Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec 1st 2013

Two days from now it will be the 2year mark for this blog.  The original intention was to was 365 different movies in a year. One a day, and blog about it.  (That was a success for all of 2012)
The past year, was split up. It was suppose to have been a year of vampire movies and tv shows. But I started watching a few other genres with it, which is why I started what was suppose to be a six part story to be like a creative way to point out the other non-vampire movies.  But, I had more fun writing the story and it became the serial on this blog. (went past six parts in a week)
In the last 2 years, I've seen over 400 different movies.

I mentioned the other week that I had hoped to have the serial finished before Dec 3rd 2013, so that I could start year 3 back with one movie a day again.
There's just no way the serial will be done in 48 hours. So, I'm going to overlap.

Dec 3rd, I am starting Year 3 - One different movie a day for the year- no matter what!  And until the serial is truly finished, I'm going to continue with it. The overlap will come in the serial still reading "2013, Year 2" while the one movie a day will read "2013, 2014, Year 3"

Confused yet?  Dude, I confused myself typing it. 

Bottom line, a very busy blog with something every day.

Till later

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