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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p34

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 93, chapter 93


Our heroine ran into the house and straight to the book they had brought with them. She flipped through it till she found where the missing pages had been ripped out. She then asked Grandmother if there was anyway to repair the book?

"Magically you mean?" Grandmother asked nodding, picking up her version of it. "Yes. But if it's pages that I have now, it would be just as easy and better off in the long run to just recopy them."

"Okay, do you have time to do that? We need to get going as soon as possible." our heroine said, her slim pale fingers suddenly at her forehead as she began to fidget.

"I thought you two were needing a few days? To regroup." Grandmother replied, a look of disappointment on her face.

"I don't think we have the luxury anymore." the female said looking over her shoulder at the male standing on the front steps. Young Reuben walked into the doorway, his hands in his back pockets, his hair a tangled mess. 


Reuben paced around in circles as he told the others what had happened. Rolf just sat there, a look of amusement in his sparkling eyes, a smile wide adding deep laugh lines to his face. "You're saying that you were fed off of by an invisible attacker?"

"Raped by a ghost. Wasn't that a thing in the middle ages?" Dagan added, a smile on his own face showing off his dimples. "An excuse the religious freaks used to cover up stuff?"

"Yeah, it was. Incubus and succubus attacks. Real things actually." Rolf added still laughing. 

"Come on guys! This is serious." Reuben screamed, flicking his hair around like a child having a tantrum.

"Oh come on." Rolf continued, gesturing to his friend. "You really want us to believe that you were...okay man, if you believe it then I guess I will too." the large male could not stop the mad fit of laughter that ripped from him then. "Believe in the succubus."

Reuben stopped pacing suddenly, his hands in his hair. "Where are the scissors?" he asked mindlessly. Turning around in a full circle, he spotted a picnic basket that had some sewing items in it that the old witch had sitting on a shelf. Walking over he removed a pair of scissors.

"What do you need them for?" Dagan asked.

"My hair stupid." he said matter of factly as he chopped off a handful of it.


"Tell me again, how did you manage to get sap stuck in your hair?" our heroine asked the young werewolf as she sat down beside him on the front steps of Grandmother's house.

"I was in wolf form chasing rabbits. Got distracted, ran right into  the guy collecting sap for maple syrup." he commented. "Hey!" he pulled away from her as she tried to separate the clump of sticky knotted hair.

"Rabbit. Some things never change." letting out a deep sigh she dropped her hands to his shoulders. "Okay Roo, this is just too much of a mess, washing it didn't help and it's not untangling. I've got to cut it out. This won't affect your fur when you turn will it?"  he shook his head mumbling no. "Okay, I really wish I had a camera for this cause you with about three inches off your hair...priceless." she went back into the house and got a pair of scissors, sitting back down beside the young werewolf.

"What?" young Reuben asked, his chocolate brown eyes filled with mischief.

"This. You. The Reuben that I have gotten to know, is a wolf through and through. Sleep in the darkest part of the forest, hunting, difficult to domesticate to say the lest. Which makes me wonder, where's your family?"

"What do you mean?" young Reuben asked as he involuntarily pulled from her again as she began cutting.

"Born lycanthropes are usually born in litters of three. Twins at the very lest. In the time I've gotten to know you, the other've never once talked about brothers. So what's up with your family?"

"Don't really remember them." he shrugged turning his upper body to look at her over his shoulder. "I was told they died in a fire when I was five."


Reuben whimpered as he jumped onto the sofa, sinking down into it as Dagan ripped the scissors out of his hand. "I think I miss her. The family we were starting to really create here since she...I ever tell you Rolf how much I envy you and your brothers?"

"Okay you're stoned." Dagan said squaring his jaw pointing the scissors at Reuben. "Come on! We've got more important things to deal with like the timber wolves. Time to go see Ash."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Reuben with short hair. Scary.)

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