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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p1

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 275, chapter 275

Coffee Tea  Sugar Me

"I think the new guy has a crush on you." Edward said pointing to our heroine's new assistant. The other male quietly made his way over to the table where they were sitting, a stack of notes in hand.

Our heroine had her nose in the menu and failed to notice. "Like I'm hanging off every word because you're so cool brewster type of crush, or the way men get friendly with themselves when watching the table dance in that western vampire movie, type of crush?"   The carefully arranged stack of files suddenly went crashing down across the table as her new assistant tripped. She still didn't look up from her drinks menu, just began shuffling the notes to the side in a haphazard pile. Edward broke out in a small laugh as he raised his eyebrows at the whole idea, refusing to move over for him, forcing Edric to stand there a little lost. Our heroine slid a few centimeters into the corner of the booth, allowing Edric a seat.

"Hi." Edric's voice was like a soft mouse as he gave a half raised hand before clearing his throat in a nervousness, pushing his glasses up his nose. His sandy-blonde hair brushed back in an awkward limp mohawk.

"Yeah that." Edward continued to laugh silently as he crossed his arms leaning on the table.

"I have a new crush of my own." our heroine said slamming the menu closed, handing it then to Edward ignoring the waiting hand of the man to her right. "I couldn't sleep the other night, so I thought I would get to work on the newest character outlines for My Gothic Kitchen, which of course got really old really quick. So I went looking for inspiration online..."

"Yeah." Edward sighed as he studied the wine list a minute longer than needed to just to keep the menu away from Edric. "Did you get inspired?'

"No. Nothing. Then I went for a walk, got a coffee and there was this guy there..." her voice raised a little as she pulled back now debating if she should be admitting she had a weakness.

"I think that was Sunday night, I've seen you there a few times, and I saw you but you didn't notice me..." Edric said finally getting the drinks menu, his voice still getting lost in their conversation.

"What was he doing? Working there, just sitting having a coffee what?" Edward smoothed down his tie not looking at either of them. "I'm hanging on your every word..." he giggled as she slapped his arm.

"He was sewing. Can you believe it? Sitting in the middle of the coffee shop, sewing a tear in his  t-shirt. But the boy was hot. We should see if we can get him for the soap. He'd make a great new leading man."  She turned to glare at Edric's empty hand. "Why aren't you writing this down?" the male pushed his glasses up his nose again as he reached for a pen from the pocket protector he had, before stretching  across the table for the writing pad.

"You want me to just note the comment about the new lead or ..." nodding he began to write.

"Where did we dig this guy up?" our heroine asked Edward.

"I was originally in wardrobe." he mumbled under his breath.  The waiter appeared at the table taking the menu "I..haven't..I haven't..."

"I'm Landin, I'll be your waiter today. Can I start you off with drinks?"

Edward's phone started to bing loudly forcing him to answer it. "I have to take this, it's my grandmother." he said slipping out of the booth and heading out the front door. Our heroine turned towards the waiter suddenly grabbing his arm. She had to reach across Edric, her boobs dangerously close to his nose.

"I will climb over you if I have to." she stated with a sigh, just as Edric had flatted himself against the back of the seat his hands up in surrender. Shoving her assistant out of the booth, she slid out herself to stand beside the waiter smoothing down her pencil skirt. "Say, your cousin still work here? Ruthven?" she turned then towards the back lounge without waiting for an answer; the bleached blonde male following her instantly.

"He's in the staff room but you can't ..." they disappeared through the doors that divided the bar from the rest of the restaurant. Edric finding himself sitting alone suddenly, the mass of papers still scattered on the table.  When Edward finally returned, he sat down a puzzled look on his face.

"Where'd she go?" he asked pointing to the empty seat.

"In back." Edric cleared his throat hooking a thumb over his shoulder.

"Ah man! I knew we should have gone somewhere else. This always happens. Ruthven's working right? Yeah, she's not coming back. She's slipped off out the back with him. Man I don't know why..." the dark haired male got back up putting his jacket on. "Might as well just go home or whatever. She'll have some lame excuse in the morning at the office." he shook his head taking off out of the building.

Edric tossed his bag down on the sofa as he entered the apartment. The sight of his new puppy the only comfort to his day. The little multi coloured St. Bernard mix, jumped up at his shin panting. "Did Quentin from upstairs remember to walk you this afternoon?" he asked as he bent down to play with the pup. It yelped, running in a circle then heading towards the table where the dog leash was kept. Edric took a quick look around the apartment just to check that the puppy hadn't messed anywhere. Content that it hadn't, he grabbed his keys and the dog leash.
He had been gone about an hour with the puppy, heading back home when he'd decided to stop in at the coffee shop for a few minutes. Keeping an eye on the puppy that was tied up outside,  as the sandy-blonde turned around in the line, he smashed into someone, spilling half the coffee on them both. Edric felt his throat close as he realized it was his boss, Nosferatu. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there."

"Yeah...hey it's you." she said looking worn out. "Oh." she pointed to the coffee stain that was rapidly spreading down the male's chest and white shirt sleeve. She on the other hand was dressed in a black pencil skirt and black zipped up jacket, the splashed coffee unnoticeable. "Sorry about that. I don't even think the best dry cleaner can fix that." she let out a sigh.  "At lest let me buy you another cup." she commented shuffling around him to order.  He quickly threw the now half empty one into the trash pushing his glasses up his nose as he did. She was beside him suddenly, holding out a small tray of coffee and a bag. "I guess I sort of owe you dinner too." she remarked gesturing with her elbow towards the door. Seeing his owner, the puppy began jumping up on his back legs, his front paws treading air. "He yours?"

"Yeah." the sandy-blonde male answered quietly as he bent to untie the leash from the bike stand. A set of pens falling out of the pocket protector he'd forgotten to remove after work.

"What's his name?"

"Um..." the male blushed suddenly feeling stupid. "Puppy. I've only had him for a few days and still haven't come up with anything." he scooped up the creature gesturing towards the little patio outside the coffee shop.

"I've already taken up too much of your time." she removed her own coffee handing him the tray and paper bag.

"I've...I've got all night, practically anyways." he cleared his throat again bringing the puppy up to his chin, sniffing it's fur to cover his nervousness. "I literally live right there anyways so..." he pointed to the next building.

"I should let you deal with that shirt." our heroine replied, her pale delicate fingers suddenly brushing at the edge of his collar.

"Little vinegar, club soda and baking soda before washing will take care of most of it."  he said off handedly. Our heroine tilted her head in disbelief.  "What you don't believe me?"

"No. Can't. I've had too many outfits ruined myself by spilled coffee." she found herself walking in step with him without having even realized they were moving. She stood in his kitchen less then five minutes later waiting, as Edric went into the other room to change.

"Can you hand me the baking soda. It's on the second shelf over the stove." he called from the bedroom. Opening the cupboard, our heroine grabbed the little yellow and white box, moving into the hallway, following the light.  Her breath caught as she nearly stumbled, stopping short of the bedroom threshold. Holding the little box of baking soda, she was caught staring. Edric was standing there having removed the sweater and dress shirt he'd been wearing for work. "You okay?" he asked, his voice still so low.

"You've...you're..." she leaned one hand against the doorframe, the other on her hip.

"What?" he asked checking to make sure he hadn't missed another coffee stain on his pants.

"Got a great body." the female stammered as she continued to hover just outside his bedroom door. "Why do you hide under ten layers of clothes at work?"

"Cause it's work." he said flatly. "Wouldn't be appropriate to be standing around the copier half naked." he ran his hand through his hair blushing slightly realizing she was still staring.

"How the hell have I never noticed you before?" blinking, she had to take a physical step back. It was all she could do to keep from moving towards him and running her hands through the finely strewn hair across his chest.

The sandy-blonde male pushed his glasses up on his nose once more, as he sprayed the vinegar and club soda mixture from a small spray bottle. "Because you've been too busy drooling over that camera man Dagan." he huffed.The little puppy yelped as he sniffed then at the female's ankles, before snorting in satisfaction that she wasn't going to hurt his owner. It then proceeded to cross into the room jumping up on the bed.

"We all make mistakes." she nodded. "Um...you have anything bottom wise other than those office styled suit pants? Like jeans maybe?"

"Don't most normal people?" he forgot for the moment who he was talking to, his bitterness just a little in control still.

"Great, change into a pair and be quick. I've got a little experiment I want to do. We're going out."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. I seriously had that old Bon Jovi song "She Don't Know Me" stuck in my head while writing this...)

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