Sunday, August 21, 2016

Coffee Talk Aug 21st 2016

Spudguns!   It's a Sunday afternoon where I am, and I thought I'd come in and just say hey... Hey!
I know, I know, there hasn't been many movies in the last couple of weeks on here; that's because I haven't been watching many. I was suppose to hit the cinema a few times in the last two weeks, but plans got totally shacked, and I ended up not going. So there is a bucket load of movies that when rental time comes, I'll get to catch up on.

I've also been typing my fingers to the bone with the latest episodes of The Nosferatu Adventures.  We have a new cast of characters; which if you're a regular reader have figured out. Yes I've been inspired and I'm going to ride that wave as far as it takes me. Which, I hope is a few years worth still.

There are a few "what that movie inspired" posts on the way over the next couple of weeks. And for me, this is the beginning of the busiest season; October Season. With Hallowe'en on my bumper, I've got to get my ghoulies in a row. So expect September to be just as slow if not slower than this past month has been on here.

Okay this little blood droplet needs to get back to the coffee pot.

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