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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p3

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 277, chapter 277

Out of Time

Edric let out a deep breath, his hands in the pockets of the hoodie he'd just magick misted. Taking the steps of the building two at a time, he swore under his breath raising the hood, hiding his face in the crease induced shadows. Opening the glass door, he closed his eyes his nose in the air. He'd managed to get the scent back at the occult shop, following it to the police station. It wasn't that difficult to track Arthur, as the hybrid had known the closer he got, the more he'd be able to catch the traces of Nosferatu's scent on him. The male moved without thinking as he stepped into the station, the sire bond causing him to already react in a territorial way; as he spat first on the floor then licked his fingers trailing them across the walls. Edric just hoped he was able to keep control enough to not hurt him. He was still getting used to the fact the sire bond did indeed have a will of it's own. The hybrid wanted to scare Arthur, to force the human out of his sire's life. It would be better all around, for Arthur and for their relationship. He stood there for a too long a second, listening to the sounds of the crowded room, taking in the sweat drenched emotions as they collided in the stale air.

Spotting the sandy-blonde male, Detective Holmwood smiled as he crossed the room towards him. "You were at the shop the other night, a friend of Nos..."

"You need to stop seeing her." the words were harsher than Edric had planned. Clearing his throat, he sniffed deeply. The cotton shirt the detective was wearing holding the mix of laundry soap, body wash and the slight greasiness of eggs. He watched as the Detective's blue eyes were clouded with confusion, his gentle relaxed demeanour becoming a little more guarded. The hybrid got a small jolt at the base of his spine as he did. His legs becoming taunt as he felt the desire to pounce on the other male, his instincts screaming at him to fight. The little grey streaks at Arthur's temples like a cruel slap to the face. He wondered to himself if he'd be able to secure the pack alpha position just by fighting his sire's human lover?

"I beg your pardon?" Arthur crossed his arms beginning to take a protective stance.

"Look buddy, take this one to heart. She's done with you." the words were practically guttural as he shook his head, doing his best to keep his eyes focused, to keep them from flashing to the amber-grey of the wolf. He just needed to get the guy to back off a little, and it was all the hybrid could do not to turn right there in the middle of the busy station. He hadn't been prepared for the fact catching her scent still lingering with Arthur's, or how the sight of the few grey strains, would trigger something primal within him. His emotions were like a pinball; hitting every bell and whistle in his senses. The hybrid flexed his hand before bringing his fist up to ball in the palm of his other.

"I'll believe it when she tells me." seemed to be the Detective's only argument. Edric huffed cracking his neck the edges of the hood casting heavier shadows over his eyes. He was about to say something, to threaten Arthur, when something even more familiar caused his nose to twitch. Edric's nostrils flared as he involuntarily sniffed. Turning to his left he watched as a bleached blonde man was escorted out of a back room. Edric's eyes became slits of amber-grey as he zeroed in on the cause of his senses overloading with what he naturally perceived as a new threat. The bleached blonde reeked of werewolf. By the look of the bruises on his neck and jaw, it didn't take much for Edric to put together this was the guy The Seer had fed on. Snarling, the hybrid took one large step to his left, his hand suddenly on the victim's shoulder.

"I need you to answer something for me."

"You can't be harassing people..." Detective Holmwood started to say as he reached his own arm out to stop Edric. That was his first mistake, as the hybrid was no longer thinking. Turning, Edric growled his left hand batting across Arthur's face sending him flying across the room into a row of filing cabinets. Swearing again, he turned grabbing Landin by the upper arms, and racing out of the building at near breakneck speed. 


Our heroine was unpacking a box of kitchen supplies on the newly acquired dinning room table that was now sitting in the middle of the old warehouse. Quentin had managed to get furniture the old fashioned way, by maxing out his credit card, supplying the group with what they needed for the moment. He'd even assured them he knew how to build a few walls to separate the space. But still, our heroine disliked the idea of being so far across town from the occult shop. It left a uneasiness in her stomach.  The door to the warehouse suddenly opened, the sun back lighting Edric and Landin. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw them move into the building, their faces stirring up the edges of the dream.

"Edric, what is he doing here?" she asked crossing quickly to them.

"This is the guy The Seer fed off of." he snarled dropping Landin, blocking the door.

"Um hon, he's...I've dreamed about you." she breathed her hand first at her own throat then just inches from the bleach blonde's. Tracing the outline of his jaw, she winced at seeing the damage The Seer had caused.

"This guy?" Edric said screwing up his face. "You dreamed about this guy?" he ran his hand through his hair craning his neck, squeezing his eyes shut as he brought his hand up in a claw like motion. "My day just gets worse every second."  Our heroine moved a few centimeters closer to her fledgling, her hands at his shoulders.

"Trust me, you were definitely the lead obsession of my dreams." she ran her hands down his upper arms sighing. "And naked mostly." she turned then to face Landin. "And you were a waiter, serving us drinks in my dream." she grunted her eyes caressing the bleach blonde.

"Whoa hey." Edric snapped his fingers a few times. "Back to me and the naked dreaming part." he commented, his tone calmed once again, his eyes cast down to look at her. "Not that I'm complaining about you dreaming about me, but why..." the hybrid made a face like he'd tasted something bad, pursing his lips together. "Why..." he moved his neck in a half circle. "Was I naked?" his voice raised a few notches on the last word, the male moving up on his toes for emphasis. "Were you naked?" he pointed then to her.

"No you were the only one missing clothes...can we talk about this later?" our heroine remarked her hands still resting on the male's upper arms.

"Huh." he nodded to himself, running his tongue over his teeth. The magick mist rolling over his chest, removing the hoodie and t-shirt he'd been wearing. "Was I this naked? Cause that's not bad, that's fairly typical many reasons to be this level of naked."   Landin gasped as he still on the floor, crawled a few feet away from them,  his eyes wide. "I forgot you were there." Edric responded  scratching at the back of his neck, magick misting his hoodie again, minus the shirt this time.

"And that's why I said we'd talk about it later. But since you want to be all..." our heroine turned once again to face Landin, gesturing towards him. "Okay the short of it, hi I'm Nosferatu, this is my fledgling Edric, and you sir were fed off of by another friend of ours. We're half vampiric; banshee to be exact, half shapeshifter, werewolf to be exact. And our friend who is half werewolf part witch and half sidhe, has gone batty nutballs. You were lunch, nothing more nothing less. The question is why are you still alive?"

"You forgot the whole being part god." Quentin said from across the room. "Possibly a love goddess."

"That's not important to the guy on the floor having a spazz out, but thanks for that."

"Actually, he seems fairly fine given the situation." Quentin remarked as he continued to unpack. "A little too fine. He hasn't even peed himself. I mean, a hybrid werewolf just magickally removed his shirt and the dude there barely blinked."

"Is that why I was naked in your dream?" Edric continued. Shuffling his weight from one foot to the other, his chin down."Cause of the love goddess part?"

"No, you were just naked deal with it." she patted his chest without thinking. Turning she let out a deep sigh resting her face on his shoulder. "You are too damned tempting."

"I know." he giggled wrapping his arms around her. The sire bond easing it's grasp on his spine as he did, his mind clearing just a little. The smallest bit of physical contact seemed to help shake off the cobwebs. Clearing his throat he forced himself to break the hug. "Do we have any of the AB Positive left from earlier?" he moved from her cracking his neck, digging suddenly through the little beer cooler as if his life depended on it.  Landin crawled even farther into the corner of the room his eyes glued to the hybrid as he watched him tear into a blood bag.
Edric was beginning to lose the battle with the sire bond. He was finding it more and more difficult to keep control of himself when he was around the female. Rufus had assured him, once a pack alpha was declared, the sire bond would loosen, but it was clear to Edric, they were nowhere close to agreeing on one.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Instincts can be a difficult thing to trust over logic)

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