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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p35

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 94, chapter 94


"Hang on Roo. Didn't you say that you when you were born you needed cpr? That you became a werewolf because you were technically dead?" our heroine asked as she made sure his hair was even. Young Reuben moved from her, a puzzled look on his face.

"What are you talking about?" he scratched at his stomach.

"The day we were going to the docks when I met Harker...which you don't know about yet cause it's way off in the... okay, the you I know, and it's going to sound insane telling the you that you are now; but the you I know was helping me get through a tough situation and told me about his your when you were a teenager, and the conversation went to being a born werewolf vs being a bitten one said you were born a wolf but not really."  the female stuck her tongue out as she closed her eyes breathing deeply. "That was a mouthful."

He continued to look at her like she had just hatched into a duck, pulling away from her slightly, young Reuben took a half step backward. "I just told you that I didn't really know my family because they died when I was five."

"Oh crap. I think I might have just told you something that you haven't learned yet."  Young Reuben continued to move backwards till he found himself at the end of the walkway, and headed away from the house. As he did, our heroine jumped up and ran back into the house, panicking.  "He said that us ending up in the past wouldn't change anything in the future, is he right?"  she asked Grandmother, gesturing wildly towards the Seer who was sitting with a large plate of food in front of him.

"That would depend on how much personal impact you have on others." Grandmother replied.

The female threw her head back, her hands slapping against her thighs in frustration as she let out a sound that was very close to a roar. "Great, I think I just ruined Reuben's life."

"That very handsome young shapeshifter I just saw you with?" her hand automatically going to her own hair as her eyes flashed.  "Why, what did you do?"

"Oh nothing, just told him something about his past that as it would seem he hasn't learned about yet. So he thinks I'm some sort of insane person." our heroine said flinging herself into the nearest chair.

"Cheesecake?" the Seer mumbled as he pushed a piece of cherry cheesecake towards her.

"Oh that could be a problem." Grandmother smiled then as she held up the book. "On the bright side, I just finished recopying the missing pages so you can create another portal."

"And what if it doesn't work?" Nosferatu asked, slamming her hand on the kitchen table as she grabbed a fork. "Twice now I've tried to get home, and twice I've ended up still mixed in with everyone." she swung the fork around before digging into the cheesecake. "Okay recipe now."

"Yes, Edward was telling me about your adventures." Grandmother's voice took on a soft sing song as she tilted her head towards the seer.  "Have you thought that the reasons you haven't been successful at getting home, is because you're not suppose to?" she shrugged flipping pages in the spell book. "I mean, Edward was telling me that your first attempt landed you back in... Dagan is it?" our heroine nodded.

"Seriously, what's in this nutmeg?"

"Landed you back in Dagan's childhood home, and this time you were shot back into the past when he became a werewolf. Maybe you're just not suppose to be separated from him."

"Dagan and me connected forever...oh god." she rolled her eyes slouching her shoulders. "Forget a ball and chain, it's more like crypt and chain."

"The crypt I found you in?"  Grandmother asked.  Both the Seer and our heroine nodded. "And you tried to get home both times by way of the crypt?"  again they both nodded. "Well, that's your problem. The crypt must be connected to Dagan's family somehow?"

"What like a Frankenstein boomerang?"

Grandmother closed her eyes, her hand now at her throat. "That's his last name?" she got up moving around to the book shelf, her finger tracing the spines on the volumes. Grabbing a large leather bound book that was faded, she began to flip through it. "Of course!" she moved then towards the kitchen table, placing the book on it. "I should have known, your hair. Well it was staring me right in the face." she raised her hand palm flat towards the female. "Pardon the pun, but, there was a member of my coven, decades ago who had married into that family. Told the rest of us that the family was cursed, haunted even. Course none of us believed her, thought she was a raving lunatic always talking about how the family were trapped and doomed because of some long ago spell..." Grandmother waved her hand as if dismissing the whole thing. "The coven's history is in this volume here...ah! Here." her face lit up when she found the page."I thought her story was interesting so I wrote it down. But, she claimed that there had been a young bride who found her husband cheating on her, and preformed a very powerful blood spell that would bind all the males in the family to their future wives, keeping them completely faithful. She then committed suicide from the grief, and they put her body in the crypt."

"Okay, I'm so not following this. I must be really stupid." our heroine said.

"I'm not finished." Grandmother raised an eyebrow, her tone taking on a scolding to it. "Every generation since, any female who marries into the family has been unable to break ties with their husbands."

"Yeah, still not seeing how this fits with my situation."

"The portal you tried to open, in side the crypt brought you back to your...Dagan. And the time before that, you were taken to the castle."

"The first time, I was kidnapped. By a large bat like thing. Sort of a servant of Dagan's uncle...who was just waiting there in the crypt. Okay. So we pick another spot to open the portal, something far far away from the remains of Dagan's ancestor."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Yeah, my curse sounds really lame even to me)

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