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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 280, chapter 280

Out of Time

Edric stood in the little bathroom that was in the far right corner of the building.  A questioning look on his face. Letting out a deep breath, he ground his teeth together without realizing it, surveying the room. If you could even call it a room? It wasn't much more than a large closet; space wise, with a stand up shower, toilet and sink. If you moved the wrong way you smashed your butt on the door handle, or stepped accidentally into the shower while trying to use the sink. There was no way he could live like this. Specially not sharing it with the others. It was ridiculous in his mind. Shaking his head, the hybrid ran his hand over the back of his neck letting his chin rest on his chest. He couldn't believe our heroine had given up living in Loki's penthouse to move in here?
Walking back into the main area, the sandy-blonde male caught the whiff of something faint clinging to the air. His ears zeroed in on something about a half  a mile up the road. Cracking his neck, he let a smirk drip dangerously from his lips as he ran his thumb over them. Slowly, methodically Edric began touching everything in the warehouse. He spat in the corner of the building by the front door and the two nearest windows to it, before fondling the stack of books, the nearest chair, and the contents of one storage bin. Marking his territory as much as possible in the couple of minutes he knew he had before Dagan would appear at the door. The hybrid werewolf was tempted to piss on the door handle, but thought better of it. Another smirk crossed his lips, as he let the magick mist roll off him in tendrils, removing most of his clothes. Edric opened the door before Dagan had a chance to knock. Not that the auburn haired shapeshifter would have knocked anyways.

"Hey." a low satisfied grunt followed the salutation. "What no house warming gift?" he said leaning against the edge of the doorway, his arms crossed. He felt no need to let the older lycanthrope know he was alone as he blocked the view to the interior.

Dagan made a clicking sound as he ran his tongue over his teeth. Smiling, the older werewolf leaned his right hand on the wall. "Anything happen while I taking care of the family, the shop?"

Edric gave a laugh, scratching the edge of his temple his head down. "That's funny. Funny you think you're still important enough to be informed what's going on. In case you didn't notice." he tapped the back of his hand against Dagan's chest. "I'm the one she chose to move in with."

"You're not the alpha. We both know that." Dagan stared down at the other male's hand, tempted to bite it off. "It takes more balls than just dragging a few suitcases behind her, to qualify as pack alpha." he leaned in sniffing the younger werewolf. "And you just haven't."

The grunt that escaped him this time was laced with more bitterness, as Edric wiped his hand over the corners of his mouth, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Well, you've got me there." he shrugged turning his lips into a duckbill. "Securing the position of pack alpha by shacking my way there just isn't my style. Not when it can be so much more fun to fight for it."  Dagan shrugged sighing, his hands now in the back pockets of his jeans.

"Well, what can I say. Sometimes you just gotta do who you gotta do. But if you want a brawl I'm right here." the older wolf took two large steps backwards his hands up in the air. "But first you've got to come get me."

"Oh I've been waiting for this." Edric snarled as he went to move into the fresh air of the morning, only to find he was stuck. "What the..."

"Yeah um I was here about a half hour ago but when I peeked in through the window..." Dagan pointed to the right of them at the one opened window. "and saw you were still sleeping after everyone else had gone. I happened to notice the garden hose was attached. And wouldn't you know it, with a little bit of a twist, the handle worked. I guess I forgot to turn it off after I decided to double back up the road, give you some time to wake up wash your make-up off curl your hair or whatever it is that took you so long in the bathroom?" he made a masturbatory gesture before pointing his foot towards the small stream of cold water, that was running just at the base of the door. "You're half vampiric, banshee flavoured. And running water, that's like an instant no fly zone for you buddy." Dagan scratched at his shoulder taking another step towards the main road. "Don't worry though. I'm sure your little buddy Quentin will be along in a few hours and can turn it off for you. In the meantime, I'm going to go sniff out that pain in the ass bat-bitch sire of yours. Maybe grab a movie or something." he waved as he moved in a blur. Edric swore slamming his fist into the wall.


"Duder, you've got to be more careful. I mean, last night was cool. Damn, I'd love to be able to just project my feelings out there and turn people into my puppets. Awesome." Seward said as he began trying again to open the coffin. The crowbar bending under his weight. "But a little more warning next time. Cause that got really uncomfortable really fast." Seward turned then as if the whole thing just occurred to him. "why didn't you just go? I mean, why did you stick around to begin with?"

"I have no idea? I didn't feel threatened." Landin shrugged his hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "They were more interested in how I got my bruises, the attack by the other vampire than anything else."

"So weird. The other vampire. Like it's just the weather or something." the crowbar snapped sending the dark haired male stumbling backwards. "Damn it! This is just not going to open." He looked over at his cousin again, noting the glazed eyes and hint of depression. "Here." Seward said crossing to his own bedroom grabbing something off the dresser. "I thought you might need an excuse to go see him again." he said handing the bleached blonde a syringe. "Use the excuse that I want to compare his blood with hers. Specially since it's the truth. Not too mention, her sample was useless given she poured it into my hand."

Landin arrived back at the warehouse just before noon. The sound of his shoes on the pavement causing Edric to be at the door before he knew what was going on. "Hey." the hybrid screamed. "Can you do me a favour and turn that hose off. Wasting a ton of water."  Nodding, the bleached blonde did as he was asked, before crossing into the warehouse. "Thanks. What brings you back here?" he asked peeking down at the large puddle that had started to collect just in front of the door.

"I'm..." he cleared his throat his voice suddenly lost as he held up the medical kit. "Need another round of samples. The one Nosferatu gave was contaminated."

"Oh yeah." the male hybrid nodded as he sat down on the edge of the dinning table his arm out. "Poke away." tapping two fingers on the soft crease of his elbow. He started to sing under his breath as he watched Landin look unsure of himself. The hybrid straightened up to his full height, chin up eyes sparkling with humour, as he silently noted how shaky the human's hands were. "You never done this sort of thing before huh?"  Landin said nothing as he slid the needle into his arm with ease. The hybrid raised an eyebrow enjoying himself as he began swinging his legs. He could smell the sweat starting to form in invisible beads on the human's skin. Sensed the temperature of Landin's body heat begin to rise a few notches, before the rosy tint ever crossed his neck and face. Edric watched the little tube fill with the deep crimson liquid, watched as a small roll of steam curled itself up near the rounded glass before fading out. "I guess I should maybe thank you."

"For what?" Landin asked tilting his head to the side, his eyebrows melted in confusion.

Edric patted him on the shoulder as he got down from the dinning room table, his shoes not making a sound, almost as if the hybrid were just hovering softly above the floor. "Your self projecting desires managed to break down a few walls between Nosferatu and myself." he ran his hand through his hair letting his gaze drop across Landin's form. He sniffed running his thumb then across his nose and lips, licking them. The hybrid watched as the human swallowed hard turning back to his medical kit. The air between them suddenly filling with a heated tension as the male toyed with his prey. Edric had been denied any chance to hunt since being turned, and this was wetting his appetite; stirring his brain with thoughts of carnage. Landin's pulse quickened, the blood speeding up in his veins, adding more tint to his skin. Positioning himself so that he was standing just behind Landin slightly to the left,  Edric blocked the human from being able to reach the door if he decided to bolt. His blue eyes shifted to the pure white of the banshee before shifting again to the amber-grey of the wolf. "God you do smell good." his fangs had started to break through his gums, the back of his mouth pooling with extra saliva. "like candy floss and toffee apples." The hybrid wiped the inside of his wrist over his mouth, his breath now hitting Landin's neck. Spinning around the bleached blonde raised his right hand about to crash it down hard into the other male's chest.
Without blinking, Edric had taken the offensive chunk of wood throwing it across the entire length of the building. "Really?" he cracked his neck shuffling all his weight back and forth from one leg to the other. "I invite you into my home and you pull a broom handle on me? What you want to play fetch?" he shook his head, squeezing his eyes tight. "Run." the word was practically a hiss as Edric watched Landin swear, moving out of the warehouse as fast as he could.  The bleached blonde was half way down the road before he realized he'd left his bag. Stopping, he doubled over hands on his knees gasping for air.

Edric stood laughing to himself, little laugh lines spreading across his face as he began to put everything back into the medical kit closing it up. Carrying the little bag outside, the hybrid placed it gently on the ground about ten feet from the front door, before raising his nose to the sky. His eyes closed, he allowed his mind to empty, allowed his natural instincts to take over.
It was less than a three count before Edric had Landin's scent. The bleached blonde had run off into the small patch of bushes that lined the far left side of the road. Breaking out into a run, Edric thought that was an odd choice given the road went into a dead end. There was nothing but an uncared for baseball field that hadn't been used in years. The hybrid stopped. "Oh you're good." he whispered to himself as he turned on his heels heading back towards the warehouse.
The pavement seemed to smoke as he came to a sudden dead stop. Laughing, Edric threw his head back clasping his hands in pure joy. The medical kit was gone. Landin had somehow managed to double back for it, heading the opposite direction in the few minutes Edric had been running. "I know you haven't gotten far. Next time, wear better shoes and try not to sweat so much. Harder for me to catch your scent then." he screamed into the empty air knowing Landin would hear him.  Turning the male tucked his shoulders up to his ears wincing suddenly embarrassed. He hadn't been certain just how loud his voice had been or how far it had carried, but he'd shocked himself with the booming echo of it. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Get the heart pumping bit of an aphrodisiac)

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