap his thighs.

"He's managed to tune his ability so that instead of knowing when a supernatural thing is in the room, he's controlling their behavouir." Seward said suddenly very animated. "This is amazing!" he turned towards the door again. "I'm going to run to the car and get the kit. I wanna run some tests."

"Behavouir." both our heroine and Edric said at the same time before falling to the floor in a mad fit of laughter. "Qapla' " Edric said nodded to a light fixture.

"Congratulations. You've single handedly broke two of the most powerful creatures in this known universe. You're buying." Quentin said slapping Landin's shoulder. "Damn." he let out a long breath. "Okay who wants to hit the blood bank with me? These two are going to be nasty when this wears off."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Pay attention to the Renfield. It's important)

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