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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p43

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 102, chapter 102

Dagan stood in the door of the old witch's cabin, the scent of blood hot in the air. It caused him to start to shift unable to control it. He sniffed deeply, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the werewolf, his fangs exposed, two days of beard suddenly at his jaw, his nails glass like claws.
A simple whiff of blood should not have had that effect on him, but this was different. There was something else about the blood he couldn't identify.
Running into the cabin, he found our heroine biting into her hand and wrist holding it out to something.

"It's not working." she shook her head. "Dagan! You're blood might. Come here and fix it!" wiping her bloody hand across her face at the tears and snot, she closed her eyes taking a deep breath trying to calm herself. The werewolf moved at the slowest speed he could not sure what he was going to find. Then he saw the little body, crumpled in her lap, laying on the folds of her skirt broken and bloody. "I found him on the way home, by the..." she was sobbing in a hic-up. "By...the by the..." the male's eyes glazed over as they darted then from the tiny timber pup to the female's shoulders and chest as she trembled in frustration with each new wave of tears. "The edge of the graveyard."
Dagan reached over grabbing the pup from her, lifting it he realized it was just barely alive. He wasn't even sure his blood could help the creature.
He nearly tore his finger off as he bit into it, letting the blood drip. He tried first to get the pup to drink, then just began smearing his blood everywhere. The whole time, his mate sat there on the sofa red faced and puffy eyed from crying.  After a few minutes, just when the male was about to give up, the timber pup's breathing seemed to improve, his broken bones snapping into place. Smiling wide, he placed the tiny animal on a pillow.

He started to rock on his heels, loosing his balance as the female threw herself at him, hugging him tight."Okay, you're getting snot in my hair." he pulled away from her. "What happened?"

"I was with the guys, hunting, and on the way home I passed the graveyard, and the smell of blood just sort of drew me to this lump under a broken gravestone. So I looked and there he was. At first I thought he was already, but then he moved and..." she wiped more tears away.

"Really, you're crying?" he dropped his chin to look into her hazel eyes, trying not to make too much fun of her before kissing her on the top of her hair. "There's something in his blood. I could smell it too when I was coming up to the house." he finally got control of his emotions, and managed to shift fully back to his human form.

"I gave myself a migraine from crying." she whined. The male snorted back a laugh then gestured towards the bathroom.

"You're covered in dirt and blood and snot."  he then realized that Dewy and Rufus, the other two timber pups were not in their usual spot in the living room, and sniffed around looking for them. He found them curled up asleep on Reuben's bed.
Twenty minutes later, our heroine walked out of the bathroom, having cleaned up, wearing the flowered dress. The one Dagan had carried around with him the whole time she'd been missing. She watched as he carefully scratched the ear of their newest timber pup who seemed to be doing better already.

"How come your blood worked but mine didn't?" she asked leaning over the back of the sofa. Dagan shrugged.

"Wolf thing. He needs a name."

"Tombstone." she said without hesitation. Dagan raised an eyebrow at her, turning his mouth up in the corner trying not to laugh.

"Dewy, Rufus and Tombstone. Sounds like a boy band. A bad one. Can you sing?" he whispered into the pup's ear. The pup sniffed him, licking his hand then yawned before trying to crawl towards the female.

She reached over to Dagan's face, wiping a small bit of loose wolf fur from his chin."Thanks."

"Finally! A little bit of appreciation!" he started to rock back and forth slightly, licking his lips he rolled his eyes letting them flutter. "I need to talk to you about this." he pointed to the wolf pup. "About something that could really help us solve it."  the male let out a low grunt as he moved an inch closer to her, running his hand down her shoulder. "But first, put the new baby to bed. Na, he's fine. He needs to sleep." he watched as she picked up the pup placing him on a pillow. 
Dagan turned his eyes to look over his shoulder towards the bedroom and our heroine suddenly found herself there, as if by blinking. Werewolf speed, even after all this time, she still hadn't gotten used to it. The male dragged his thumb across his bottom lip, his mouth open, head thrown back as he leaned against the door frame, having turned his body so that he was directly blocking the threshold to the bedroom. "Where did the others say they were going after the hunt?"

"Didn't. Just that they weren't coming home tonight." she yawned.

Dagan's eyebrows dipped together as worry ridges appeared on his forehead before smoothing out into a serious look. "Cool. This might take awhile." he mumbled as he crossed into the room towards the bed, reaching for the box of letters still hidden under it. Shuffling through them, he grabbed a few tossing them over his shoulder till he found what he was looking for. "Ah, knew I saw it." he held out the page as he flopped then onto the bed. Stretching out, Dagan had a bored look, as the sound of the magic mist echoed in the bedroom. Nosferatu had been reaching for the page when she spotted his boots, shirt and pants melt away. "What? Kept a pair of shorts on." he nodded towards the letter.  Our heroine rolled her eyes, her left hand raised to the side.

"Are you serious?"

"What? Don't think you can handle it?" he bit his bottom lip as a mischievous look crept into his blue eyes.

"It's a basic pot roast recipe. Of course I can handle it." she waved her hand at him in disgust. "I'm not doing this tonight. It takes like four hours and we don't have any of the ingredients, like say the roast for the pot roast." she started to collect up the pages he had thrown around the room. "Why do you want that?"

"Would be nice to have some affection. Food equal affection...and I didn't want to share." he locked his hands behind his head.

"You said you needed to talk. What about?" she sat on the bed beside him, as he told her about Loki; leaving out the details of Bacchus, then reminded her about the dream he'd had few days before about the wolves and burying something. Our heroine had no choice but to tell him then about the recurring dream she'd been having all week. Dagan sat back up, his bottom lip bleeding from him chewing on it.

"White wolf." he ran both hands over his face then through his hair; pointing at her. He then pulled his elbow before pointing at her again, swallowing hard. He got off the bed, turning around in a full circle confused, sinking back onto it, as he moved over just a few centimeters so that he had one leg on either side of her, caging her in.

"Focus!" she let her palm slap his knee. "We both had dreams about dead wolves, and their pups. You were burying them and the little boy in mine was digging them back up." she moved away from him, from the bed going to check on the now three pups making sure Dewy and Rufus had their water dish, before bringing in Tombstone on his pillow to their room. She placed him carefully on the floor in front of their closet, with a small cup of water.

"You said something about the child's eyes?" Dagan asked scratching his stomach.

"Black at first. Completely black. Like an empty socket, the way mine go white when the banshee takes over. The same way the wolf that Finn..." a low growl emerged from Dagan's throat at the very mention of Finn's name. "when he brought that dead wolf that day to examine. The eyes were like that. Just gone." she shoved the male then. "Okay move over. I really need to sleep."
Dagan caught the edge of her sleeve in his teeth, slobbering on it.

"Are you sure?" he nudged her with his nose. "There's a really nice fat dairy cow just down the road. I'm sure it would make a decent enough roast..."

"Dagan! No." she managed to get him to let go of her sleeve and settled in to sleep.

The sun was peaking through the window when she woke.  Stumbling back from the bathroom, she noticed that Tombstone didn't look the same. "Hey Ripper, wake up." she reached over slapping his shoulder. "Something's off."  The werewolf snored loudly as she slapped him again this time on the hip. Rolling over, he opened his eyes to see what she was going on about. Crawling closer to her side of the bed, Dagan looked at the timber pup who had grown about three inches and another through his shoulders. He shook his head at her as he flopped back against the coolness of the bed, hugging her empty pillow.

"That's because he's not your average timber wolf." the voice said from the corner of the room. Both turned to see Loki standing in the shadows. "You know those larger then usual wolf tracks you've been following. That's what he's going to grow up to be. I guess you could say he's a crossbreed."

"Crossbreed?" Dagan mumbled as he got his barrings, sitting up in bed.

"He's got hellhound in him. He's designed to, once he's full size, to be a very special protector." Loki winked at the female. "And in about a week, full sized." his eyes sparkled as he rubbed his hands together.

"Protect what?" our heroine asked unable to take her eyes off the god. Loki was suddenly in front of her, a green orb with a white core in his hand.

"You. This." the female felt a sharp stab in her abdomen, then a strange pressure as Loki pressed the orb into her guts. "You know, I had planned on doing this the old fashioned way. After you two had been together a few times, shapeshift into meathead over there one night when you were home alone. Make you think that through some spell or some nonsense that it was his. But you two just didn't want to cooperate." he twisted his arm as a popping sound filled the vampire's ears, the pressure moving up her spine. "Then I was thinking I'd have to resort to possessing one of the other guys. But I knew that wouldn't work either. Given the loyalty they all have. Who would have thought that I would out smart myself with that design flaw huh?" he ripped his hand from her, an ectoplasmic slime still connecting them. There was blood at her lips as she started to choke. "You want to know what those boys really think of you? You'd be surprised which one is wishing he'd been faster then old Ripper here, and which one just wants to eat your brains with some BBQ sauce." Loki patted her butt. "At one point, I was even considering just shapeshifting into a female and doing it all myself. Hell, tried it once few thousand years ago, but remembered how painful childbirth was and thought better of it. Besides, you already have the stretchmarks." he winked at her. "And just to let you know. If you try to cut it out, or use a spell or even so much as cry to another god for help, I'll just come here and start the procedure again. Do I make myself clear?"

The last thing our heroine saw before everything went black was Loki's face as he shimmered then disappeared.


tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story.  See you in 2014)

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